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Hasbrouck Heights Public Schools
Superintendent's Report
February 27, 2001

Junior-Senior High School

Since we have just completed Mid-Year exams, this is a time that sees an increase in the contact between parents and teachers. Discussions focus on how both can work together to help students either correct deficiencies or continue to improve in their academic performance. Parents of seniors, in particular, pay close attention to these reports, since they are forwarded to colleges.

One of the most important staff functions will be evaluation of student work for the submission of recommendations for placement into Honors and AP courses. Competency based prerequisites, coupled with work samples, are key components in the placement process.

Several seniors have entered portfolios of poetry and prose for consideration for the Scholastic Writing Awards, a national scholarship contest.

National Honor Society members continue to provide tutoring for Junior-Senior High School students who need assistance with their class work.

Students in Mrs. O'Brien's AP Statistics and Probability course have essentially completed the required curriculum for the Advanced Placement exam.

Students in Mr. Stine's physics classes are studying light and optics. They are benefiting from the use of the new science lab facilities.

Mr. Sayer used alternative means of assessment in his chemistry classes this past month. Participating in "Sayer's Revenge," his students built models of molecular compounds for assessment and did group "take home tests" over the Winter holiday. The Students Against Drunk Driving Club, under the guidance of Mr. Sayer, are working with the Anti-Drug Council to establish programs for students.

Mr. Gorski's Environmental Science students are using the technology resources of the Media Center to write reports on the Land and Water Biomes.

The American Government class is currently studying comparative governments throughout the world. The focus is on separation of powers, comparisons to Federalism, and the different amendment processes.

Middle Level Middle Level team teachers select girls and boys each marking period who have in some way demonstrated their citizenship, maturity, kindness or other outstanding characteristic. These students receive a certificate and small prize. Outstanding students for Marking Period 2 in grade 8 were Daniel G., Erik H., Tara Q., and Deborah T.. Outstanding students for Marking Period 2 in grade 7 were Breanne C., Yuriy G., Paul M., and Natalie P.. Outstanding students for Marking Period 2 in grade 6 were Daniel D'A., Krista S., Henry T., and Caitlyn W..

Middle Level Students have participated in four academic competitions this month. David S., a sixth grader, was the winner of our local Geography Bee.

Competitors in the Spelling Bee, lasting to the end and finally being the "best speller" was Chris L., grade 8. Placing second for eighth grade and the entire contest was Stephan D.. Sixth grade winner was Stephanie P. and placing first in 7th grade was Michael McI.. Chris L. will participate in a County wide competition.

Middle Level students also submitted essays concerning their viewpoints of the meaning of patriotism . William Thorne's essay was the winner for our Middle Level.

The Middle Level Peer-to-Peer Club, under the guidance of Mrs. Caputo and Ms. Sugarman, has ordered supplies for monthly outreach programs which will be conducted in the Spring.

6th and 7th grade students are increasing their math skills while working for a community effort as participants in the 2000/2001 St. Jude's Mathathon. The Middle Level Student Council is sponsoring a book drive to coincide with "Read Across America."

In Winter Track, in January, senior Gary G. was selected Athlete of the Week by winning the Sprint Medley Relay at the State Meet and won the Paul Swartz 800m with the fastest time in the county.

The Girls Basketball team has qualified for the Group I State Tournament and will play Palisades Park at Palisades Park on February 27th (this evening) at 6 pm.

The Wrestling Team qualified for the Group I State Team Sectionals and will meet New Milford High School in the first round, held at Emerson High School on February 13th.

On December 19, 2000, a field trip to NBC Studios was conducted by Mrs. Brinker and the high school art classes. Students toured the landmark Television Studio and visited sets of some of today's most popular shows.

CAD 1 classes have worked on creating objects to size and shape.

CAD 2 students have created their own designs for a face card. Presently they are creating a device which could help a fallen skier to get up.

Graphic Design 2 students have created fire posters for fire safety as well as CD covers for groups that they have created.

Art 7 students have learned about the life and works of Matisse, Picasso, O'Keefe, Chagall and Haring. The students have also created projects in their styles.

The junior class did extremely well on the HSPT which was administered in October. The passing rates were 94.6% in Writing, 91.6% in Mathematics and 93.5% in Reading.

Successful fire drills were held on January 12 and February 9, 200l.

Total Student Enrollment as of January 31, 2001 - Middle Level - 381 High School - 410

Euclid School

Mr. Ken Christensen, a paramedic and Director of the Mobile Intensive Care Unit at Hackensack University Medical Center, visited Euclid School. His visit enriched the Fifth Grade Health classes and sparked much enthusiasm.

This year's "Have A Heart Week" began on Monday, January 22, with a Kindness Rally. This PTA sponsored assembly, was lead by Mrs. Kindheart from the organization, Mission:Kindness International. Students and staff at Euclid School were beaming with pride as they performed their acts of Kindness during the week of January 22nd through the 26th. A total of 3,112 acts of kindness were performed by the students.

The students in K-2nd grades enjoyed a dental health lesson presented by Dr. Gorkowitz, a local orthodontist.

The Hasbrouck Heights Police Department provided a mini-DARE Program for students in the Kindergarten, Second and Fourth Grade. The lessons were taught by Patrolman Nick Sisto.

Fire Drills were held on Thursday, February 1, 2001 and Wednesday, February 7, 2001

School Colors Day was held on Friday, February 2nd. Staff and students proudly wore their school colors. This coincided, once again, with our "Warm up to Reading" Program (school wide DEAR time) held from 2:25-2:45 pm.

On Tuesday, February 6th and Wednesday, February 7th, the Euclid PTA sponsored their annual Science Exchange. The participants were given their awards for participation by Mr. McGovern, at an informal ceremony the following day. Thank you to Mrs. Simpson and her committee for all her hard work and dedication to this annual event.

The Euclid School PTA held another book fair, this year, on Monday, February 5th and Tuesday, February 6th. This book fair had a "Science" theme, coinciding with the annual PTA Science Exchange.

Euclid Eagles held a 100th Day Celebration, with a short skit from each grade level. This event entertained parents after a General Membership PTA Meeting, held on Friday afternoon, February 9th.

The current enrollment at Euclid School is 332 .

Lincoln School

Drug Free Week Student Winners!! The winner for this year's 2001 Drug Free T-Shirt contest...........4th grader - Tara G.  The winner for this year's 2001 Drug Free Poster contest...2nd grader - Karianne K.

The week of January 24th was dedicated as Kindness Week at Lincoln School. Numerous activities took place during the week.

On Friday, February 2nd, Mrs. Schoen and Mr. McGovern visited the Methodist Nursery School in Hasbrouck Heights to discuss the kindergarten program at both schools. The information given was well received and handouts to the parents included a form describing "What is Readiness" and information about the upcoming Kindergarten Round-up at both Lincoln and Euclid Schools. The Kindergarten Round-up is scheduled at both Lincoln and Euclid Schools on March 14, 2001.

Officers from the police department conducted a "Kick off" program at both Euclid and Lincoln Schools for the B.A.D.G.E. Program. B.A.D.G.E. stands for Bringing About Development and Growth in Education.

The purpose of the B.A.D.G.E. program is to develop a lasting friendship between our children and the police department by assigning ONE police officer to each grade level. This officer will spend the year with the grade level and attend parties, field trips, Field Day, special events, concerts and the like whenever the officer's schedule permits.

As another fun event during the week of February 12th Lincoln School children also had the opportunity to place their handprint on two large pieces of material that will soon hang in our front entrance way. Parents helped with this activity and placed the child's initials next to their handprint.

On February 12th the fifth graders at Lincoln School will have the opportunity to enjoy a Classroom Map Workshop by representatives of AAA North Jersey.

On January 29th, teachers from grades K to 2 from both Euclid and Lincoln School met to complete the sequencing for the aligned Social Studies curriculum. The K-5 faculties from both end schools dedicated the first set of Curriculum Mondays to choosing the assessment components that will be utilized to assure the standards are being met and the time allotment to accomplish these tasks.

On January 17th, the Lincoln School faculty had the pleasure of learning about diverse learning styles through the workshop conducted by Dr. Maggie Liebmann from Felician College.

On Tuesday evening, January 30th, over 157 Lincoln School children proudly displayed their scientific masterpieces. Mrs. Schoen, with the assistance of Mrs. Wipper and Mrs. Raymond, handed out trophies to each of the participating students.

A Fire Drill for students occurred on February 13, 2001.

The enrollment for Lincoln School as of February 14, 2001 is 331.

Addition to Report ESPA, GEPA and HSPT (Comments)


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