January 1, 1999

The Reorganization Meeting of the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Hasbrouck Heights was held on January 1, 1999 at 12:00 noon in the Council Chambers of the Municipal Building, 248 Hamilton Avenue, Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey.

The Oath of Office was administered to Garrett R. Pepe as Councilman by Assemblywoman Rose Heck and to Marlene Verrastro by Mayor William J. Torre.

Mayor Torre declared the 1999 Reorganization Meeting in session and stated that the meeting complied with the Sunshine Law, due notice having been made to all members of the Council on December 21, 1998 and to The Observer, The Record and the Herald News on December 21, 1998.

ROLL CALL: Present: Mayor William J. Torre, Councilman Andrew Link III, Councilman Herbert D. Heeren, Councilman Justin A. DiPisa, Councilman Garrett R. Pepe, Councilwoman Marlene Verrastro, Councilman John Wassberg

Absent: None

Following the Salute to the Flag, the Invocation was offered by Reverend Dwight D. Shellaway of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church.

Councilman Heeren nominated Councilman DiPisa for President of the Council. The nomination was seconded by Councilman Link. There being no further nominations, Councilman DiPisa was unanimously elected President of the Council for 1999.

RESOLUTION: 1. Adoption of 1999 By-Laws

On motion by Councilman Link, seconded by Councilman Heeren, and unanimously carried, the foregoing Resolution was adopted. (Resolution attached)

Councilman Link nominated Councilwoman Verrastro as representative to the Planning Board. The nomination was seconded by Councilman DiPisa. Councilwoman Verrastro was unanimously appointed to the Planning Board as a Class III Member for the term of one year.

Mayor Torre and Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner of Fire Councilman Pepe and Councilman DiPisa administered the Oath of Office to 1999 Fire Department Officers. (list of names attached)

Mayor Torre assigned the 1999 Council Committees as follows:

Commissioner of Finance Herbert D. Heeren

Deputy Commissioner of Finance Andrew Link III

Commissioner of Police Justin A. DiPisa

Deputy Commissioner of Police Herbert D. Heeren

Commissioner of Fire Garrett R. Pepe

Deputy Commissioner of Fire Justin A. DiPisa

Commissioner of Health Marlene Verrastro

Deputy Commissioner of Health Justin A. DiPisa

Commissioner of Strs. & Transp. Andrew Link III

Dep. Commissioner of Strs. & Transp. Herbert D. Heeren

Commissioner of Land Use Andrew Link III

Deputy Commissioner of Land Use Marlene Verrastro

Commissioner of Sanitation John Wassberg

Deputy Commissioner of Sanitation Andrew Link III

Commissioner of Parks John Wassberg

Deputy Commissioner of Parks Justin A. DiPisa

Commissioner of Recreation Herbert D. Heeren

Deputy Commissioner of Recreation Justin A. DiPisa

Commissioner of Public Facilities Garrett R. Pepe

Dep. Commissioner of Public Facilities Justin A. DiPisa

Commissioner of Welfare Marlene Verrastro

Deputy Commissioner of Welfare John Wassberg

Senior Citizens' Ombudsman Herbert D. Heeren

Juvenile Outreach Ombudsman Garrett R. Pepe

Library Liaison Garrett R. Pepe

Drug Alliance Chairperson Justin A. DiPisa

Municipal League Liaison Marlene Verrastro

Intergovernmental Services Liaison Garrett R. Pepe

On motion by Councilman Link, seconded by Councilman DiPisa, and unanimously carried, to confirm the 1999 Council Committees.

CONSENT AGENDA: 2. Petty Cash Funds

3. Authorize CFO to Invest Idle Funds

4. Authorize CFO to Prepare Payrolls

5. Authorize CFO to Pay Medical Insurance Premiums

6. Designate Official Depositories for Borough Funds

7. Authorize Signatures for Borough Checks

8. Designate Official Newspaper

9. Set Meeting Dates for 1999 Council Meetings

10. Temporary Budget

11. Continuing Tax Settlement Committee

12. 1999 Debt Service Budget

13. Designating Number of Hours per Week as Minimum Requirement for Full Time Status

On motion by Councilman Pepe, seconded by Councilman Wassberg, and unanimously carried, the foregoing Resolutions on the Consent Agenda were adopted. (Resolutions attached)


Mayor Torre made the following appointments and requested confirmation by the Council:


Borough Attorney Ralph W. Chandless, Jr. 1 Year

Borough Engineer Kenneth G.B. Job 1 Year

Administrator/Treasurer/ Michael J. Kronyak 1 Year

Purchasing Agent

Borough Auditor Paul Garbarini 1 Year

Superintendent D.P.W./ Robert Heck 1 Year

Cert. Public Works Mgr.

Construction Code Off./ Terry Naletko Tenure

Building Subcode

Property Maintenance Off. Glenn Paxton 1 Year

Plumbing Inspector Richard Vanatta1 Year



Electric Sub-Code Richard Castellitto 1 Year


Assessor George Reggo 4 Years

Public Defender Thomas Mason 1 Year

Prosecutor Frederick H. Allen 1 Year

Borough Historian Louise Davenport 1 Year

Board of Health Michael Mink 4 Years

Rodger Powell Expires-1/1/02

Louis Castellitto-Alt.1 2 Years

Joanne Audino-Alt. 2 Expires-1/1/00

Local Assistance Board Marlene Verrastro 1 Year

Ralph Mastroberte Expires-1/1/01

Lucretia White 4 Years

General Assessment Board Richard Jarocki 3 Years

Board of Adjustment Arnold Steinhauff 4 Years

Robert Searle 4 Years

Patricia Link-Alt. 1 2 Years

Planning Board Terry Naletko-Class II 1 Year

Henry Dobbelaar 4 Years

Harold Jacobus 4 Years

Robert Searle 4 Years

Ronald Kistner-Alt. 1 2 Years

Free Public Library - Peter Gallo 5 Years


Rent Leveling Board Joseph Torre 1 Year

Joseph Ciano 1 Year

Ronald Monteleone 1 Year

Roy Perham III 1 Year

Josephine Foresta 1 Year

Charles Stenger 1 Year

Recreation Commission Sara Chiha 5 Years

Patricia Link 5 Years


Committee of Community Celebrations

"Mayor to make no appointments - current members to hold over - ordinance to be amended in 1999"

Audrey Ascione 1 Year

Dorothy Bernice 1 Year

Anthony Bernice 1 Year

Victoria Borsett 1 Year

Michael Ciano 1 Year

Madeline de Velasco 1 Year

Erin Gallagher 1 Year

Patricia Link 1 Year

Penny Mazzeo 1 Year

Richard Torre 1 Year

Elizabeth Torre 1 Year

John Pirilli 1 Year

Nancy Pirilli 1 Year

Mary Russo 1 Year

Norma Wilke 1 Year

Brian Willard 1 Year

Rosemary Willard 1 Year

Doug Lanzo 1 Year

Coleen Lanzo 1 Year

Doris Bruno 1 Year

Debra Torre 1 Year

Joanne Ciano 1 Year

Vincent Gareffa 1 Year

Mary Alice Gareffa 1 Year

Ann O'Donnel 1 Year

Marie Kistner 1 Year

Vincent Romano 1 Year

Connie Romano 1 Year

Betty Messery 1 Year

Craig Messery 1 Year

Debra Ciano 1 Year

Joseph Giancaspro 1 Year

Valerie Giancaspro 1 Year

Barbara Moore 1 Year

Helene Searle 1 Year

Connie Mason 1 Year

Shelley Claude 1 Year

Leslie Giaquinto 1 Year

John Giaquinto 1 Year

Mark Ciano 1 Year

Renee Sedita 1 Year

Susan Verrastro 1 Year

Joyce Powell 1 Year


Design District Advisory Committee

Mayor William J. Torre 1 Year

Mayor's Alternate:

Ronald Kistner

Marlene Verrastro 1 Year

Harold Jacobus 1 Year

Arnold Steinhauff 1 Year

Doreen Rutt 1 Year

Doug Lanzo 1 Year

Valerie Nucera 1 Year

Nancy Marino 1 Year


Emergency Management

Kevin Cappadona 3 Years

Michael J. Cappadona 3 Years

Joseph A. Costa 3 Years

Vincent L. Costa 3 Years

Darren DeNigris 3 Years

Gerard DeNigris 3 Years

Robert DeNigris 3 Years

John DeVoe 3 Years

Michael DiPisa 3 Years

Robert Dietsche 3 Years

Patricia Godfrey 3 Years

James Halloran 3 Years

Bette Jean Johnson 3 Years

Harry Johnson 3 Years

Yvette Johnson 3 Years

Robert Kubler 3 Years

Kevin Mathe 3 Years

William Mergo 3 Years

Amalia Moya 3 Years

Susan Paul 3 Years

Walter Paul 3 Years

Rodger Powell 3 Years

Ronn W. Rotonda 3 Years

Thomas Rubino 3 Years

Bruce Werner, Jr. 3 Years

William White 3 Years

Nicholas A. Bernice 3 Years

Michael J. Jarvis 3 Years


Chief Radio Communications Officer

Dr. Roger Szanto 1 Year


Special Law Enforcement

Joseph Attilio 1 Year

John Krisinski 1 Year

William Pols 1 Year

Thomas Rubino 1 Year


Police Matrons

Karen Carney 1 Year

Susan Paul 1 Year

Teryl Meagher 1 Year


Borough Examining Drs. Louis Napolitano, MD 1 Year

Thomas Bellavia, MD 1 Year

Mark Delcalzo, DC 1 Year


School Marshals Marion Beuttler 1 Year

Lillian Buffone 1 Year

Lillian Dwyer 1 Year

Esther Long 1 Year

John Mazotas 1 Year

Robert Meindl 1 Year

Frances Senkeleski 1 Year

Helen Treptow 1 Year

Frank Pagan 1 Year

Lois Carucci 1 Year

Joan Wiley 1 Year

Rita Nedellec 1 Year

Patrick Power 1 Year

Doris Holden 1 Year


Substitutes: Hiag Chongoushian 1 Year

Joseph Attilio 1 Year

Donald Cudworth 1 Year

Jean Reyngoudt 1 Year

Josephine Bruno 1 Year

Gerard Hackel 1 Year


Fire Official U.F.S.A. Arthur Jackson 1 Year


Inspectors Frank Pistilli 1 Year

Albert Saulnier 1 Year

Kenneth Kubler 1 Year

Angelo Roccamo 1 Year

Arthur Knobloch 1 Year

Edmund Carter 1 Year

Kevin Todd 1 Year

Deborah Greco 1 Year



Eng. Co. No.1 Kevin Todd 1 Year

Eng. Co. No.2 Robert Thomasey 1 Year

Hook & Ladder Anthony Greco 1 Year

Emergency Trk. Joseph Taylor 1 Year

Ambulances Deborah Greco 1 Year


Public Info. Off. Anthony Greco 1 Year

Arthur Jackson 1 Year


Dept. Safety Off. Kevin Todd 1 Year

Arthur Jackson 1 Year


On motion by Councilman Pepe, seconded by Councilman Wassberg, and unanimously carried, the foregoing Appointments were confirmed and approved.



Mayor Torre began his annual address by welcoming and thanking all of those in attendance. He welcomed back newly elected Councilman Pepe and Councilwoman Verrastro. He commented that the success of the Borough is due not only to the assistance of Borough employees, but also the many volunteers. He stated that over the last four years, taxes on the average house assessed at $195,000 have gone up $87.85, an increase of less than 1%. This has been done despite losses in state aid, increases in pensions and labor costs, decreases in ratables by approximately 8 million dollars and other factors not under the Governing Body's control. In 1997, the Borough received a citation from Governor Whitman for being 1 of approximately 40 towns to have a tax rate lower than the rate of inflation. This year, the Borough Administrator projects an anticipated surplus of over $1,000,000. The Borough has acquired three lots on the corner of Central Ave. and the Boulevard for the construction of a new library and senior citizen center. The Borough has applied for $370,000 in funds from Community Development to assist with construction costs. The Borough will also be applying for State grants if available. The Borough continued to focus on shared services. In 1998, we signed an agreement with Teterboro to provide 911 coverage for them. We already provide Teterboro with fire coverage. A joint Tax Assessor's Office was created with South Hackensack with the result of an expansion of hours and a reduction in costs. Software for Borough computers is in the process of being updated so there will not be any problems when the year 2000 arrives, known as the Y2K problem. The Borough placed its insurance for property and casualty coverage with the North Jersey


Intergovernmental Insurance Fund, saving approximately $24,000. The Borough also received a rebate check for $27,000 as a refund of surplus from the FUND. Mayor Torre mentioned the numerous number of ordinances which were adopted in 1998 to better our community. The Borough applied to Community Development for $90,000 for barrier-free curbs and ramps at various locations and $40,000 for barrier-free rest rooms at the athletic field. We applied to the Department of Transportation for funding for the Boulevard (phase I) improvements and for Kipp Ave., between the Boulevard and Terrace Ave. In 1998, the Police Department answered approximately 10,000 calls. The crime rate in the Borough has substantially been reduced in the last two years. There have been many changes in police personnel, the most major being the retirement of Police Chief Bruce Werner. Radar enforcement has been increased and new crosswalks and new signage have been added to make Borough streets safer. The Fire Department responded to over 1,800 calls in 1998. A new KME 2,000 gallon per minute pumper was purchased to replace the 22 year old pumper. A new ambulance will be received this year to replace the 15 year old ambulance. The entire department has been outfitted with full gear, completing a four year project to ensure the safety of our fire fighters. Two defibrillators were donated to the Borough, one from Hackensack University Medical Center and the other from a Borough resident. The TIP Committee donated a thermal imaging camera to the Department, with a second one on the way. New lighter and more efficient scott air packs were placed into service in 1998. We will now have two Borough employees who are also certified EMT's who will be available during the day to answer calls. In 1998, a new dump truck and new garbage truck were purchased for the Department of Public Works to replace old trucks. Under streets, Burton Ave. was paved from Williams Ave. to Passaic Ave. and was funded by the State. The 400 block of Jefferson Ave. was also completed this year. The project included removal and replacement of all existing curbs, sidewalks and trees and improvements to the storm water drain system. We have been awarded $45,000 from the Department of Transportation for the resurfacing of Hamilton Ave. In 1996, the DPW began the process of trimming all Borough trees. The project is almost complete and will start all over again. Approximately 150 new trees were planted in 1998. As a result of recycling, we have obtained $64,000 in tonnage grants. Thanks to a $50,000 state grant, new playground equipment is in the process of being installed at Woodland Park. In 1999, the Governing Body plans to refurbish the all purpose field and to add a walking track for seniors. The project will depend upon budgetary constraints. In 1998, the Borough contracted with Elmwood Park for health services. The flu clinic was reinstated with 205 residents being immunized. Office equipment in the Department was upgraded to include computerized dog and food license

programs. The Building Department issued approximately 579 permits for over a $3,000,000 construction value. 135 contractors registered and over 223 certificates of zoning compliance were issued for resale and new occupancies. The Library loaned out over 80,000 items to residents, making it one of the best used libraries in Bergen County. The Recreation Department had another outstanding year with over 300 children participating in the summer recreation program.



Councilman Link thanked the Governing Body for its dedication over the past years and the Department Heads in the Borough for all of their hard work. On behalf of the Link Family, he wished all a very happy and healthy New Year.

Councilman Heeren thanked the dedicated volunteers and employees of the Borough. On behalf of the TIP Committee, he thanked the entire community for their generosity which made it possible to obtain a thermal imaging camera for the Fire Department and paved the way to obtain a second one which will be arriving in the near future.

Councilman DiPisa thanked his family for their love and support and congratulated Councilwoman Verrastro and Councilman Pepe on their reelection.

Councilman Pepe extended thanks to the hard working employees of the Borough and a special thanks to the two departments he was commissioner of, Department of Public Works and the Welfare Department. He commended Welfare Director Lee Kulakowski who will be reaching her 40th year this year as the Director. He thanked the citizens for their faith and for reelecting him to the Council and his family for their support.

Councilwoman Verrastro welcomed those in attendance and wished all a happy New Year. She commended the Borough employees and the many volunteers that have bettered this Borough. She thanked the residents for her reelection and her family for their support.


Councilman Wassberg welcomed those present and wished them a happy and healthy New Year. He commended the work of volunteers and stated how every role was important. He thanked Assemblywoman Rose Heck for her assistance with the Borough receiving funds to improve Woodland Park.



Mayor Torre opened the meeting to the public for anyone wishing to speak.

Assemblywoman Rose Heck came forward and congratulated Councilwoman Verrastro and Councilman Pepe on their reelection to the Council. She spoke of the people from the past that have helped to make the Borough what it is today and how there is a building block and time process. She wished the Governing Body the best for 1999.

There being no one else wishing to speak, Mayor Torre closed the meeting to the public.

There being no further business to be conducted by the Mayor and Council, the meeting was adjourned.

I, BARBARA MALDONADO, Borough Clerk of the Borough of Hasbrouck Heights, do hereby certify that the foregoing Minutes are to the best of my knowledge a true account of the Reorganization Meeting held on January 1, 1999.


Barbara Maldonado, RMC

Borough Clerk


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