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Parking Issues

There are no easy solutions or magic bullets. The purpose of this page it to collect information and ideas for presentation to the general community.

It appears that there are several Boulevard problem areas -- each zone having a different perspective.
#1  South of the Circle
#2  Henry Street area
#3  Main Boulevard Business District from Division to Kipp Avenue
#4  Corpus Christi area
#5  Municipal Hall, Library and Senior Center
#6  High School Area
#7  North Boulevard Business District
#8  Route 46 area

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Parking Regulations
- Two hour parking on the Boulevard
- No parking from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. on: Madison, Henry, Washington, [Specific streets to come]
- No overnight parking from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m.

Regarding state statute 39:4-138 --
Many people have expressed surprise when receiving a summons for violation of this state statute. Please be aware that it is improper to park in, among others, the following locations:

  • Within an intersection
  • On a crosswalk
  • In front of a driveway
  • Within 25 feet of crosswalk
  • Within 10 feet of fire hydrant
  • Within 20 feet of driveway entrance to fire station
  • Within 50 feet of stop sign
  • Within 50 feet of railroad

Overnight Parking

If you have recently moved into Hasbrouck Heights or have new neighbors, please let them know that it is improper to park on any street in Hasbrouck Heights between the hours of 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.  Exceptions such as disabled vehicle, driveway work, etc. may be made with the Hasbrouck Heights Police Department the prior evening.

Snow Removal -- Handicap Parking Spaces

Governor Whitman  signed into law legislation requiring a person who owns or controls a parking area to be responsible for assuring that parking spaces reserved for handicapped motorists and curb cuts and other improvements designed to provide accessibility are not obstructed. If the obstruction is ice or snow, it must be removed from the parking space, curb cut or other improvement within 48 hours after inclement weather has ended. A violator of this law is liable for a fine of not less than $000 or more than $000. Any violation of this law requires an appearance in Court.

Collection of General Comments

Boulevard Business District
- No parking meters
- 2 hour parking should be consistently enforced
- Use marshals to enforce parking.
- PBA does not was to use meter maids
- Goal is to turn-over space; not bog it down with long term parking
- Businesses owners/workers should park on side streets
- Eliminate alternate side of the street parking -- Emergency vehicles need access
- Alternate side of the street parking on side streets -- Residents do not want to change rule
- M/C should purchase homes near Boulevard (when available) & create parking lots
- Recent Business parking tax/assessment was repealed.
- Access to un-used parking lots/spaces
- Discuss the possibility of an independent Parking Authority

Overnight Parking
- Many homeowners like this community feature
- Some apartment dwellers would like to see this modified
- Police believe that it helped reduce crime
- Easier for DPW to sweep streets, plow snow, remove garbage, leaves, etc.

- Commuters are not welcome either on the Boulevard or the side residential streets
- Block driveways and start arguments are homeowners main concerns
- consider studying what other towns have done about the problem - Parking stickers

Parking Management

- Redefine Boulevard Parking criteria upon recommendations of Police, DPW, etc. in Hot Zone between Kipp & Raymond Avenue. These modified parking plans will improve those quick pick up and drop off errands in the Hot Zone.  Current idea is to have designated 15 minute zones at the beginning and end of each corner. Spaces in between will remain the same.

SIGN.JPG (25978 bytes) Expanded 15 minute parking zones:
Position one spot at the beginning and end of each block from Kipp to Hamilton Avenue. The center sections of each block would remain 2 hours. Short term parking was started at the Post Office and selected corners. The HHPD has reviewed the current needs and is proposing a program of implementation to include: new signage, clearer roadway markings, better enforcement, etc. The goal is to facilitate quick drop off and pick up (i.e.. food service, Flash Photo, lottery tickets, etc.). The purpose is better parking management. The public wants easier, more convenient parking.

The Mayor, HHPD and Chamber representatives drew up some preliminary plans for a "parking test".  These plans were presented to the businesses in the Hot Zone.   The plan was enacted, but was canceled after a limited trial.

Parking Suggestions for Boulevard Businesses:

Here are some guidelines to get better turn-over of parking spaces

1. All Businesses -- Do not park on the Boulevard. Use side streets. Be courteous and don't leave it in front of the same home all day. Move your car around. No homeowner wants to get stuck.

2. If you have an assigned space in your business, use it.

3. If you have "Customer Parking" behind your store -- promote it.

4. If you have lots of employees, please emphasize No Boulevard Parking. And again, let's be courteous to the homeowner.

5. Parking on the Boulevard and moving your car 3 feet every two hours to avoid a ticket -- serves no purpose.

6. Pick up and receiving: Do your business and move on.


Laser color copies are available at Minuteman Press (Boulevard & Franklin).

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