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These photos were taken from
the 1993-1994 School Calendar. 

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Our Schools

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The New York and New Jersey Railroad Station located at the east end of Franklin Avenue, as it appeared in 1898.  The Railroad was a fundamental contributor to the growth of Hasbrouck Heights.

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Walter Avenue at Oak Grove looking east to the Boulevard during the 1910's.  At the far right is the Field Club which later became the Masonic Temple.

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In the early 1800's, as private school for the children of wealthy townspeople met in the north room of what later became The Old Homestead Restaurant.  The second public school of Hasbrouck Heights was located on the southeast corner of Washington Place and Burton Avenue.  It served the community from 1897 until 1905 when it burned to the ground.

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The Municipal Building and Fire House on Hamilton Avenue, as it appeared in 1906 (postcard) and 1908 (larger photograph). In 1955 it was replaced by the present building.

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The First Mechanized Hose Cart of the Fire Department of Hasbrouck Heights as it appeared in front of the Municipal Building around 1917.

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Several of the members of the World War I Civil Defense League in 1917.

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Boulevard At Kipp Avenue looking South, 1932.

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The Paving of Harrison Avenue, 1936-37.

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Borough League Club (left) was founded in 1901 and established a private library and reading room for its members.  In 1916, it was donated to Hasbrouck heights and became the first Free Public Library in New Jersey for many years (right).

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Dwight D. Eisenhower at Williams Avenue and the Boulevard, on the campaign trail in 1952.

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Franklin School (upper left) was the first public high school in Hasbrouck Heights, 1906.  In 1952 the present high school facility was opened.

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Stagg's Farm the last example of the early Dutch homesteads present in Hasbrouck Heights, was located at the north end of Terrace until 1960's.

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