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Heights' Grandeur 
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From the 15.5" x 22.5", two-sided broadside --
The Lemmermann Villa Site Company
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Brochure Copy

Hasbrouck Heights New Jersey is no "boom town" where a vegetable farm has recently been cut up into small parcels by speculators, a few superficial improvements of no durability put in, christened with a high sounding name and lots offered for sale.  On the contrary, it is an established settled community with permanent improvements and a population of upwards of 1000 New York, Brooklyn and Jersey City people of moderate means, fully ninety-five per cent of whom own their homes, live in them the year round and go daily to the city to business.

It is 11 miles or 22 minutes from Jersey City and 32 to 36 minutes from New York by the Chamber and West 32d St. ferries.

It is located on the highest ground near New York, over 300 feet above tide water.   It is situated in the middle of a triangle composed of Passaic, Rutherford and Hackensack, and on much higher ground than either of the places named.

We have no factories, no nuisances and absolutely no rough element.  A high class strictly residence village.

The extreme high elevation of Hasbrouck Heights makes it exceptionally healthy, and affords views of fifty miles of beautiful country in every direction.

Wheelmen and lovers of horses will appreciate our macadamized roads, which extend to Newark, Paterson, Jersey City, etc.

The commutation rate is but $5.50 monthly the year round, or 18 1/2 cents per day.

Train Facilities
All trains on the New Jersey and New York R. R. (Erie ferries, foot of Chambers and West 23d street ferries) stop here.  The road has been recently double tracked and the train service, which is already excellent, will soon be greatly improved.  An electric road, which is to go through the center of the town, will soon connect us with the main line of the Erie at Rutherford, the N. Y. Sus. & Western at Hackensack and the Paterson, Passaic & Hoboken trolley, giving our people a choice of four quick and cheap routes to the city, with trains at all hours of the day or night.

The school, which is an excellent one, with three teachers, all normal school graduates, is right in the center of our property and distant not over five minutes form any part of it.  Educational facilities are excellent and the school most conveniently located.

We have now three churches, The First Reformed, Methodist and Baptist.  Each have flourishing congregations and two have resident pastors.  The establishment   here of churches of other denominations is also being advocated.

A New York business man with an investigation turn of mind, recently had his family physician look up Hasbrouck Heights.  In response to a letter from him to the president of the Bergen County medical Society he received in reply: "There is no healthier place in the State than Hasbrouck Heights."

We have here grocery stores, meat markets, bakery and ice cream parlors, confectioners, shoe stores, tea store, etc., etc.  Tradesmen from adjoining towns also compete with our local business men for our business, to the great advantage of the economical housewife.

A gentleman who lately moved to Hasbrouck Heights from Brooklyn recently made the statement in the local newspaper that the cost of living is from 20 to 33 1/3 per cent lower than in New York or Brooklyn.

We have two well conducted clubs, each with handsome buildings and grounds, both are equipped with standard bowling alleys, pool tables, pianos, musical instruments and other paraphernalia; membership dues and fees in each are merely nominal.  There are also auxiliary clubs for tennis, baseball, cycling, etc., with a considerable membership of young ladies and gentlemen.  Entertainment's of various kinds are frequent, select and enjoyable.

The Lemmermann Villa Site Company
Controls about 100 acres of beautifully situated land convenient to the R. R. depot and none of which is distant more than five minutes from the proposed trolley road, which will pass through the center of our property.  It is highly restricted and thoroughly improved, having macadamized roads, four foot flag sidewalks, flag curbs and cross walks, electric light, maple shade and city water.  Intending to make ours a high class strictly residence property, and believing that to people of ordinary discernment's the day of city lots 20x100 and 25x100 feet in any suburban locality is over, we have made our plots 50x144, 75x144, 85x144, 100x144 feet, etc., which will enable purchasers desiring to keep a horse and carriage to have a barn and carriage house, hennery, etc., in the rear of their plot without any unpleasant odors becoming apparent in the house.

Please Note ... The smallest of our residence plots is nearly three time the size of the ordinary city lot.

Range from $300 (which is at the rate of only $100 per city lot) up.  Other nearby property, twice as far from the depot, schools, stores, churches, etc., is being sold at double the treble these prices.

10 per cent, cash on signing agreement, $10.00 per month thereafter with interest.

Come out and see the property.  It involves no obligation to buy.  Complimentary tickets for yourself and family will be promptly supplied on receipt of a postal card, or better still, don't wait for correspondence but go out to-day, stopping at 8 College Place en route to Chambers Street ferry, and an agent will go out with you.


PDF of broadside(6 meg)


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