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Monday, December 14, 1998


A work session meeting of the Board of Education was held on Monday, December 14, 1998, in the Administration Building, 379 Boulevard, Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey. The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by President, Mrs. Colleen Jarvis.

Mrs. Jarvis read the following statement:

"Pursuant to the New Jersey Open Public Meeting Act, Public Law 1975, Chapter 231, the Board Secretary caused notice of this meeting to be given to the public and the press on September 29, 1998".

Roll Call was taken by Joseph T. Bellino, School Business Administrator/Board Secretary, and the following members responded to their names:

Present - Mrs. Carroll Mrs. Fitzgibbons Mr. Case

Absent Mrs. Nasuta

Also Present: Dr. Stepura, Mr. Bellino, Mr.Dzwilewski



Mrs. Jarvis will discuss Dr. Stepura's evaluation in Private Session.

Athletics and Recreation Committee

Mrs. Fitzgibbons reviewed the resolutions to be acted upon at the December 17, 1998 public meeting.


Community Relations Committee

Mr. Casella waiting for NBC Committee report to write new article.

Education committee/Faculty Liaison

Mr. Casella reviewed the resolutions to be acted upon at the December 17, 1998 public meeting.

Mr. Casella reported on

Finance Committee

Dr. Eglow reviewed the resolutions to be acted upon at the December 17, 1998 public meeting.

Dr. Eglow reported on the following:

1. Discussion of purchase of LaSalle Avenue property.
2. Dr. Stepura's contract will be discussed in Private Session.
3. Budget Update.

Future Directions Committee

Mr. Suriano reported on the following:


2. Music and More:
a. 1st student to teach at Montclair State
b. Good meeting with William Paterson.

Labor Relations Committee

Mrs. Carroll will discuss Mrs. Blewitt's extended leave of absence in Private Session.

Policy Committee

No Report.

Technology Committee

No Report.

New Buildings (Ad Hoc)

Mr. Suriano reported on proposals for construction manager and technology consultants .


Mrs. Jarvis reported that a meeting will be held with Superintendent J. Grieco about Academies, etc.

Board Issues and Discussions

The members discussed the following:


2. Buildings and Grounds:
a. New field at Athletic Field discussed.
b. What impact to school from youth groups.
c. Need for Board Policy.

3. Community Relations:
a. Library security.
b. Move ahead with BELS system for catalog replacement.

4. Finance:
a. Property purchase.
b. Budget shortfall implement freeze.
c. Use of bond interest.

5. New Building Committee:
a. Technology consultant deadline January 22.
b. Review Shapiro report.
c. Construction Managers proposals review.

Correspondence/School Business Administrator/Board Secretary Report

Workshops/Seminars - 1 Item

Information/Discussion a. School-to-work legislation. b. NJSBA testimony regarding utility rates. c. Class size article. d. NJDOE Comparative Spending Guide.

Superintendent's Report

1. Band trip to Annapolis April 16 - 18 to be paid by students.
2. Sophomore class trip to Boston March 29 -31 to be paid by students.
3. Staff changes
4. Request for home schooling.
5. Emergency management plans being developed by principals.
6. Class size projections.
7. Bergen County calendar for school year 1999-2000.

RESOLUTION: Whereas, in accordance with the provisions of the New Jersey Open Public 12-273-98 Meetings Act the

Now, Therefore Be It Resolved, that the Hasbrouck Heights Board of Education adjourn to Private Session for the purpose of discussing such matters, and

Be It Further Resolved, that the public be informed of these matters as soon as the need to remain confidential is no longer necessary at a future date to be determined.

Meeting adjourned at 11:16 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Joseph T. Bellino
School Business Administrator/Board Secretary

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