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Rose @ RNC

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Assemblywoman Rose Marie Heck was a voting delegate at the Republican National Convention 2000.   Here are her dispatches and photos from the Convention.

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Laura Bush Tribute

... sponsored by the National Republican Women at the Philadelphia Marriott luncheon. Guests brought children’s books for ages 5-6, which will be distributed in Laura Bush’s Name.

Her husband made a surprise visit and what an ovation for both these fine people. They are quite charming together and the love they feel for one another is very natural and so refreshing to see.

I brought a Dr. Seuss "Hop on Pop" book. Laura, a librarian, told us that her husband used to read that to the twins (a favorite of the girls) he’d get on the floor to read and then they would hop on pop. I enjoyed learning that.


Photo taken after George W. Bush gave his acceptance speech on August 3, 2000. The stadium was electric with energy, applause was deafening, and the confetti and balloons almost buried the audience in red, white and blue. A rock concert could not have generated more emotion and enthusiasm. Patriotism, pride, commitment to win was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Love of country, a new beginning of caring and sharing for one another, and setting an example of dignity and respect for our children and grandchildren, brought tears of joy and pride to the people in that room as they rose to their feet and believe me that was the beginning of our march to victory in November and beyond to a better life and a good example of what each of us can do to make the world better.

A partnership was formed, not only in that room, but with the people at home who are looking for a new beginning. The sun rising and a breath of fairness and freedom for All of the people in this great nation, all ages, all faiths, whether they arrived centuries ago, or have just become citizens. Respect, Responsibility, Accountability. Up With The People! Finally a leader who gives us Hope.
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Photos from the Convention Floor

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Daily Dispatches from the Conventionl

Dateline: RNC --
Thursday, August 03, 2000 4:51 PM

Dear neighbors:

What an energizing evening! And what a great start of the day with a special breakfast for Congressman Bob Franks. It was great! Big push for all the voters to put a good Republican back in the Senate. Bob has a wealth of experience not only in transportation, He helped us in Bergen get the dollars for the improvement of Routes 4 and 17; He helps us to iron out any hold-up of money for the Hudson Bergen Light Rail Transit (you know what used to be known as trolleys) and he has been a great supporter of missing and exploited children and education. He has joined me and parents and advocates and educators all over New Jersey to work to get us the money due us from Washington D.C.

Remember we only received 10% of the 40% due our state for our special ed students. It would be a tremendous help to all of us, not only in property tax relief, but in helping us to better ways of helping our kids,: not only the physically challenged but those with emotional and behavioral problems. We could do so much with those extra dollars. Keep watching as I continue preparations for the Children's Summit II set for October 24 (first of three to be held in 2000) more about that later, but NJEA is joining my group to go to Washington to push for that money. We've been far too patient for far too long. More on those plans later.

We heard from David Norcross from South Jersey, Congresswoman Marge Roukema, Congressman Rodnew Frelinghsausen and former Governor Tom Kean. Governor Christie Todd Whitman arrived after having been a greeter at the airport for our Presidential Candidate George W. Bush.

We were then briefed by the Bush team on economic matters. Some good stuff ... I took many notes and will report when I get back on Friday to Bergen. Info on the economy, social security and technology.

In the evening the Convention was alive with anticipation and I was in my glory. Many speakers, young ones, on entrepeunership. They all gave us a briefing on each of their areas of interest.

A young 26 year old read the letter she wrote to George W. Bush. It was so moving and all eyes in the room focused on Windy Smith of Knoxville TN. After she read a reply from W... the chant picked up throughout the room "WE LOVE YOU WINDY" What an emotional infusion.

Speakers included the Governor of Virginia, Jim Gilmore, Congressman John Kascis (I'll have to check that spelling), Lynn Cheney the former director of the Endowment for the Humanities (What a well spoken and impressive woman), etc.

The Temporary Chairman Trent Lott introduced the Vice Presidential Nominee, The Honorable Dick Cheney. WOW AND DOUBLE WOW! He spoke with such clarity and conviction ... He held the crowd in silence as they listened and then boom they exploded spontaneously in chants. "time to go... Time To Go... TIME TO GO!

That was a play on the same words said by Gore eight years ago to Republicans, and now Dick Cheney said the wheel had turned and he was dismayed at the way the Democrat Administration had squandered their time in office.  It was time to bring honor and integrity back to government with the election of a man who will bring respect back to the office of President - That man is George W. Bush. You can access the his entire speech on

I've taken many digital photos and you'll be able to see them after I download on Friday when I get home.

My daughter Nancy and I had the pleasure of attending the Laury Bush tribute and I'll tell you more about that tomorrow.

I have to get ready for the final night of the convention and I must tell you my muscles are aching, as are my feet, from all that walking and walking and walking, and I won't bore you with the amount of lines we stood on, and the number of security check lines we had to pass, and the hundreds of steps we climbed. Add to that the humidity and poor air quality - heat -rain- AND GUESS WHAT, I wouldn't have missed a second of this ... It was an experience I will never forget.

More tomorrow folks.

Best Regards,


Dateline: RNC -- Wednesday, August 02, 2000 5:34 PM

Dear neighbors:

Couldn't connect earlier, but the short and the sweet of it is ... Colin Powell is tall, straight as an arrow, very impressive looking, and speaks with conviction. No doubt in my mind - he has what the Hollywood crowd in the 40s would call movie star quality and magic. I am so proud he chose to be a Republican. What a fantastic representative - whatever color he comes in. I believe God has given this man some gifts of greatness and communication. He has made a difference for the better in the past and I am certain he will do so again in the future, not withstanding his wonderful mentoring project, nationwide.

Let's get to Tuesday, August 2, 2000. Wow! Super duper speakers!! Some ordinary in comparison to the greats, but in another venue they, too, would be deemed very good. Flags flying, Past Presidents, Past VPs, and Cabinet members, along with their wives and some of their children.VERY IMPRESSIVE and everyone looked FANTASTIC! Nancy Reagan was tiny somewhat bony, older, but lovely. The tears in her eyes belied the smile on her face as the tribute to husband former President Ronald Reagan was shown on the screen. All of the history, the salute to Presidents Reagan, Ford, and Bush had me sniffing back tears of pride and memories of the greatest of the people who were the heroes of those years.

Add to that the U.S.S. New Jersey SALUTE TO OUR VETERANS with General Norman Schwarzkopf giving an inspiring tribute to our great county and our wonderful Veterans.

The media keeps saying everything is heavily scripted is nauseating. So prejudiced and the cheap shots are very apropos of those who saw no evil, heard no evil and spoke no evil about democrats during the days of disgraceful behavior in Washington D.C. I like the Wake Up America feeling I get from the entire Convention. I have spoken to people, not only in our state but from across the county who are tired of our children and grandchildren being exposed to bad behavior, lack of morals, lies and sarcastic slurs to those who want a return to a BETTER TIME OF GOOD MORALS AND VALUES...HONESTY, INTEGRITY, LOYALTY.

Vice President Bob Dole was his fun self...Opening line... "It's not too late for a recount." Everyone laughed. He spoke of America as being the "Youngest, Greatest and Free-est Nation in the World." He spoke of the heroes and the World War II Memorial as being a wonderful happening in Washington, but said we should be doing more than arches and concrete pillars, we should give our nation's heroes a "true" memorial. Look around at the convention. We can choose our destinies." He continued with fervor that we have an opportunity to vote for a man of integrity and honor. A man who values this country, his family, people. George W. Bush is a man who can lead this country into greatness in this new century.

I can tell you, "My heart beat" with pride and excitement and tears rolled down my cheeks as I remembered my Uncle Lou, who never came back from World War II. I remember how much I love him and still miss him. I remember his V-Mail, telling me how important it was to serve and love the U.S.A. He told me how lucky I was to be able to grow up free and be whatever I wanted to be when I grew up. He, along with my cousins who joined as very young men, were so proud to join in the fight against evil dictators.

First generation Americans, who went overseas, to fight in the Pacific and in Europe. Uncle Lou found it ironic to fight in this war to save people, by fighting in places like Italy, where he might be the enemy of a family member. So many of us have memories of standing up for what we believe is right and just, because of the greatest of those heroes who continue to serve our country when called. George W. Bush serves his country by placing himself in a position to run for this great office. He will have to pay a price as will his family. He will be the focus of vicious political players.

As was said last night, and I'm not certain if it was Dole or McCain who said it, he will be the focus of Democrat polls, posturing and spins. Elizabeth Dole was wonderful and Barbara Bush (who said she wanted to be the first to welcome everyone to Philadelphia, the City of Motherly Love) proudly introduced her son George W. Bush by remote to everyone. It was electric. No pun intended.

George W. Bush and making a tremendous impact on the delegates, he spoke with strength and sincerity about his gratitude to all, especially John McCain for his friendship and support. He spoke at length and concluded that he and John would make a great campaign team. By the way each day has a theme.





I have so much to say, because so much is happening, but I don't want to forget a woman with a magnificent future - Dr. Condoleeza Rice of Hoover Institute Stanford CA who spoke of her heritage and her father who wanted to become a citizen and was denied help from Democrats but was welcomed by Republicans and that is why he is a staunch Republican as is she. She spoke eloquently on International Relations. Here I believe is a future Cabinet Member.

When we see the caliber of people support George W. Bush - Farmers, young people, techies, students, older people, the physically challenged, the elderly and just plain folk. REPUBLICANS ARE NOT ALL MILLIONAIRES, BUT WE ARE RICH. Rich in our love of country, family and in our faith.

I have so much more to share with all of you. My heart is so full. And I look forward to tonight and hearing Dick Cheney. We'll get together tomorrow ... so log on. Regards, as always,


Dateline: RNC -- Tuesday, August 01, 2000 10:15 AM

Dear neighbors:

What a wonderful experience! Not only am I seeing all of our New Jersey officials, local, county, state and national, but the biggies we see only on the news. No one is mentioning Newt Gingrich, but my daughter, Nancy Radwin (owner, publisher of the Knowlton News in Warren County) was walking behind Newt in Philadelphia on Sunday. She called her sons on the cell phone and gave a blow by blow to them as she experienced this rare occasion.

On Sunday, besides finding places to eat breakfast and picking up credentials, attending briefings, etc., we had great fun talking with everyone and anyone we saw. The humidity here is so bad that everything is wet and sticky all the time. Lots of people with curly hair, but smiling all the time.

We have seen so many outfits indicative of the states represented here and so many red, white and blue hats, vests, jackets, cowboy hats, spangles, jewelry that blinks lighted colors at you, balloons, bangles and confetti. Convention fare, so to speak. Oh, and let's not forget the many tee shirts, funny, patriotic and those announcing RNC 2000 (Republican National Convention 2000). Even saw an elephant adorned shirt, and the elephant blew up like a balloon on the front of the shirt. Looked a little strange.

Went to the Camden Aquarium Party hosted by Jack Collins and Donny DiFrancesco. (Photos below). Won't be able to send new ones every day. It's difficult to find a computer to e-mail them as Nancy didn't have her "transfer component" with her. The staff and hotel didn't have one either. But, I was undeterred. Took the disk with me to seek out newspaper people and lo and behold, I met Eugene Keily, a former editorial chief with The Record, now with another paper and he kindly sent it to Nancy's paper (took photo of her local G.O.P. Chair with Jack and Donny and it will be on the front page of her newspaper this week). I will continue to take pix and we can place them on the web site on Friday when I return.

Had a great time meeting all sorts of people at the Aquarium. Too dark to get good pix not to mention the crowds or mobs of people. 4,000 at the Aquarium. The red, white and blue lighted bridge was beautiful and the parade of ships was fantastic. The fireworks display was wonderful, with some unusual features, some exploded into willow tree-like showers of sparkling light, and others exploded in red, white and blue stars. Not a show as long as Heights, but certainly just as spectacular. Tell the Lions to check out those stars for next year, please. Really great!

Last night, opening night of the convention was memorable. Great speakers, Bob Franks our Congressman running for Senate was inspiring. He revved up the New Jersey delegation, along with many of the other states. Laura Bush won the hearts of the entire delegation. What a beautiful person! President and Mrs. Bush looked at her with love, and pride. Governor Bush appeared on the large screen and spoke to all of us. Very evident that they adore and respect one another. Very nice!

I have to go now. There is much more, but Nancy has to send something to her paper. Deadlines you know, very important!

Regards to all ... coming to you from Cherry Hill and Philly.


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Dateline: RNC -- Sunday, July 30, 2000 5:32 PM

Dear neighbors:

Well here we are at the Hilton in Cherry Hill.  It's been busy since last night when we arrived on July 29, 2000 at 5 p.m. Getting into our room and then going back down to register was easy. We received "goodie bags" part of our overall badge fee, I believe. T-shirts with Convention 2000, and a Barbie 2000 Convention Delegate Doll (since I collect dolls it was a great surprise).

Everyone is very friendly and excited to be here as part of the New Jersey delegation. Pat Schuber, Sandy Robinison, Eleanor Nissley, County Chairman Henk Shotmeyer, Henry Wallace, Nick Felice, and many Assembly and Senate members are here.

Tonite we'll attend the big NJ Delegation party at the Camden Aquarium which is being hosted by Speaker Jack Collins and Senate Pres. Di Francesco. Fireworks, bridge lighting ceremony, ships, and speeches by Governors Whitman and Ridge will kickoff Philadelphia 2000.

Tomorrow, Monday, is the opening day of the Convention. Bob Franks will speak in the afternoon. He's a great speaker. and tomorrow nite Colin Powell and Laura Bush will speak. I'll give you a review.

Will send some pix tomorrow with Chairman Chuck Haytaian and his wife and with former Gov. Tom Kean, etc. Check out the fireworks tonite. Lots of media people are also here.

Say hello to everyone for me. Regards,

Rose Heck - Delegate 2000


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