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Photos by Fritz Rethage

Fatal Vision Program 2000
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Heights students experienced "driving under the influence" with special goggles that simulated the effects of .07/.08% and also .18/.19% alcohol levels.

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DARE you to drink and drive
Health classes experience driving under influence first hand

By Jennifer Cagiago/The Pilot Log

According to the National Commission Against Drunk Driving, more 18, 19 and 20 year olds die because of alcohol-related crashes than any other age.

Each year millions of teens receive their drivers license, and each year so many will lose their lives because they are under the influence of alcohol while driving. Even though teens are aware of the consequences of drinking and driving, those under 21 still choose to get behind the wheel and drive while intoxicated.

On October 18th students in Hasbrouck Heights were given a first hand opportunity to see what it would be like to drive under the influence of alcohol. Sgt. Mullins, DARE officer and Hasbrouck Heights policeman, came to all the driver’s education classes and presented the Fatal Vision Program as a part of the driver’s education curriculum. The presentation entailed two pairs of goggles that showed how hare it is to perform simple tasks at certain BAC levels. BAC stands for Blood Alcohol Concentration, which is the amount of alcohol that is in one’s blood after a certain period of time. The highest BAC one can have and drive before they are under the influence is .10%. After this point, one can be arrested if they are caught by the cops. One goggle shows what it is like at .07/.08% and the other at .18/.19%.

Elisa S., sophomore, said, "I could not walk straight and I was afraid of losing my balance."

By seeing the great difference that lies in judgment between being drunk and being sober, this program really made the students think.

Driver’s education teacher Mr. Scuilla says of the program,"The Fatal Vision Program gives the students a chance to simulate what it feels like to perform balance and coordination acts, and makes them realize exactly how difficult it might be to operate a vehicle, while under the influence."

The Voice of the Students

Do you think the DARE program is an adequate education tool?

"Yes, I think DARE helps prevent problems in a lot of cases." Matt W.

"I guess so because kids learn what using drugs is really like." Nakul G.

"No, because if kids want to do drugs, they’ll just do them." Mark M.

"I think it needs to be supplemented by parental discussion and reinforcement." Mrs. Laura Czekaj


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