February 23, 1999

A Regular Meeting of the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Hasbrouck Heights was held on February 23, 1999 at 8:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Municipal Building, 248 Hamilton Avenue, Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey.

ROLL CALL: Present: Mayor William J. Torre, Councilman Andrew Link III, Councilman Herbert D. Heeren, Councilman Justin A. DiPisa, Councilman Garrett R. Pepe, Councilwoman Marlene Verrastro, Councilman John Wassberg

Absent: None

SALUTE TO FLAG: Mayor Torre led in the Salute to the Flag.

COMMUNICATIONS: Letter from Michael Tota, Dated February 5, 1999, RE: Resignation

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: (February 9, 1999)

On motion by Councilwoman Verrastro, seconded by Councilman DiPisa, and unanimously carried, the Minutes of the above mentioned meeting were adopted.



BE IT RESOLVED that the claims and accounts amounting to $530,661.64 specified in the schedule, having been examined and approved by the Finance Commissioner, or his Deputy, be paid and that warrants be issued therefore.

Signed Herbert D. Heeren/Commissioner of Finance

On motion by Councilwoman Verrastro, seconded by Councilman Pepe, and unanimously carried, the foregoing Resolution was adopted.




Councilman Link reported that tree trimming is ahead of schedule due to the warm weather. The Department of Public Works trimmed all of the trees on the Boulevard, being 218 trees. The Bergen County Shade Tree Commission had to remove nine dead trees from the Boulevard. The Department of Public Works has ordered trees for this spring planting and will plant at least 25 trees on the Boulevard. Hamilton Ave., from Burton to the Boulevard, LaSalle Ave., from Burton to Terrace and Henry St., from Burton to Oak Grove, will be resurfaced this year.


Under Finance, Councilman Heeren reported that the current fund cash balance at the end of January was $2,143,000 all of which was invested, earning approximately 4.8% in interest. Cash receipts for the month of January totalled $2,373,000 of which $1,755,000 was from current taxes, $82,770 was from delinquent taxes, $500,000 was from interfunds and $35,000 was from miscellaneous revenues. Cash disbursements totalled $2,034,000 of which $1,148,000 was for local school taxes, $404,000 was for salaries and $481,000 was for other expenses. The 1999 Municipal Budget has been introduced with the public hearing scheduled for March 9th. There will be no tax increase for local purposes. Under Recreation, he announced the date that applications for summer camp jobs will be available.


Councilman DiPisa reported that for the month of January there was a total of 816 calls received by the police desk, 124 via 911. The patrol cars travelled 9,950 miles during the month. Total fees collected was $485.00. There were 281 parking violations. The Department replaced 25 stop signs with new signs. The Department is in the process of ordering police cards. The cards are similar to baseball cards and will have the picture, name and different information from each officer. This is an effort to familiarize the children in the Borough with each police officer. Next year it will mandated that the Department obtain a new digital breathalyzer machine. The Department is preparing to acquire one prior to this mandate in order to save approximately $3,500. is the address of the Department's website. Many interesting facts and the history of the Department can be learned by accessing this website. A meeting with the Chamber of Commerce was held at which the erection of 15 minute parking signs on most of the corners of the business section was discussed. The Governing Body first wishes to ensure that the majority of the businesses on the Boulevard are in favor of this plan before any signs are erected. This project is an attempt to encourage more residents to shop in the Borough and to make it easier.


Under Fire, Councilman Pepe reported that for the month of January there were 29 fire calls in the Borough, since December, 79 year-to-date, 12 in Teterboro, 26 year-to-date and 0 mutual aid, 1 year-to-date, totalling 41 fire calls, 106 year-to-date. There were 92 ambulance calls in the Borough, 204 year-to-date, 35 paramedic assisted calls, 68-year-to-date, 8 calls in Teterboro, 21 year-to-date, 2 paramedic assisted calls, 7 year-to-date and 11 mutual aid, 24 year-to-date, 3 paramedic assisted calls, 5 year-to-date, totalling 111 ambulance calls, 259 year-to-date. The Borough's 1988 ambulance was traded in towards the purchase of a new 1998 ambulance. Under Public Facilities, he reported that the Department of Public Works is obtaining different prices for new garage doors for the Fire Department garages.


Under Health, Councilwoman Verrastro reported that for the month of January there were 5 births, 2 males and 3 females, 58 burial permits, 387 certified transcripts, 648 dog licenses, 61 deaths recorded, 1 food license, 32 vending machine licenses, 3 marriage licenses and 155 calls were received by the Department. Under Welfare, she reported that for the month there were 8 cases at the beginning of the month, 4 cases closed, 1 case open, 5 cases at the end of the month, 3 cases pending, 12 food distributions from the pantry, 2 cases denied, 2 certified transcripts, 9 conference referrals, 5 home investigations and money expended for the month was $948.00.


Councilman Wassberg reported that bids were recently received for the burr place sewer rehabilitation project. All of the bids received were above the Borough engineer's cost estimate for the project. The rehabilitation will include relining the pipe with insituform, a television inspection of the line prior to the relining and bypass pumping of the line while the pipe is being relined. The project will be rebid this month. Under Parks, he reported that the installation of new playground equipment at Woodland Park is almost complete. Fencing will be installed to enclose the area and trees and shrubs will be planted.


Mayor Torre thanked Assemblywoman Rose Heck for obtaining a grant for the Borough for the new park equipment at Woodland Park. 

Presentation to former Fire Chief Anthony Greco:

Mayor Torre presented a proclamation to Mr. Greco in recognition of all of his services to the Borough. Mayor Torre stated that Mr. Greco has served the Fire Department for over 23 years and has volunteered his time and energy for many different Borough functions, and for this he gave thanks on behalf of the Governing Body.

Resignation: Michael Christensen - Engine Company One

On motion by Councilman Pepe, seconded by Councilman DiPisa, and unanimously carried, to accept the foregoing resignation with regret.

Mayor Torre said he attended a Community Development meeting and the Borough will be receiving approximately $130,000 in Community Development grants for the new senior citizens center.



46. Redemption of Tax Title Lien - Michael Mastellone

47. Refund of Overpaid Taxes Due to NJ Tax Court Judgement

48. Authorizing Agreement with Zoning Board of Adjustment Attorney

49. Reprogramming Community Development Grant Funds

On motion by Councilman Heeren, seconded by Councilman DiPisa, and unanimously carried, the foregoing Resolutions were adopted. (Resolutions attached)




Mayor Torre opened the meeting to the public for anyone wishing to speak on Ordinance No. 1846. There being no one wishing to speak on said ordinance, Mayor Torre closed the public hearing.

BE IT RESOLVED that an Ordinance entitled "AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND AN ORDINANCE ENTITLED "AN ORDINANCE TO FIX THE SALARY AND COMPENSATION MEMBERS OF THE HASBROUCK HEIGHTS POLICE DEPARTMENT FOR THE YEAR 1999" be now passed on second and final reading and the Borough Clerk be and is hereby authorized and directed to publish said Ordinance, same to be published in The Observer, a newspaper circulating and published in the Borough of Hasbrouck Heights.

On motion by Councilman DiPisa, seconded by Councilman Heeren, and unanimously carried, the foregoing Ordinance for final adoption was approved.


Mayor Torre opened the meeting to the public for anyone wishing to speak. There being no one wishing to speak, Mayor Torre closed the meeting to the public.


WHEREAS, the Mayor and Council desire to meet for the purpose of a closed session to discuss litigation; and

WHEREAS, the Open Public Meeting Law does specifically authorize a public body to exclude the public from a meeting for certain specified purposes;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Hasbrouck Heights that a closed meeting shall take place immediately and said meeting shall be closed to the public and to the press. The results of the discussion of the closed meeting will be released to the public when the reasons for discussing and acting on the subject matter set forth above no longer exists.

On motion by Councilwoman Verrastro, seconded by Councilman DiPisa, and unanimously carried, the foregoing resolution was adopted.


There being no further business to come before the Mayor and Council, the public portion of the meeting was adjourned.

I, BARBARA MALDONADO, Borough Clerk of the Borough of Hasbrouck Heights, do hereby certify that the foregoing Minutes are to the best of my knowledge a true account of the Regular Meeting held on February 23, 1999.


Barbara Maldonado, RMC
Borough Clerk

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