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Captain James B. Scarr
Post 106 Ameican Legion

The American Legion [National]
1953-2003 Korea's 50th Commemoration  []
[Honor Roll]

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American Legion & American Legion Auxiliary
Terrace & Passaic Avenue

[Post History]
Memorial Monument Stone [Background]

Recent News Clips

HHFD Trains at American Legion Post

The American Legion Post building made its final contribution to the community on Sunday morning, June 10, 2007, with the Hasbrouck Heights Fire Department conducting training. The building was slated for demolition. [Story & photo]

Moving A Piece of Heights History

Members of the American Legion Post 106 with the DPW crew that moved the 2,743 lb. 57mm Anti-Tank Gun on April 30, 2007 [Story & photo]

American Legion Closes "The Hut"
On April 14, 2007 at 11:11 a.m., the American Legion lowered the American Flag for the final time.  After 50 years, the Post sold its home which will be demolished and replaced by two houses.  The Post comander Michael Cahill vows to continue the Post. [Story & photo]

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Memorial Day Observed
10:00 a.m. May 31 along Terrace Avenue. Veterans ceremony at Monument at 11:00 a.m. followed by ceremony at Fireman's Memorial at The Circle. Veterans [Honor Roll]
2007 Memorial Day [Photo & story]
2006 Memorial Day [Parade][Veterans Service][HHFD Service]

2005  [Parade][Veterans Service][HHFD Service]
2004 [Parade][Service][Larger photo of vets][Firemans Service]
2003 Service
2002 [Parade Photos] [Veterans Service][Firemans Service]
2001 [Parade photos][Service photos]
2000  [Parade photos][Service photos]

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Veterans Day Service
On November 11 at Memorial Park, a brief service
(co-sponsored by the VFW & Am. Legion) is held at 11 a.m..
[2005]   [2004]  [2003]  [2002]  [2001]  [2000]

Veteran's Memorial Walkway
Engraved brick pavers with Veteran's names were placed in a Memorial Walkway in Veterans Park on Terrace Ave & Passaic late April 2003. About 200 bricks were engraved and integrated into the walkway surrounding the Memorial Stone. [Dedication Photos] [Construction Photos]

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Vietnam War Memorial Dedication
On Sunday, October 27, 2002 at 2:00 p.m, a Vietnam War Memorial Dedication to the Memory of Robert P. Gandil, Thomas J. Holden and Michael J. Macarell was held at the Veterans Memorial Park.

[Story & Photo][Photo 2][Biography][Proclamation]

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Assemblywoman Rose Marie Heck, Mayor William J. Torre and distinguished members of the Council were joined by Hasbrouck Heights Veterans in the raising the Memorial Park Flag to full staff at noon on Sunday, September 23.  President Bush had also raised "The Colors" to full staff at Camp David as a sign of returning to normal. [WTC Community Photos]


Patriotism Unfurled ...

Memorial Day
2006 [Parade][Service][FD Service]
2005 [Parade][Service][FD Service]
2004 [Parade][Service][FD Service]
2003 [Service]       2002 [Parade][Service][FD Service]
2001 [Parade][Service]      2000 [Parade][Service]

July 4th Children's Parade
2006 [General] [Parade] [Awards]
2005 [General][Parade][Awards]  2004 [General][Parade][Winners]
2003 [General][Parade][Winners]  2002 [General][General][Winners]
2001 [General][Parade][Winners]     2000 [General][General]

July 4th Fireworks
(includes mpg movies)
2006 [Rained out][Program][Fireworks]
2005  [Event][Program][Display]

2004 [Program][Display]
2003 [Story + Fireworks] [Setting up] [Detonation]  
1999 [Program][General][Setting up]

Veterans Day Service

Loyalty Day Service

About Loyalty Day      About Buddy Poppies
History of Our Flag by Rose Marie Heck

Veterans Honor Roll      Fire Department Honor Roll
Vietnam War Memorial Dedication [1][2]
American Legion Post 106
    VFW Post 4591

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