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Hasbrouck Heights Railroad Station

ocal officials are exploring the revival of a Railroad Station in Hasbrouck Heights.   Assuming that issues such as public safety, costs, parking, etc. are satisfactory resolved,  should we have a Railroad Station to serve our community?

HH Railroad Station

Should Hasbrouck Heights have a Railroad Station?

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It's ridiculous that you have to cross train tracks at the bottom of Williams Ave... and cross Route 17... How unsafe is that?? I'm worried all the time about commuting to work. Feb 18th 2001 01:28:17 AM
yes, I commute to nyc and would like a safe and clean station to wait for my train. Also, something must be done for the crossing of rt 17 to the station, I have been nearly run over 5 times in the past 2 years by cars. Oct 30th 2000 11:31:57 AM
No, Becuase it will bring unwanted people to this nice town. Oct 7th 2000 11:42:13 PM
what is the point? Jul 18th 2000 06:03:53 PM
Sounds like a great idea. Would there be an area for sufficient parking? Apr 19th 2000 08:48:46 PM
The public needs to be educated about the current transit systems that we have already. Wood-Ridge has a station right next to route 17, but I (as a 15 year resident) only found out about it last month! More public education and more locations. Mar 24th 2000 09:01:40 AM
What's wrong with the parking lot as it is? Put the name of the town on if you want, but the station area is adequate. There is limited service - how can you justify a station? Mar 6th 2000 10:51:28 PM

FYI: The Pascack Valley Line has a stop at Williams Ave. (listed as Teterboro)
There is no station -- just a paved area with limited service. []

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The New York and New Jersey Railroad Station located at the east end of Franklin Avenue, as it appeared in 1898.  The Railroad was a fundamental contributor to the growth of Hasbrouck Heights.

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