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Over 2,000,000 page views since January 1, 2000

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This community web-site delivers thousands of exposures monthly,
with a rotating ad system that assures equitable views 24/7.
Plus hot-linked clickable ads -- bring them home to your web-site.

Build and reinforce quality customer relationships.
Reach young, computer-savvy families in this premium demographic.
Here is the prime of the Hasbrouck Heights spending power.

Here's how you can reach community leadership
and the decision makers of today ... and tomorrow.


  1. Content: This quality hometown resource features generous portions of current hometown news, information and photo features. This web site contains hundreds of pages and thousands of photos.

  2. Frequency: Our pages are accessed thousands of times monthly by local upscale computer savvy households who have an interest in our community.

  3. Stickiness: Our readers go beyond the home page and view several pages each visit.

  4. Reach the next generation:  This effective medium answers the question: How do I reach the new families in town?

  5. Free: No special subscription required by viewer, just access to the world wide web. Free access to the web is available at the HH Free Public Library.

  6. Non-political.

  7. Over 2,000,000 page views since January 1, 2000. Site established 1998.

  8. [Policy statement]


About our banner ad program

  1. Your banner ad appears in rotation at on all pages. Banner ads (and listings) work continuously -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

  2. All ads get a fair shot of placement on the front page, and on all the "currently viewed pages".  Ads are selected randomly and dynamically appear as the pages are viewed by the reader.

  3. Your banner ad is hot-linked to your web site.  Here is how you can give your web-site traffic a boost with quality hits.

  4. When viewers print a page -- your banner ad  prints too!  Viewers have access to beautiful color laser copies at Minuteman Press for a nominal fee.

  5. Be on the-boulevard-mall and be seen!  At no additional cost to you, your banner ad and a 4 line description are also listed at  Set-up your web-store-front here --   It's like setting up another location, at a fraction of the costs.

  6. This site does not accept tobacco, liquor or any material of an adult nature (gambling, pornographic, etc.) advertising.  The management reserves the right to reject any advertiser that does not represent the "convention of this community".

About our Business Guide

  1. As an advertiser your ad and bold face listing appear in the Business Guide at no additional cost to you.

  2. About 5,000 were distributed in the business district and nearby businesses in 2003.  Plus, there are hundreds of viewings of the electronic [2006 pdf] [2004 pdf] [2003 pdf] version.

  3. The 2004 edition has been expanded to include many Route 17 businesses, a restaurant guide, etc..  Distribution is throughout the business community.

  4. . The 2006 Guide is promoted online and in The Gazette Newspaper.

Current Advertising Rates

Clickable banner ad in rotation at and banner ad, listing on PLUS listing in the The Gazette Newspaper (Boulevard Mall Section) for one year subscription is $1,500.  Convenient payment plans available.

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