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Monday, April 27, 1998


A special session meeting of the Board of Education was held on Monday, April 27, 1998, in the Kiefer Auditorium of the Jr. Sr. High School, 365 Boulevard, Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey. The meeting was called to order at 7:40 p.m. by the President, Dr. Burnett Eglow.

Dr. Eglow read the following statement:

"Pursuant to the New Jersey Open Public Meeting Act, Public Law 1975, Chapter 231, the Board Secretary caused notice of this meeting to be given to the public and the press on March 30, 1998".

Roll Call was taken by Roberta Henriquez, Board Secretary, and the following members responded to their names:

Present - Mrs. Carroll Dr. MacDonall Mr. Case

Absent - None

Also present - Dr. Stepura, Mrs. Henriquez

Dr. Eglow stated that tonight's meeting is a special public hearing meeting on the May 12, 1998 referendum.

Dr. Eglow introduced Mrs. Jarvis and Mrs. Powell who reported on the program for the evening.

Dr. Eglow and Mrs. Colaneri reported on the history of the referendum and the district.

Dr. Stepura reported on the need of the building referendum.

Mr. Lloyd A. Rosenburg, AiA - DMR Architects reviewed the building plans with the public.

Mr. Russ Lilpari and Dr. MacDonall reported on the building plan cost.

Mr. Hotheinz and Dr. Mark Delcalzo reported on referendum questions.

Mr. Suri

A copy of the agenda is attached to the minutes, along with information items which were distributed to the public.

Questions from the public:

1. Ms. Romano from Springfield Avenue questioned the architect about the risks during construction and asbestos in the schools.

2. Mrs. Larson made a statement concerning low interest rates.

3. Mr. Romano of Hackensack Avenue questioned why everything was bundled together and not voted separately.

4. Mr. Malinconico stated that the borough has backed off the 6% tax increase. If the referendum passes on May 12, 1998, when will we receive the tax increase.

5. Mrs. Martinez of Cleveland Avenue questioned why the board eliminated Franklin School if enrollment problems exis

6. Mr. Pepe congratulated the board on getting the information out to the public and also questioned the operational costs for the new additions.

7. Mrs. Jackson of Oldfield Avenue asked if purchasing of computers are in the plans. She also questioned staffing of new classrooms and additional staffing as well as cost. Another question was whether the construction was going to be done simultaneously.

8. Mr. Frank Romano questioned teacher to student ratio. He asked what is the average compared to

9. Mr. Mike Bazzaro of Cleveland Avenue spoke about state aid and questioned why we do not get enough state aid.

10. Mrs. Visco of Kipp Avenue made a statement about establishing a pass committee and that a meeting will be scheduled on the 29th of April in the Municipal Building.

11. Mr. Charles Piazza questioned what would happen if the referendum did not pass concerning the upgrade cost such as electric, code requirements.

12. Toni Penna of Raymond Street asked if this is only a stop gap measure or will this solve the space problems.

13. Peter Trainer of Berkshire Avenue made a statement on how improved schools are and how good education improves property values.

14. Mr. Charles Piazza questioned t

15. Mr. Hunt made a statement that he strongly supports what the board is doing and wished them good luck,

The following resolution was moved by Mr. Suriano, seconded by Dr. MacDonall and carried:

RESOLUTION: Whereas the Hasbrouck Heights School District has had space problems due to 4-318-98 increase in enrollment and diversity of curriculum programs, and

Whereas the Hasbrouck Heights Board of Education, both past and present, has tried to solve the space problem through building referendums and regionalization referendums, which were defeated by the votes, and

Whereas The Hasbrouck Heights Board of Education, has received recommendations from the CABS committee to br

Now Therefore Be It Resolved that the Hasbrouck Heights Board of Education does hereby believe that the facility improvements are needed, and that the additional space is an educational necessity,

Be It Further Resolved that the Hasbrouck Heights Board of Education supports the upcoming May 12, 1998 referendum, and urges the voters of the community to vote at this most important referendum.

Roll Call: Ayes: Mrs. Carroll, Mr. Casella, Mrs. Fitzgibbons, Mrs. Jarvis, Dr. MacDonall, Mrs. Nasuta, Mr. Suriano, Dr. Eglow

Nays: None Motion Carried

The meeting was adjourned 9:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Roberta E. Henriquez
Board Secretary

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