Posted July 25, 2004     Photos by Fritz Rethage
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HHFD rescuing 12 year old trapped under car Dec. 13, 2000  [Photos]

HHFD Heavy Rescue
"Jaws of Life"

"Jaws of Life" training held on July 11, 2004
1. Story and equipment
2. Blue car: Removing front doors
3. Blue car: Removing rear doors
4. Blue car: Removing glass, roof, breaking frame & opening hood
5. Yellow truck: Removing doors
6. Yellow truck: Removing glass and roof
7. Yellow truck: Extracting victim

Mpeg movies included:  Blue car [Rear door]   [Cutting hood open]
Yellow truck [Door] [Cutting windshield #1]  [Cutting windshield #2]

Extracting victim

jaws252.jpg (45906 bytes)

jaws253.jpg (66259 bytes)

jaws254.jpg (66519 bytes)

jaws256.jpg (66754 bytes)

jaws258.jpg (58531 bytes)

jaws259.jpg (51080 bytes)

jaws261.jpg (68230 bytes)

A debriefing was held at the conclusion of the training

jaws264.jpg (53766 bytes)


Vehicles are ready for removal by Lenox Towing
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jaws265.jpg (56519 bytes)

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