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rk1.jpg (61471 bytes)
Firemen Harry Maisch and Pete Kolodziej operate the ladder truck at the Municipal Building.
Photo by Joe Licata

rk20.jpg (45363 bytes)
Assistant Chief Knobloch commands his men at the Municipal Building.
(l-r) Captain Rich Giarratana, Jay Schell, Lt. Rob Knobloch, Assistant Chief Art Knobloch,
Jake Melgar.  Harry Maisch is operating the Ladder.  Photo by Joe Licata

rk2.jpg (41708 bytes)
Lt. Kevin Todd, firemen Bernie Valente and Jeff Rubino getting ready to fight a house fire at 128 Oak Grove, September 23, 2001.  Photo by Rob Knobloch

rk15.jpg (44012 bytes)
Firemen Mike Ratkowski and Bernie Valente put out a house fire at 128 Oak Grove. 
Photo by Rob Knobloch

rk7.jpg (35812 bytes)
Engine Company #1 fights a brush fire behind the Bendix Diner on Route 17. 
Photo by Rob Knobloch

rk16.jpg (34376 bytes)
Firefighter Teryl Meagher and and Chief Frank Pistilli put out a car fire inside an attached garage on Michigan Avenue and Terrace.  Photo by Rob Knobloch

rk19.jpg (39543 bytes)
Fireman Art Knobloch and Chief Frank Pistilli watch men fight two house fires on Hackensack Street in Wood-Ridge.  Photo by Rob Knobloch

rk4.jpg (25443 bytes)
Fireman Rich Giarratana works the ladder while Lt. Walter Paul climbs to the roof to cut a vent hole.  Photo by Rob Knobloch

rk5.jpg (41274 bytes)
Al Saulnier and other members of the Truck Company climb to the roof to cut a vent hole at a kitchen fire on Roosevelt Avenue.  Photo by Rob Knobloch

rk3.jpg (39462 bytes)
Captain Pat Hayes extinguished a fire in the Hasbrouck Heights ambulance. Also in photo are Kevin Todd, Dave Ebert, Glenn Link, Paul Bassett and Matt Schuster. Photo by Rob Knobloch

rk6.jpg (45236 bytes)
Captain Pat Hayes prepares to use the "Jaws of Life" to remove a trapped victim in a car accident at Springfield and Terrace Avenue.  Photo by Rob Knobloch

rk17.jpg (50350 bytes)
Captain Rob Knobloch and Jeff Rubino prepare to use the "Jaws of Life" to remove a trapped female from a car accident at Franklin and Burton Avenue.  Photo by Rich Wolfson, NJMFPA

rk18.jpg (63456 bytes)
HHFD Rescue Company assisted the Lodi FD at an accident on Route 46 West in Lodi.   Lodi Fireman Kevin Bruining removes the car's windshield. Photo by Rich Wolfson, NJMFPA

rk8.jpg (40366 bytes)
A tractor trailer truck jackknifed at Route 17 South under Route 46.  Photo by   Rob Knobloch

rk9.jpg (43952 bytes)
Engine Company Two -- 1956 Seagrave Anniversary Model Pumper

rk10.jpg (27548 bytes)
Fire Chief cars --1991 Chevy Caprice and a 1997 Suburban.  Photo by Art Knobloch

rk13.jpg (36269 bytes)
Old and new.  1998 KME Pumper replaced a 1977 Seagrave Pumper.  Photo by Rob Knobloch

rk14.jpg (40150 bytes)
Group photo of old department Engine 615, 1977 Seagrave, Ladder 617, 1970 Seagrave, Engine #2 - 616, 1977 Seagrave, Rescue 614 - 1969 Ford C Hand H, Ambulance 623, 1976 Chevy Horton Ambulance 613, 1983 Chevy Horton.

rk11.jpg (40901 bytes)
Teterboro Airport responds to all airport emergencies with a 1998 Oshkosh foam crash truck.
Photo by Rob Knobloch

rk12.jpg (27116 bytes)
Teterboro Airport Fire Department and HHFD work together at Teterboro Airport with new trucks --
a 1998 Oshkosh Crash Truck and a 1998 KME Pumper.  Photo by Rob Knobloch


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