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Superintendent's Report
April 22, 1999


Junior-Senior High School

A number of seniors continue to challenge themselves , as they are in the final stages of the process required to prepare for Advanced placement exams.

The junior class is in the process of preparing for its College Essay Writing exercises, which are also a part of this testing cycle.

Ms. Geftic’s students produced drawings for their Holocaust journals.

Marcelle Tesse, a survivor of Goebels’ labor camps and Auschwitz spoke to Ms. Geftic’s classes. Mr Tesse was one of the children shown hiding in “Schindler’s List”.   The annual Holocaust Memorial Assembly is scheduled for May 4 and features seniors speaking from a first person perspective on the Holocaust.  Mr. Leo Low, a survivor of L417 Block in Tarzan and Auschwitz will be the guest speaker.

Art Spielgelman’s Maws and The Hidden Children by Jane Marks were used by English 12 students while English 11 are reading “Gulliver’s Travels”.

Mr. Pankiewicz’s classes researched the 1920’s using school library facilities.

Mr. Eggmann attended the Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages including a special session on updating New Jersey’s World Languages program.

Timothy D. received a Northeast Conference Award for Excellence in Language Study in French.

Mr. O’Hare’s CWA class will be visiting the Stock Market.  Ms. Cassidy and Ms. Czekaj took students on a trip to Boston.

Mr. Conway presented “Hitler’s Mistakes” to Ms. Bucceri's US II Honors students.  State Senator Louis Kosco spoke to Ms. Cassidy’s classes.

Students in Ms. Bucceri's classes were using the Internet to research Supreme Court decisions regarding the  Japanese internment between 1942 and 1945.

Ms. Bucceri's and Ms. Cassidy’s students will be participating this month in the Social Studies Olympiad.

Mr. Stillman and Mr. Cassiere, eighth grade Social Studies and Mathematics teachers, are planning a visit to Hackensack Hospital's Children's facility with several eighth grade students.  The students will read to the hospitalized children, stories they have written in their Academic Cycle Literature class.

A meeting was held for parents of fifth grade students on March 30th in Kiefer Auditorium.  Parents were notified by mail and an article announcing the meeting was in the Observer.  Attending parents were informed about Middle Level philosophy, programs, services and routines by Mrs. Stein and Mrs. Alves.

As a response to April 14th being designated "Kick Butts" day by the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society, all Middle Level Clubs and Mrs. Stein are cooperating in a joint effort to present programs to discourage our students from smoking cigarettes.

The SADD Club of the High School, under the direction of Mr. Sayer, presented an assembly to the sixth grade students.  Presenting a "peer pressure" scenario, the high school students' goal was to heighten the younger students awareness of substance abuse and ways to resist temptation in the future.

Mr. Deon Metelski, sixth grade Science and Social Studies teacher, attended the National Science Teachers Convention in Boston, Massachusetts.   Mr. Metelski returned to Heights with a large amount of materials which he shared with colleagues and administration.

Ms. Jennifer Galfy, 7th grade Science and English teacher, has submitted an application for a grant from Public Service and BISEC (Business, Industry, Science Education Consortium.) If awarded to the school, our seventh grade students will be able to participate in a special program conducted by the Hackensack Meadowlands.

The Middle Level Science teachers met to improve the articulation and mathematics curriculum through grades 6 to 8.

The boys Tennis Team is currently 5 - 1 and in first place in their division.  Both the Boys and Girls Track Teams are both 1 - 0.  Senior Michael C. was nominated as a N.J.S.I.A.A. Scholar Athlete.

Ms. Reed’s Graphics II students have created an advertising campaign using newspaper ads, fliers, shopping bags, and letterheads.   Her Technology 9 students tried to solve a Lego challenge in which they had to design a movable van with a movable sign.

On April 22, Ms. Reed’s Graphics II students together with Ms. Meyers Communication students and Ms. Schneeweiss’s Drama classes will be presenting the advertising campaigns that they have recently completed.

All required screenings are near completion.  Health Careers Club assisted the American Cancer Society by selling 62 pots of Mini daffodils for the Daffodil Days program for a total of $496.00.

The "Health Fair" type blood testing by Lab Corp of America was a success.  Twenty nine employees participated and got the results in four days.

Euclid School

Euclid School held our annual Achievement Night for students and their families on Thursday, March 19th.  Students enjoyed visiting their classrooms and showing their parents the many exciting projects and curriculum artifacts.

The students in 5th grade enjoyed a lesson in the health and safety of their eyes, presented by Dr. Aversa, a local optometrist, on Wednesday, March 24th.

Fifth grade students were invited on Wednesday, March 24th, to preview the dress rehearsal of "Oliver" at the Junior/Senior High School.

The Trust Company Bank came to Euclid School on Monday, March 29th and Tuesday, March 30th to teach the children the importance of saving money.   They opened passbook accounts with a $10.00 deposit.

Detect Diabetes Day was celebrated at Euclid School on March 30th.  This program was sponsored by the American Diabetes Association and Life Scan Co, who provided a free glucometer to each school building for participation in activities.

Terra Nova Testing was conducted during the weeks of March 29th and April 6th for all students in grades two, three and five.

On Tuesday, March 23rd, the entire student body gathered for an assembly with  Toma, a pantomime, to introduce them to his style of writing stories.  They  then worked in small groups within their classrooms, as Toma conducted various  workshops, with them, to write their stories.

School Colors Day was held on Friday, April 9th.   Staff and students proudly wore their black and gold colors.

The current enrollment at Euclid School is 326 students.

Lincoln School

Under the direction of Mrs. Eileen LaTorre, Lincoln School's Inventors Club held its Annual Invention Convention on March 18th.  This was held as a culminating activity of this club.  The students in the Inventors Club were challenged to create and design an invention while working through the problem solving process.

We congratulate the following winners:

1st Place Alissa B. & Shelley C............. "The Two Headed Toothbrush"
2nd Place Reena V. & Alicia S...................... "Watcharama"
3rd Place Michael C. & Michael R...... "MSM Time Machine"
4th Place Chris H. & Doug L.................. "Brain Freeze 2000"
5th Place Melissa W. & Brittany T......... "The Magic Remote"

On April 16th, representatives from Hackensack University Medical Center  presented an assembly program to Lincoln School's kindergarten, first and second graders on the importance of helmet and bicycle safety.

On March 16, Dr. Eglow visited Lincoln School and spoke with the 3rd grade classes about the importance of good eye care.

On March 23rd, Lincoln School's teaching staff held a highly successful "Student Recognition Night."  A variety of student work, activities, videos, and presentations were available to everyone who visited each classroom.  It was truly a wonderful evening.

The Lincoln School Annual Art Happening took place on April 12, 13 and 14.  Mrs. Beer engaged the K-5 children in many wonderful projects.

On April 15th, second and third grade students had the opportunity to attend a puppet show assembly sponsored by the Lincoln School PTA.   This assembly program focused in on a puppet that represented a blind person and a puppet that used a wheelchair.

The enrollment for Lincoln School as of April 16,  is   368.

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