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Board of Trustees of the Free Public Library
of Hasbrouck Heights

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October 9, 2002

Director Michele Reutty
Peter Gallo
Joanne Serraino
Tom Meli
Lisa Traina
Supt. Joe Luongo
Donna Mikulka
Pres. Tom Verrastro

The meeting was called to order at 4:27 p.m. by senior Trustee P. Gallo.
This meeting was duly advertised in compliance with the Sunshine Law.
The minutes of the September 18, 2002 meeting were approved as presented.

Public Portion:

Director's Report:
On September 26, the U.S. Secretary of Education, Rod Paige, visited our Library, accompanied by U.S. Senatorial Candidate Doug Forrester. They read the book The President and Mom's Apple Pie, to a group of kindergarteners from Lincoln School. Dinh Prahn, the photographer whose story was told in the The Killing Fields, was among the members of the press attending. He donated two of his books to the Library and signed them for us. Thanks to the Library staff and the DPW for all their help with this media event.

With several of the Friends of the Library, I staffed a table at Town Day.

Borough Engineer Kenneth Job said the Library building is in basically good condition, except for the heating units, which may go at any time.

All of the Children's Room programming is subscribed to capacity, with waiting lists. November 8th is the tentative date for our Lego My Lego Family night.

October 13 begins Teen Read Week, and Assistant Director Mimi Hui will be conducting a contest for young people in grades 7 - 12. Margaret Mellet, Youth Services Advisor for BCCLS, will meet with Mimi and me to help us set up a Book Club for Young Adults. We hope to discuss a book a month. Ms. Hui is setting up adult seminars for the fall including Resume Updating (October 23), Interview Skills (November 13), and Starting Your Own Business (TBA).

The Library will have a float in the Holiday Parade with the theme Fairy Tales Do Come True. Trustee Tom Meli has arranged for the event to benefit the Audrey Hepburn House of Hackensack Hospital as well as the Library.

I met with Tom Meli and Martin Chirico to develop procedures for the checks we hope to receive from our business community. An account has been established.

The Keifer bequest has been moved to the Kearny Bank in Wood-Ridge, per the Trustee's directions. We will be receiving 3.5% for a two year CD investment.

I met with CFO Mike Kronyak. We shifted funds so that we will make it to the end of the year in the black. Also, we will work together to hammer out a holiday schedule. Library employees currently have the same number of holidays off as municipal employees, but not the same days.

Trustee Lisa Traina and I have discussed fundraising events that would be fun for the participants. In the works are a town-wide garage sale, a wine and cheese tasting, and a penny brigade for the children.

I have interviewed the first of the vendors who move library books. The old Municipal Building has been razed. The new Library/Municipal/Senior Building continues to go up.

Committee Reports:

No report.

Fundraising - see Director's Report

There should be separate heating/air conditioning zones for the Library and the other entities.

Old Business:

New Business:
The pay phone is being removed from the front of the Library due to inadequate use.

The next meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. on November 13, 2002.
The meeting was adjourned at 5:10 p.m.

Donna Mikulka, Secretary


Laser color copies are available at Minuteman Press (Boulevard & Franklin, Hasbrouck Heights).

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