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Teterboro Airport Commentary

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July 19, 2000 release from Assemblywoman Rose Marie Heck re: Teterboro Airport

As we enter another phase at Teterboro Airport, sans former Airport Manager Phil Engle, we reflect on all of the work done by TANAAC, cooperative anti-noise group in existence for years. I have been a representative there for most of those years, having been appointed by the later Mayor William Imken to represent Hasbrouck Heights. I continued to represent Hasbrouck Heights when I was Mayor and subsequent to that as the Assembly representative in District 38. I have worked in partnership with all of the adjoining towns’ representatives and must commend all of them for their pro-active roles in accomplishing many constructive changes in the aviation arena. Remember rules are only good as the enforcement of those rules. (see below)

TANAAC representatives have been responsible for changes, not only at Teterboro Airport, but nationwide. Our work has inspired our federal representatives to introduce legislation in Washington DC, some has passed others have not. But the fact is that in the past few years the only paper giving complete coverage to the happenings at Teterboro, through TANAAC, is our community newspaper, The Observer.

I personally have held meetings with the FAA, Airport management, town leaders, federal, local and county representatives and significant among these has been the dramatic findings accomplished through these meetings, which I shared with Congressman Steve Rothman. County Executive William "Pat" Schuber supported my efforts, as did TANAAC Co-Chairs Fred Dressel, Mayor of Moonachie, and Then Airport Manager Phil Engle.

July 22 1998, I presented a comprehensive letter to all of the town representatives, along with the Federal, State, and County reps, gave them the names and addresses of all the members of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and followed that with other information with our "NO GROWTH. Improvements Yes. Growth No." goals. I learned through my research, gleaned from Airport personnel, FAA representatives, individuals with knowledge of the aviation industry, and perusal of pertinent laws and contracts.

Here’s an interesting point, as stated in the July 1998 letter The Airport Noise and Aircraft Capacity Act of 1990 (patterned after TANAAC’s at Teterboro) stopped Stage II engines of over 75,000 pounds from coming into Teterboro Airport or anywhere in the USA. Well, I learned that President Clinton and his entourage allegedly came into Teterboro on two DC–6s, Stage II – just two weeks ago. I saw no mention of that in the county daily’s Congresssman Rothman article.

I sent all my information to the County Dailies, held several Town Forums on the issues, and the only newspaper to cover the story was The Observer. Hopefully the current editor of that paper will re-print it when space allows. It is very telling since Congressman Bob Franks, Congresswoman Marge Roukema and Congressman Rothman each had representatives there. Most of the suggestions we placed in the draft of a letter, done in my Lodi office based on my forum held in South Hackensack, with again those same reps present, along with Assemblyman Guy Talarico, was sent in its final form to the Port Authority with OUR suggestions. I will be happy to furnish The Observer a copy of that letter for your use.

Next week I will be attending the quarterly TANAAC meeting and will have another interesting report on my most recent activities in the area of airports.


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