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Board of Trustees of the Free Public Library
of Hasbrouck Heights

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September 18, 2002

Pres. Tom Verrastro
Dir. Michele Maiullo
Tom Meli Peter Gallo
Lisa Traina
Donna Mikulka

The meeting was called to order at 7:55 p.m. by Pres. T. Verrastro.
This meeting was duly advertised in compliance with the Sunshine Law.
The minutes of the June 12, 2002 and the August 27, 2002 meetings were approved as presented.

Public Portion:

Director's Report:
The Friends of the Library book sale brought in over $1300. The projects supported by the Friends this summer included refreshments for all programs, prizes for the Young Adult Summer Reading program, and flags given out in honor of September 11th. On August 9th the Friends sponsored a picnic for the municipal and library employees, as well as the Councilmen, Friends, and Trustees, at Woodland Park.

Through the efforts of Trustee Thomas Meli and CPA Martin Cherico, we have received 501C3 status for the Friends. I am currently in the process of having an account set up at Fleet specifically for the Friends of the Library Endowment Fund, as directed by the Finance Committee.

I represented the Library at the Mason's Scholarship dinner for the top ten students of the public high school. I'm proud to say that I recognized most of them as long-time library users.

Papers have been filed as to Carolyn Kravatsky's maternity leave. Arrangements for her leave and replacement have begun.

The North Jersey Video Circuit has voted to disband. We will be receiving a reimbursal check after all bills have been paid. We have also received 125 videos, some of which we will sell and some of which we will enter into our permanent collection.

Bettina Laskin has set up our bookkeeping system. I am in the process of keying in all Purchase Orders for 2002. Jim Dressel and I received training from Bettina, who will return in a month or so to fine tune our system. Three people are signed up for Excel training and two are on the waiting list.

A meeting of the Finance Committee was held to organize the fundraising efforts of the Trustees for the Friends of the Library Endowment Fund. (See notes.)

Donations have continued to come in over the summer. We received a $2500. donation from the Skesavage family, and $10,000. from Miss Arp who would like the Children's Room desk to be named in her family's honor.

Once again we have earned a check for being a net lender in BCCLS. Both the Children's Room Reading program Reading Cats and Dogs and the teens' program Read and Grow @ Your Library were successes.

Fleet Bank donated $1,000. which went to finance the Talk It Up! Young Adult Reading Program instituted by BCCLS, and the performer, The Uncle Brothers, for the end of the summer bash for the Children's Reading Game. Talk It Up! was facilitated by Margaret Mellet, a librarian who has since become the Youth Services Librrian for BCCLS. This program was so well received that I am considering continuing it on our own.

Thanks to Tom Meli, Library Trustee and President of the Chamber of Commerce, the Library was the weekly guest at the Farmer's Market. Rosalie Nickles, Mimi Hui, Judy Mascis, and I each took an hour to promote the Library, mostly in 90 degree heat. The last week is September 24. We were a presence in the community, and we were able to meet the business people who will help us in fundraising and networking.

Committee Reports:

Report of Special Meeting re: Fundraising. The Board rejected Catherine Donnelly's proposal, and the Budget Committee will find another way to handle fundraising.

Jaclyn Ashline will replace Caroline Kravatsky during her two month Family Leave, and Janice Napiorski will increase her hours temporarily to fill in for Jaclyn.

-Motion: P. Gallo
-Second: L. Traina

Renew the Kiefer CDs, coming due September 21, 2002, for three years.
-Motion: P. Gallo
-Second: T. Meli

Results of Sept. 5, 2002 Special Meeting of the Budget Committee re: Fundraising:

501C3 status has been obtained.

T. Meli will supervise fundraising from businesses; T. Verrastro will supervise fundraising from individuals; M. Maiullo will supervise events.

Fundraising may be announced at the Holiday Parade, which is being dedicated half to the Hospital and half to the Library this year. This would give us two months to conduct the Silent Campaign.

The Mayor and Council could be approached about a thermometer at the circle, which could be marked off by books instead of degrees.

The goal will be somewhere between $100,000. and $200,000.

T. Meli and M. Maiullo will work on the mission statement.

T. Meli will allow us to use P. O. Box #1, which belongs to the Chamber of

M. Cherico is willing to keep records of deposits and to process the form necessary with the IRS.

The Friends will send the Thank You's.

A special rendering of the new library will be given to major donors.

T. Meli will open the donations, give the original to M. Cherico, and give the copy to The Friends of the Library.

Bricks for the patio in front of the Library will be one of the last things that are done for fund raising. The bricks at the Firemen's memorial will be for other agencies.

The Donor Opportunity Schedule was revised and will be distributed at the next board meeting for approval.

Date for next committee meeting is to be determined.

Building Committee:

Date for meeting with Arcari/Iovino reps. is to be determined.

Old Business:
The oil burner has been replaced.

New Business:
The Mayor and Council have approved that a Library banner be displayed at the site of the new Library. The logo Your Library - Open 24/7 is being considered. Trustee suggestions welcomed.

Librarian of the Year nominations were received for both Dir. Maiullo and Children's Librarian Rosalie Nickles. Dir. Maiullo forwarded the nomination for Mrs. Nickles to the New York Times nominating committee.

The next meeting will be held at 4:15 p.m. on October 9, 2002, because it conflicts with Back to School Night at the High School.

-Motion: P. Gallo
-Second: L. Traina

The meeting was adjourned at 9 p.m.

Donna Mikulka, Secretary


Laser color copies are available at Minuteman Press (Boulevard & Franklin, Hasbrouck Heights).

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