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Hasbrouck Heights
Department of Public Works

[2009] Recycling Calendar in pdf format
2007 Recycling Schedule
in pdf format (1.4 meg)
[Zone 1] [Zone 2] 2006 Recycling Schedules in pdf format (1.4 meg)
[Zone 1] [Zone 2] 2005 Recycling Schedules in pdf format (800k)
[Zone 1] [Zone 2] 2004 Recycling Schedules in pdf format (800k)
[Zone 1] [Zone 2] 2003 Recycling Schedules in pdf format (800k)
2002 [Recycling Schedules]

[Recycling Information]  [General town info]  [Boro paving program]
[Map] to Hasbrouck Heights Recycling Center

Street light out -- call PSE&G @ 800-436-7734 with pole number
For more information call 201-288-1072

Our DPW in Action

First Snow of 2006
On February 12, 2006 a nor'easter fooled forecasters who predicted 6 to 12 inches would fall that weekend.  Blizzard like conditions saw amounts total from 18 to 26 inches of snow.
Link contains some [Photos] of the DPW in action.

Students Tour DPW
On January 20, 2006, students from the Bergen County Special Service School District toured the Hasboruck Heights Department of Public Works Facility.  [Photos]

DPW Labels Storm Drains

DPW marked storm drains on all borough streets during the summer 2005 [Details]

bhxdpw_116.jpg (8180 bytes)
DPW Does A Great Job... Again!
Blizzard January 22-23, 2005

DPW Removes Tree
DPW removes a tree that fell on a resident's home during a strom
on Friday evening, July 2, 2004 [Photo]

a75.jpg (39736 bytes)
Blizzard '03

27.jpg (23075 bytes)
White Christmas 2002 with the view of The Circle facing south.
[Click] to see a movie of the DPW snow plow going around the Circle. [500k mpg]

39a.jpg (8373 bytes) DPW Gets HHFD Temporary Firehouse in 2002
On April 11, 2000 the Mayor & Council scheduled HHFD to move back to a new temporary structure at old boro hall site. Work was completed and the facilities were operational late October 2000.  These "temporary Butler" buildings are now being re-used by the DPW. View construction progress photos at 248 Hamilton Avenue.
[Groundwork] [Construction] [Construction Details]
Operational one year later]

02.jpg (27083 bytes)
Town Day was held Saturday, September 22, 2001 between 10:00 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Woodland Park. There was plenty of food, amusements and community displays. This annual successful event was sponsored by our Department of Public Works.

spw5.jpg (33708 bytes)
DPW planting new Christmas Tree at the Circle April 26, 2001

9.jpg (44288 bytes)

15.jpg (58929 bytes)
Our DPW was ready!
Early Sunday, March 4th, it was broadcast "The Storm of the Century"  with snow estimates of 24" and blizzard conditions. A winter storm advisory was in effect from March 4th to 6:00 p.m. March 6th. In preparation, the acting Governor declared a state of emergency, the school system closed for a day, as did many businesses.   The weather forecasters continued to make predictions.
[The (Almost) Storm of the Century]

2.jpg (29376 bytes)
Special equipment purchased in 2000 to maintain the boro sewer system was put to work January 24, 2001 at the conrner of The Boulevard and Madison Avenue, to insure that the system was ready for upcoming construction of the new Municipal Complex.  [Photos]

5.jpg (74656 bytes)
More [Leaf removal photos]
[Photos] of the last leaf removal of 2002

14.jpg (41160 bytes)
Maintaining boro property

10.JPG (22758 bytes) 11.JPG (29003 bytes) 12.JPG (26494 bytes)
Plowing and salting sequence during [First snow of the Century]

XTREE2A.JPG (19836 bytes) DPW  worker putting star on top of the tree at the Circle.  Annual tree lighting was December 5 at 5 p.m.. All were welcome.

TD7.JPG (25663 bytes)
Lions Club Provided Free Popcorn

(l-r) Lions "Wicky" Jacobus,  Fred Allen and Vic Braun in 1999

Town Day
Hundreds enjoy the Woodland Park setting during a DPW sponsored  Town Day. Plenty of food and soda as well as several unique amusements. Many community organizations participate with table top displays.  [1999 Photo Gallery][2000 Photo Gallery]

10a.jpg (16929 bytes) 1999 Boro Paving Program
Blocks of Henry, Walter and LaSalle Avenues were re-surfaced.  See work  done in November 1999 on LaSalle Avenue. [Click for pics]

Note that this order was rescinded in 2004,
but remains a possibility in the future.
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Effective October 2004, leaves may no longer be raked into the street for the DPW to "scoop-up" as in previous years.
[More info and larger map]


2005 Leaf Collection

The DPW will continue the service of curb-side leaf collection.

Leaves may be raked into the street beginning October 15th and continue until December 1st.

Leaves may be raked to the curb -- but not within 10 feet of storm drains.

The DPW requests that the leaves be raked off the top of the curb and fully into the street.

It is advised that providing a drainage space between the leaf pile and the curb will allow a better flow of rain water to storm drains.

Leaves may also be bagged in paper sacks or in upright containers. Leaves in plastic bags are not acceptable.

Leaves are accepted at the DPW recycling depot at any time in paper sacks or upright containers. ###


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