Photos by Fritz Rethage

HHFD sets up in its
third interim home

After the Big Fire, the HHFD wintered at Kundert Motors on Terrace Avenue before settling in their temporary home back on Hamilton Avenue. (2d Temporary Home [Groundwork][Construction #1][Construction Details][Operational])

Due to the demolotion of old Boro Hall and the construction of the New Public Safety Building,
the HHFD is re-locating for a third time to a new temporary structure located a Central Avenue and the Boulevard. This facility will house all the HHFD vehicles. A trailer behind the tent will be used for fire department offices.  The units to refresh air packs are stationed in the old temporary Ambulance Butler building located next the the HHPD on Franklin. The move took place September 3, 2002.

This installation crew was based out of Minnesota and stated that they had installed about 300 of these structures around the country. This is one of the one of the smallest sizes that they have installed. The installation took place during a 90 degree heat wave.

The structure is designed to withstand winds of 100 mph. Structures of this design should last over 20 years. For more inforrmation about this structure:

The DPW arranged for the service connections, electrical & plumbing contractors, door installations, as well as area details such as stone driveway, retaining wall, etc.

Coincidentally, this location was used for search and rescue training exercises [Photo gallery 1][Photo gallery 2] August 29 & 30, 2001.  The houses were demolished September 17 & 18, 2001 [Photos 1][Photos 2]


More 3d interim home photos [Construction finish][Construction details & moving in]

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Prep work was done early July.

aug5_9.jpg (21432 bytes)
August 9th arrival from Canada.

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Installation starts about August 12.

a09.jpg (21069 bytes)
Set up braces for the second and third section.

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a36.jpg (35018 bytes)
A sealer is applied as the material is unfolded and pulled through a guide.

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a42.jpg (24204 bytes)

The crew bolts together support braces.
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More 3d interim home photos [Construction finish][Construction details & moving in]

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