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Hasbrouck Heights Public Schools
Superintendent's Report
September 20, 1999

Junior-Senior High School

The last school year of the millennium has gotten off to a very positive start.

We have already had our first PTSA meeting and we spent a good deal of time discussing new policies and procedures, along with the impact of the construction program.

The summer months proved to be very productive for a number of our staff members. They participated in The Summer Institute where they worked on Scoping and Sequencing the Curriculum for Math and Science.

We have also expanded our course offerings again by introducing World Geography, and resurrecting Sociology and Political Science. These courses have added a much needed dimension to our electives.

All students are in the process of being tested and evaluated on the books they read this summer. Students in grades 9-12 were required to read three books from a book list designed for their grade level.

This summer Mrs. Meyer, advisor to the yearbook, and four high school students, Stefany R., Nicole M., James R. and Dana N. attended a five day seminar covering all areas of yearbook production at Gettysburg College from July 18-22. There were over 800 students and advisors from over 12 different states in attendance. At the closing ceremonies, Stefany R., editor-in-chief of the H.H.H.S yearbook won an award for "Excellence in Intermediate Yearbook Design."

Journalism: Mrs. Geftic's and Mr. Pankiewicz's journalism students are currently preparing this year's first edition of the Pilot's Log. This issue cover will focus on the construction at Hasbrouck Heights Jr/Sr High School and problems that may be associated with this project. Additionally, students will be visiting schools in Bergen County comparing and contrasting public, private, parochial and technical high schools.

French II students are illustrating vacation regions such as Ardeche, Arcachon, les Pyrenees, and Auvergne. French IV and French V students read and wrote a complete book report on Saint-Exupery's Le Petit Prince and Voltaire's Candide.

Students in all Physics courses will have expanded curriculum and lab experiences due to the introduction of double period laboratory time in their schedules.

Students in Mrs. Bucceri's U.S. 2 classes are actively engaged in a unit on Immigration and Urbanization. The AP students will be participating in a four part ITV program provided by the Greater Bergen Council for Social Studies.

Students in Ms. Cassidy's Sociology class have written papers describing their social environment and comparing their perspectives.

Middle Level

A Middle Level Parent-Student handbook, which is a combination handbook, assignment pad and study skills guide, was distributed to every student during the first week of school.

Many meetings are scheduled which will give parents opportunities to express ideas and ask questions concerning the Middle Level Program. The first of these meetings, which was on September 15th, was for parents new to Middle Level. Starting in October, parents can also meet with Mrs. Stein from 7:00 to 7:30 PM before the PTSA Executive Board meetings.

Three major activities which eased the transition of the 6th graders to the Middle Level were the Discovery Game, a Guidance Orientation, and the grade level reception.

An orientation with each grade level was conducted by Mr. Grimaldi, Middle Level Guidance Counselor.

Many of the projects, interdisciplinary units, and activities that take place this year will reflect these themes. Sixth grade parents can expect to see much work centering around space travel. Seventh Grade parents can expect the environment to be a main topic of their children's studies as Mrs. Toy and the Seventh grade team focus much of the curriculum around the Meadowlands Environmental Center. These studies are a result of the grant we received last Spring. Reflecting the high demand in the work world for professionals with expert communication skills, eighth graders will be concentrating much of their work on the various means of communication.

8th grade Academic Cycle Science students are studying the principles of meteorology, an area of science that has not been addressed in previous years due to time restraints.

Technology 6th, 7th and 8th grade classes have been introduced to the class, the rules and the requirements. The six steps used in technology (brainstorming, research, plan/design, assemble, testing and improvement/fix it) have been discussed.

Tech 6 students will be focusing on aviation during the cycle.

Tech 7 students have created view drawings of a new and improved car which they have designed for possible manufacturing.

The extra-curricular programs in the Middle Level have begun. Under the guidance of Mr. Sicilian and Mr. Stillman, Middle Level Student Council elections will be held during the third week of September. Mrs. Caputo will be advising the Student Activities committee. Her committee has already initiated plans for several dances. Mrs. Wallace has begun the production of the Middle Level Newspaper, already having selected the officers of the Club. The Renaissance Club activities, under the guidance of Mr. Carcich and Mr. Cassieri, will soon be started with a new focus on space exploration, aviation, and U.S. history and government. Mrs. Schneeweiss, High School and Middle Level Drama director has begun sign-ups for the Middle Level play. Mrs. Toy will be starting meetings for the Middle Level Environmental Club. Mrs. Caputo and Ms. Sugarman, co-advisors of the Peer-to-Peer Club and working with Detective DeLorenzo, have had their first organizational meeting and activities. Middle Level students are meeting daily after school to practice tennis and several inter-school meets have been scheduled. The Middle Level Art Club under the direction of Mrs. Reed has had its first meeting.

ATHLETICS: The fall athletic season gets underway this month and we would like to welcome two new coaches to our staff. Adam Mucci,who will be coaching the line for our Football Team this season and Daniele Tikijian, who will be an assistant coach for the Girls Soccer Team.

Successful fire drills were held on September 9, 1999.

The current enrollment in grades 6 - 8 is 372

The current enrollment in grades 9 - 12 is 417

Euclid School

Euclid School welcomed the opening of the 1999-2000 school year, despite all the last minute construction cleanup. Thanks in large part to Mr. Voelker and Mr. Piazza who had the building in working condition. Special thanks to Mrs. Pat Carlin for her hard work and effort throughout this summer.

The Euclid School PTA held its first executive board meeting on Tuesday, September 14th. Attendance for this meeting was outstanding! The PTA held a "Meet the Principal" reception to introduce Mr. Fierro. Mr. Fierro spoke about construction and fire drill procedures.

The Safety Patrol advisor, Mr. Michael Sickels has prepared this year's safety patrol guards.

Ms. Carron Moroney, our Instrumental Music Instructor, in coordination with Victor's House of Music, introduced fourth grade students to different instruments along with outlining this year's instrumental music program.

On September 7th, after a brief welcome by Mr. Fierro, introducing himself and Mr. Balestrieri, they spoke to new Kindergarten parents. Parents gave positive feedback and are looking forward to the 1999-2000 school year.

A fire drill was held on Monday, September 20, 1999

The current enrollment at Euclid School is 321 students.

Lincoln School

A welcome tea for kindergarten and new parents was conducted on Tuesday, September 7, 1999. Parents were informed about school and district policies and procedures as well as the full day kindergarten. An explanation of the now district run KEYS after-school chld care program was discussed with the parents.

A meeting with our fifth grade Safety Patrol was held on Tuesday, September 7 in the gymnasium. Mr. Dean Hoskin, Miss Kathryn Kalisch (Safety Patrol Advisors) and Mrs. Schoen were in attendance.

The Lincoln School Kindness Committee under the direction of Miss Sandra Unglert, Mrs. Kathryn DiGuglielmo and Miss Arlene Hoag is off to a great start this year. Children are busy decorating an oak tag shape that when folded forms a block. In promotion of our district theme, "Making Our Vision a Reality", these boxes represent building blocks for our school year.

In addition to the summer work required to prepare our building for the new year, Mr. John Szwed and Mr. Doug DeVito, are to be congratulated for their extra dedication to Lincoln School this summer. Their tireless efforts were noticed and appreciated by teachers, parents, students and administration alike.

The first regular monthly meeting of the Lincoln School PTA was held on Wednesday evening, September 15th. The regular meeting began promptly at 7:30 p.m. committee reports were presented. Programs and activities for the school year were discussed. The involvement of staff members in the Summer Institute dedicated to our district's science curriculum was emphasized. In addition, the importance of active articulation of activities and programs between the Lincoln and Euclid School was stressed as a #1 priority for the school year.

Many thanks are to be given to the Lincoln School PTA for providing each student in grades 1 through 5 with a Student Planner as well as all Lincoln School faculty and staff with a teacher Planner. Every student in kindergarten received a Lincoln School crayon box.

A special thanks is in order for Mrs. June Raymond. Mrs. Raymond is to be congratulated for all her hard work this summer.

A fire drill was held on September 13, 1999. All students and staff members exited the school building safely.

The enrollment for Lincoln School as of September 20, 1999 is 351.

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