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Post card from the web-- circa 1922


Heights' Grandeur
Real estate promotional literature about 1900 ? -- many great photos and info
E. M. Anson Real Estate Brochure
The Crowning Glory Brochure
The Lemmermann Villa Site Company Broadside

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Click here for enlarged photo of plaque

General Historical Photos

Photos from the 1993-1994 [School Calendar]. 

Hasbrouck Heights Police Department [History]

  Pics & captions from web-site [Archived]

Some [photos] of previous Heights Fire Department equipment and calls

First United Methodist Church Celebrates 100th
[Story and photos]

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Celebrates 85th
[Story] with photos that appeared in the [November 2005] Issue of [The Gazette Newspaper]

50 Years of Softball
[Story & photos]

American Legion History
[Index] to stories that appeared in [The Gazette Newspaper] 2005-2006

Veterans of Foreign Wars Celebrates 50th
[Story] with photos that appeared in the [February 2005] Issue of [The Gazette Newspaper]

A Fifty Year Perspective
Class of 1950 perspective from The Pilot's Log Special Issue
["Oh, how we've changed"] [Boulevard center of townlife since 1896]

History of Hasbrouck Heights
From 1870 to 1921 -- Author unknown-- from the Barbara Smith Collection

History of Hasbrouck Heights
Article from The Gatherers Spring 2005 Newsletter

From BC Historical Society.
The borough referendum at Hasbrouck Heights on July 31, 1894, was described as "a high old time" that "excited the entire town." According to The Bergen Democrat, "a Presidential canvass could not have more thoroughly arouse the citizens of Hasbrouck Heights, especially its voting population." Meetings held prior to the vote "were not of the enthusiastic nature, for the people seemed pretty evenly divided and the discussions were animated; feeling has run high, and it showed itself, too, on election day." Both sides were confident of success and debate continued into the polling booths. Here as elsewhere, "the discourse went so far as to become bitterly personal, and charges and countercharges flew through the air." To add fuel to the fire, a circular was distributed on election day, promoting "Home Rule" and expressing "the belief that its people know what its needs are better than Lodi and Little Ferry." When the polls finally closed, Pioneer Hall was crowded with citizens anxious to hear the results. The final vote, announced "amid wild applause," stood: 72 votes for the borough and 60 against it. The losers threatened to contest the outcome on the ground that it violated the Ballot Reform Act.
Source: Punkin Duster - Part Three


From Dutch Door Genealogy
Hasbrouck Heights is a Bergen County, N.J. Borough which was organized July 31, 1894 (referendum) from area taken from Lodi Township. It was incorporated as Hasbrouck Heights Borough August 2, 1894. In 1901 part of its area was transferred to Lodi Borough; in 1905 some area was transferred to Hasbrouck Heights from Lodi Township. On July 5, 1918 part of its area was transferred to Teterboro Borough.

Earlier known as Polifly and Corona. The name Corona was changed about 1890 to Hasbrouck Heights to avoid confusion with Corona, NY (on Long Island). The name Hasbrouck Heights was chosen to honor J. D. Hasbrouck, then General Manager of the New Jersey and New York Railroad.

Hasbrouck Heights Postal Service -- A post office named Corona Post Office existed here by 1876. On 29 Nov 1889 the Corona Post Office was changed to Hasbrouck Heights. Early Hasbrouck Heights postmasters included Franklin R. Taggart (appointed 29 Nov 1889), Edward M. Anson (23 Nov 1893), and Richmond H. Taggart (2 Oct 1897). The Hasbrouck Heights Post Office was discontinued 2 Oct 1901 with its mail to be handled by Hackensack Post Office. Today Hackensack Post Office handles the mail for Hasbrouck Heights, with the Hasbrouck Heights Branch having a Zip Code of 07604.

General Information -- In 1909 Hasbrouck Heights had 2 stations on the New Jersey and New York Railroad (Erie System). The area was earlier known as Polifly. Included Corona. 1.5 sq. miles in area. Population: 1909-1,825; 1940-6,716; 1970-13,651; 1980-12,166; 1990-11,488.

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Submissions (along with any background info)
of old photos (prior to 1950) from the public are welcome. 
Please email details.


Historical Links & Resources
Genealogy Historical Link []
The NJ Historical Society []
Bergen County Genealogy []

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