HHFD Letter to Hasbrouck Heights Residents


Dear Resident,

This year, on Election Day, you will have the opportunity to cast your vote to establish a Length of Service Award Program, more commonly known as LOSAP. This program refers to all emergency service volunteers of both the Fire Department and Ambulance Squad in Hasbrouck Heights.

is a modest financial award paid into an interest bearing account for each individual volunteer member. These funds will than become available to the member upon his or her retirement, or when they attain a minimum age. LOSAP is very similar to an individual Retirement Account (IRA) or a 401K plan.

The Hasbrouck Heights Mayor and Council, in a unanimous vote, endorsed a resolution to establish a LOSAP plan that would set aside $600 per year for each individual volunteer who meets minimum response to emergency calls and performance requirements.

is designed to serve as a tool in helping our Borough retain its vital force of well trained volunteer firefighters and ambulance squad members. In essence, LOSAP would serve as a financial incentive to encourage current volunteer members to remain active until reaching retirement age, and hopefully attract and entice new volunteers to serve our community.

The volunteers of both the Hasbrouck Heights Fire Department and Ambulance Squad are reaching out to you as a resident of our community to vote "Yes" on the LOSAP referendum question on November 6, 2001. Your support is greatly needed and will help the Volunteer Fire Department and Volunteer Ambulance Squad to better serve the residents of our Borough.

has already been adopted in numerous other Bergen County towns.

Thank you for your time and support from the chiefs, officers, and members of the Hasbrouck Heights Volunteer Fire Department and Ambulance Squad.



The Hasbrouck Heights Volunteer Fire Department and Ambulance Squad are in dire need of volunteers. Please call the Fire Chief’s Office at 288-0082 if you are interested in joining.

Thank you for visiting our hometown.  Come back soon!
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