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Thursday, March 12, 1998


A work session meeting of the Board of Education was held on Thursday, March 12, 1998, in the Administration Building, 379 Boulevard, Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey. The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by the President, Dr. Burnett Eglow.

Dr. Eglow read the following statement:

"Pursuant to the New Jersey Open Public Meeting Act, Public Law 1975, Chapter 231, the Board Secretary caused notice of this meeting to be given to the public and the press on February 27, 1998".

Roll Call was taken by Roberta Henriquez, Board Secretary, and the following members responded to their names:

Present - Mrs. Carroll Dr. MacDonall Mr. Case

Also present - Dr. Stepura, Mrs. Henriquez


Mrs. Henriquez read and reported on the following:

1. Received bill from PKM, waiting for approval from architect that services were rendered and a copy of the report. 2. Letter from John Mackert, resigning his teaching position and will not be returning from leave of absence. 3. Letter from Regina Scotti requesting leave of absence. 4. Joint Legislative Training Session for March 21, 1998 by New Jersey School Boards Asso

Report of the Superintendent:

Dr. Stepura reported on the following:

1. Reported that he has been on the job one week, he still enjoys it and he is very busy.

2. Reported on the meeting with his administrators, concerning curriculum Mondays, core contact standards, lesson plans, and Goals

3. Met with certain members of the CABS Committee to help them with their sub- committee assignments.

4. Has been meeting with members of the PTA on the budget and referendum.

5. He reviewed his schedule to the service organizations in which he will be speaking about the budget and upcoming referendum.

The members also discussed the schedule of upcoming services meeting and Dr. Eglow asked that members try to attend the meeting because he believes that the public likes to see board members at the meetings when the Superintendent of Schools is presenting the budget.

The members also discussed mailings from the CABS Committee presentation of the referendum. They also discussed the budget presentation.

6. Dr. Stepura reported that he met with his administrators concerning the snow days not taken to date. It was suggested that the days be taken the Friday and Tuesday before and after the Memorial Day holiday. A resolution will be acted upon at the April meeting.


8. The members discussed the Junior semiformal dance being held outside the school. It was the consensus of the members present that should the dance be held outside the district, it is understood that the board has no responsibility. Dr. Stepura reported that the elementary school have done this in the past. A written permission slips as well as a letter from the schools stating that this is not a school function would have to be sent to the parents.

9. The members discussed the 8th grade proficiencies test and how to improve them.

10. Meeting with administrators on the 1998-99 school calendar and will present it to the board committee shortly.

Finance Committee

Mrs. Henriquez reported on the state aid figures that was restored, she distributed copies of the

The members also discussed the budget presentation and budget brochure. Community Relations will work on the budget brochure.

Education Committee

Mrs. Jarvis reviewed the resolutions to be acted upon at the March 26, 1998 public meeting.

Mrs. Jarvis stated that the Education Committee has n

Policy Committee

Mrs. Nasuta reviewed the resolutions to be acted upon at the March 26, 1998 meeting.

Mrs. Nasuta stated that changes will be made to the expenses policy, requiring a first reading again. The members discussed the expenses policy. She also reported that the committee is working on an internet policy, beeper policy and a policy on pregnancy. The goal at the end of the year will be to have a smoking policy.

Finance Committee

No Report

Future Directions Committee

Mr. Suriano reported on the figures that were in the Record today concerning the cost of the referendum. He explained that he has the real number and they are a lot lower than printed. He will get the final figures from the bond counsel which will include the current debt and bring those figures to the Board and CABS committee.

Mr.Suriano also reported on the CABS Committee sub-committee and how they can work with us. He explained that since they are an Ad Hoc co

Mr. Suriano also reported that he will be working with the Community Relations Committee concerning information to the public and brochures.

The members also discussed the question which will be acted upon at the next meeting.

Buildings and Grounds

Report will be made at next week's meeting.

Community Relations Committee

No Report

Labor Relations Committee

Mr. Casella reported that a meeting has been scheduled for April 2, 1998.

The meeting was adjourned 9:32 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Roberta E. Henriquez
Board Secretary

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