January 1, 2000


The Reorganization Meeting of the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Hasbrouck Heights was held on January 1, 2000 at 12:00 noon at the Masonic Hall, 200 Division Avenue, corner of the Boulevard, Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey.

The Oath of office was administered to William J. Torre as Mayor and Andrew Link III as Councilman by Assemblywoman Rose Heck.

Justin A. DiPisa was to be sworn in as Councilman, but his mother became ill, and he was called out of town. (Justin DiPisa was sworn in at a later date by Assemblywoman Rose Heck.)

Mayor Torre declared the 2000 Reorganization Meeting in session and stated that the meeting complied with the Sunshine Law, due notice having been made to all members of the Council on December 28, 1999 and to The Observer, The Record and the Herald News on December 28, 1999.


ROLL CALL: Present: Councilman Andrew Link III, Councilman Herbert D. Heeren, Councilman Garrett R. Pepe, Councilwoman Marlene Verrastro

Absent: Councilman Justin A. DiPisa, Councilman John Wassberg



SALUTE TO THE FLAG AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Mayor Torre led in the Salute to the Flag and Pledge of Allegiance.

Following the Salute to the Flag and Pledge of Allegiance, the Invocation was offered by Reverend Joseph Pickhard of St. John the Divine Episcopal Church

Mayor Torre and Commissioner of Fire Councilman Pepe administered the Oath of Office to the 2000 Fire Department Officers. (list of names attached),


Mayor Torre assigned the 2000 Council Committees as follows:

Commissioner of Finance - Andrew Link III

Deputy Commissioner of Finance - Herbert D. Heeren

Commissioner of Police -Herbert D. Heeren

Deputy Commissioner of Police-John Wassberg

Commissioner of Fire - Justin A. DiPisa

Deputy Commissioner of Fire - Garrett R. Pepe

Commissioner of Health - Justin A. DiPisa

Deputy Commissioner of Health - Marlene Verrastro

Commissioner of Strs. & Transp. - Andrew Link III

Dep. Comm. of Strs. & Transp. - Marlene Verrastro

Commissioner of Land Use - Marlene Verrastro

Deputy Commissioner of Land Use - Andrew Link III

Commissioner of Sanitation - Garrett R. Pepe

Deputy Commissioner of Sanitation - Andrew Link III

Commissioner of Parks - John Wassberg

Deputy Commissioner of Parks - Herbert D. Heeren

Commissioner of Recreation - Justin A. DiPisa

Deputy Commissioner of Recreation - Herbert D. Heeren

Commissioner of Public Facilities - Garrett R. Pepe

Deputy Comm. of Public Facilities - Justin A. DiPisa

Commissioner of Welfare - Marlene Verrastro

Deputy Commissioner of Welfare - John Wassberg

Senior Citizens' Ombudsman - Herbert D. Heeren

Juvenile Outreach Ombudsman - Garrett R. Pepe

Library Liaison - Garrett R. Pepe

Drug Alliance Chairperson - Justin A. DiPisa

Municipal League Liaison - John Wassberg

Intergovernmental Services Liaison - John Wassberg

On motion by Councilman Link, seconded by Councilman Pepe, and unanimously carried, to confirm the 2000 Council Committees.


APPOINTMENTS: Jo Ann Wendolowski to Board of Health

On a motion by Councilman Pepe, seconded by Councilman Link, and unanimously carried, the foregoing appointment was approved.


Consent Agenda:
1. Petty Cash Funds

2. Authorize CFO to Invest Idle Funds

3. Authorize CFO to Prepare Payrolls

4. Authorize CFO to Pay Medical Insurance Premiums

5. Designate Official Depositories for Borough Funds

6. Authorize Signatures for Borough Checks

7. Designate Official Newspaper

8. Set Meeting Dates for 2000 Council Meetings

9. Temporary Budget

10. Continuing Tax Settlement Committee

11. 2000 Debt Service Budget

12. Designating Number of Hours Per Week as Minimum Requirement for Full Time Status

13. Authorizing Rate of Interest to be Charged for Non-Payment of Taxes

On a motion by Councilman Link, seconded by Councilwoman Verrastro, and unanimously carried, the foregoing Resolutions on the Consent Agenda were adopted (Resolutions attached).



Mayor Torre made the following appointments and requested confirmation by the Council:



Borough Attorney Ralph W. Chandless, Jr. 1 Year

Borough Engineer Kenneth G.B. Job 1 Year

Administrator/Treasurer/ Michael J. Kronyak 1 Year

Purchasing Agent/

Acting Zoning Officer/

Administrative Officer of Land Use

Borough Auditor Paul Garbarini 1 Year

Superintendent D.P.W./ Robert Heck 1 Year

Cert. Public Works Mgr

Construction Code Off./ Terry Naletko Tenure

Building Subcode

Property Maintenance Glenn Paxton 1 Year

Officer/Zoning Enforcement Officer

Plumbing Inspector Richard Vanatta 1 Year

Electric Sub-Code Richard Castellitto 1 Year Official

Judge Harry Chandless Jr. 3 Years

Act.Court Administrator Susan Paul 1 Year

Public Defender Frederick H. Allen 1 Year

Prosecutor Thomas Mason 1 Year

Borough Historian Louise Davenport 1 Year

Board of Health Dona De Franco 3 Years

JoAnn Wendolowski-Alt 1 1 Year

Local Assistance Board Marlene Verrastro 1 Year

Margaret Heeren 4 Years

General Assessment Board Joseph Bruno 3 Years

Board of Adjustment Patricia Link 3 Years

Leonard Lamparello 3 Years

Douglas Lanzo-Alt. 2 2 Years

Planning Board David Roche-Alt. 2 2 Years

Free Public Library - Thomas Verrastro 5 Years Trustee

Rent Leveling Board Joseph Torre 1 Year

Joseph Ciano 1 Year

Ronald Monteleone 1 Year

Roy Perham III 1 Year

Josephine Foresta 1 Year

Charles Stenger 1 Year

Recreation Commission John Pirilli 4 Years

Richard Tort 5 Years

Committee of Community Celebrations

Audrey Ascione 1 Year

Dorothy Bernice 1 Year

Anthony Bernice 1 Year

Victoria Borsett 1 Year

Michael Ciano 1 Year

Debra Ciano 1 Year

Joanne Ciano 1 Year

Mark Ciano 1 Year

Madeline de Velasco 1 Year

Erin Gallagher 1 Year

Patricia Link 1 Year

Penny Mazzeo 1 Year

Richard Torre 1 Year

Elizabeth Torre 1 Year

John Pirilli 1 Year

Nancy Pirilli 1 Year

Mary Russo 1 Year

Norma Wilke 1 Year Brian Willard 1 Year

Rosemary Willard 1 Year

Doug Lanzo 1 Year

Coleen Lanzo 1 Year

Doris Bruno 1 Year

Debra Torre 1 Year

Vincent Gareffa 1 Year

Mary Alice Gareffa 1 Year

Ann O'Donnel 1 Year

Marie Kistner 1 Year

Vincent Romano 1 Year

Connie Romano 1 Year

Betty Messery 1 Year

Craig Messery 1 Year

Joseph Giancaspro 1 Year

Valerie Giancaspro 1 Year

Barbara Moore 1 Year

Helene Searle 1 Year

Connie Mason 1 Year

Shelley Claude 1 Year

Leslie Giaquinto 1 Year

Renee Sedita 1 Year

Susan Verrastro 1 Year

Joyce Powell 1 Year

Donna Villacampa 1 Year

Design District Advisory Committee

Mayor William J. Torre 1 Year

Mayor's Alternate:

Ronald Kistner

Marlene Verrastro 1 Year

Harold Jacobus 1 Year

Arnold Steinhauff 1 Year

Doreen Rutt 1 Year

Doug Lanzo 1 Year

Valerie Nucera 1 Year

Nancy Marino 1 Year

Emergency Management Dr. Roger Szanto 3 Years

Michael Colaneri 1 Year

Chief Radio Communications Officer

Dr. Roger Szanto 1 Year

Special Law Enforcement

Joseph Attilio 1 Year

John Krisinski 1 Year

William Pols 1 Year

Thomas Rubino 1 Year

Police Matrons

Karen Carney 1 Year

Teryl Meagher 1 Year

Borough Examining Drs. Louis Napolitano, MD 1 Year

Thomas Bellavia, MD 1 Year

Mark Delcalzo, DC 1 Year

School Marshals Lillian Buffone 1 Year

Lillian Dwyer 1 Year

Esther Long 1 Year

John Mazotas 1 Year

Frances Senkeleski 1 Year

Helen Treptow 1 Year

Frank Pagan 1 Year

Joan Wiley 1 Year

Rita Nedellec 1 Year

Patrick Power 1 Year

Doris Holden 1 Year

Jean Reyngoudt 1 Year

Josephine Bruno 1 Year

Arthur Horne 1 Year

Substitutes: Joseph Attilio 1 Year

Gerard Hackel 1 Year

Rita Ratkowski 1 Year

Patricia Kelly 1 Year

Joseph DePrete 1 Year

Fire Official U.F.S.A. Arthur Jackson 1 Year

Inspectors Frank Pistilli 1 Year

Albert Saulnier 1 Year

Kenneth Kubler 1 Year

Angelo Roccamo 1 Year

Edmund Carter 1 Year

Kevin Todd 1 Year

Bruce Werner Jr. 1 Year

Richard Giarratana 1 Year


Eng. Co. No.1 Kevin Todd 1 Year

Eng. Co. No.2 Michael Ratkowski 1 Year

Hook & Ladder Angelo Roccamo 1 Year

Emergency Trk. Joseph Taylor 1 Year

Ambulances - EMS 1 Edmund Carter III 1 Year

EMS2 Jason Schell 1 Year

Public Info. Off. Vincent Monahan 1 Year

Dept. Safety Off. Kevin Todd 1 Year

Harry Maisch 1 Year

On a motion by Councilman Link, seconded by Councilmen Pepe, and unanimously carried, the foregoing Appointments were confirmed and approved.


Councilman Heeren nominated Councilwoman Verrastro as representative to the Planning Board. The nomination was seconded by Councilman Link. Councilwoman Verrastro was unanimously appointed to the Planning Board as a Class III Member for the term of one year.




Mayor Torre began his annual address by welcoming and thanking all of those in attendance, the first day of the new century. He said he was proud to have served for the past four years and thanked the residents for giving him the opportunity to serve again into the new millennium. He thanked his family for their support. He welcomed back Councilman Link and Councilman DiPisa. He said the Borough is at a major crossroads as it has never been before, with the potential loss of the Municipal Building and plans for a new Library/Senior Center. There is much work ahead, waiting for the JIF decision whether to rebuild or demolish. Looking back, there were many challenging events. One month after he took office, there was the Blizzard of 96. There were water main breaks, wind storms, Hurricane Floyd, cancelling of Halloween in the Park due to the precaution of encephalitis virus, the plane crash, and lastly the Fire. Government is about people serving people, not about buildings. Hasbrouck Heights has a great Fire Department and Police Department. Throughout all these events there was no loss of life. Despite the devastating fire, all offices and departments are 100% running. All the computers were updated to Y2K compliant. Records that go back as far as 1900 were salvaged. The new borough offices are located at 218-222 Boulevard, thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mele for being in the right time and right place for the town. The Police Department is located across the street from the Municipal Building and Fire Department is located on Terrace Avenue in the Kundert Building. He also commended the employees for coming out without having to be asked. Overall, the Borough of Hasbrouck Heights is in excellent financial condition. In 1999 there was no increase in the local tax rate. Local taxes have risen around 1% over the last five years. Mayor Torre said he took office from former Mayor Heck, and it was completely in order, and it has continued. The borough has generated over 1 million dollars from operations and surplus funds. Tax collection rate for 1999 was at 98.4%. He commended the Tax office staff, and Michael Kronyak, along with the Finance Committee consisting of Link and Heeren. Police Department answered over 11, 500 calls, 1,500 above 1998. Fifty new Stop signs were replaced. Along with Chamber of Commerce and John Goehrig, new Pedestrian signs were purchased, to warn motorists to yield to Pedestrians. He commended Chief Colaneri and Traffic Officer Shihanian. The Bike marathon was the biggest ever. Thanks to Ron Kistner Police Officer Trading Cards was a very successful program. Two new police cars were purchased and a brand new speedometer. The Police Department had upgraded its computer, which was destroyed by the fire, but the hard drive was saved and is now up and going. Six retirements over the last two years, including former Chief Bruce Werner has resulted in the hiring of six new officers. Promotions have been forthcoming as well. The Borough has been awarded a $375,000 grant for Cops in Schools which will fund three new patrolmen over three years, thanks to Chief Colaneri and Lieutenant Castiglione. He commended the department for working together to move into their new quarters, he thanked the Police Commissioners, Councilman DiPisa and Councilman Heeren. In 1999 the Fire Department responded to 617 fire calls and 1,100 ambulance calls. Through mutual aid they responded to many serious calls, including Hurricane Floyd and Rochelle Park and Lodi, plus came back to protect Hasbrouck Heights. A new ambulance was purchased and new turnout gear. He commended them for getting their new headquarters operational, and thanked them for their service to Hasbrouck Heights. He thanked Fire Commissioner Pepe. He commended the DPW, and Supt. Heck for saving dollars by doing in house electrical, carpentry and equipment repairs. They have been trimming trees and 175 new trees were planted. The open areas of Woodland Park were refurbished, sprinklers installed, courtesy of Football, Baseball and Soccer leagues, and a walking path will also be added with the help of the Boy Scouts. In 1999 the council also adopted a resolution endorsing the Open Space Trust Fund, and Mayor Torre was appointed to that commission by Bergen County Executive William "Pat" Schuber. The Woodland Park Playground was also refurbished with a grant obtained from Assemblywoman Rose Heck. Governor Whitman came to dedicate the park. The children's play area at Meirs Park was also refurbished with boro funds. A new street sweeper was purchased. 24 new holiday lighting sets were purchased, the first phase of this program, thanks to the Chamber of Commerce and Ralph Mastroberte. The second phase will take effect in 2000. The mayor and council will purchase a badly needed Aquatech truck to maintain the sewer system. He commended Councilman Wassberg as Parks Commissioner. The Health Department was active in continuing education, blood pressure screening, flu shots, Baby Keep Well and contracted with Bergen County Department of Health and all food establishments are inspected twice a year. He commended Board of Health Secretary Marilyn deRussy. Ironically the dog license applications for the year 2000 were lost, but should be back soon. He congratulated Councilwoman Verrastro for doing an outstanding job as Health Commissioner. On Zoning, he thanked Councilman Link and Councilwoman Verrastro who worked together with the mayor and Borough Attorney Ralph Chandless, allowing an ordinance for a Farmer's Market coming this Spring, a venture of the Chamber of Commerce, that the mayor and council fully support. Home offices have been eliminated and abandoned shopping carts from town streets. The Zoning office was reorganized adding Kronyak as Land Use Officer. Terry Naletko as Building Inspector has been actively seeking illegal sump pumps. Glenn Paxton and Sarah Chiha have done a good job. Under Recreation, Andrew Feintuch, in his 29th year as director, had another record year. A new program for the year 2000 is an essay contest, "What Hasbrouck Heights Means to Me" and has asked the children to come up with a positive slogan they can wear on their shirts. 1999 promised a bigger and better Halloween in the Park which had to be cancelled due to the risk of mosquitos and encephalitis. It will go on in 2000. The Library/Senior Center is moving ahead. The Steering Committee met two times in 1999, an architect was chosen. The Library, under the direction of MIchelle Maiullo continues to be the heart of the community, and Library Board of Trustees under Tom Verrastro, and there will be a new library someday. Under Welfare, Director Lee Kulakowski was commended for developing many programs over the years, such as Finger Imaging to prevent fraud. She has also advised to keep the public assistance program local, rather than with the County. With the fire, food that had been received was lost, and with one clip in the paper, the outpouring of support was unbelievable. The Hilton Hotel donated shopping bags of food, bags to distribute the food, as well as other organizations in town. Emergency Management, Roger Szanto completely updated his Emergency Operations plan which was used during the hurricane and air plane crash. He and his staff identified potential shelter sites in Hasbrouck Heights and also formulated a school emergency plan with Superintendent of Schools Dr. Richard Stepura. The mayor thanked him for his professional service. Due to energy deregulations, the borough has entered into a co-op agreement with 15 other towns, called Energy Choice, which gives purchasing power over $300 million and hopefully allows residents and businesses to purchase cheaper energy. Billing will still be done by PSE&G. The Grant Master Plan is in the process of being reviewed which should be completed this year, which will emphasize planning and upgrades to the Boulevard for new sidewalks, streetscapes, and application for a state grant has been made to possibly fund this project. The ordinance granting the franchise agreement with Cablevision will soon be finalized. We will have access to Public channels 19 and 20, cameras and equipment will be given to us, and some of the Heights Night was taped last night hoping to be put on the air in the year 2000. In addition, all public buildings will be wired by Cablevision, including the Library and the schools. Teterboro Airport, with Commissioner Heeren representing us with TANAAC for 10 years, numerous resolutions were passed objecting to noise and hangar expansion of the airport. We have been working with Assemblywoman Heck, Assemblyman Talarico, Congressman Rothman and Senator Lautenberg to curb the traffic. In November 1999, the mayor, Councilwoman Verrastro and Councilman Heeren attended the FAA meeting for proposed new airplane routing, and we objected to the existing routes and supported ocean routing that will keep planes out of our airspace. Many grants were sought, $30,000 was received for barrier free curbs, $270,000 for senior citizens center, a legislative grant through Assemblywoman Heck, $50,000 for communications equipment, a grant through Heck, $50,000 for park equipment, a DOT grant for streets, curbs and sidewalks for Ottawa Avenue, $45,000 from DOT for resurfacing Hamilton Avenue, $375,000 for Cops in Schools for three years. Application has been made for, awaiting confirmation, of a CD grant for the Board of Education field house, discretionary grants for the Boulevard, and FEMA reimbursement from Hurricane Floyd. Heights Night which was on last night, was a resounding success. He thanked volunteers Lisa and Peter Traina, Marge and Bert Heeren, Marlene and Tom Verrastro, Marie and Mike Fitzgibbons, Edwina Carroll, and Rosalie and Mack Nickles, Carolyn Lee and Liz Moser and at the last minute Dorothy and Pat McCarthy who gave the big TV to watch the ball come down.



Councilman Link thanked his family, commended the Mayor on an excellent job, and thanked the residents for returning him to the council for another three years. He said this Mayor and Council is faced with the arduous task of providing 50 to 100 years of municipal building. With the help of those individuals working for the borough as well as the elected officials, this obligation will be fulfilled. He wished everyone a healthy and happy new year.

Councilman Heeren thanked his family, and stated that Hasbrouck Heights has always been a community where people have banded together and it has been a very congenial community. The events this year have made it very difficult, but it gave the opportunity for our employees and volunteers to band together successfully. He thanked everyone, especially Michael Kronyak, who received a round of applause. He wishes everyone a happy, joyous and healthy new year. the assignments of library and public facilities again. He then thanked Michael Kronyak, the energizer rabbit, who has done a fantastic job. He wished everyone a healthy, prosperous and happy new millennium.

Councilwoman Verrastro thanked the residents of Hasbrouck Heights for sticking together. She is proud to be on the council. There were joys and tragedies. She thanked the Police, Fire, DPW, Borough employees, Michael Kronyak and Borough Clerk Ro Sees for getting the office on the Boulevard together. The DPW was painting within two hours after the building was leased. She also thanked Borough Attorney Ralph Chandless. This couldn't be done without the help of volunteers and residents. She thanked Lisa and Pete Traina for the wonderful Heights Night and Michelle Maiullo, and Tom Verrastro who blew up 100 balloons. He is always there for her. He wished Mayor Torre, Andy Link and Justin DiPisa (who couldn't be there) good luck.

Councilwoman Verrastro read a letter from Councilman John Wassberg, who was in South America for the holidays: He wished everyone a healthy and happy New Year. We have had our share of calamities during these past months, but our residents are strong people. We will come out of this stronger. He thanked the municipal employees, the Fire Department, Police and DPW. He congratulated Mayor Torre, Councilman Link and Councilman DiPisa on their swearing in.



Mayor Torre opened the meeting to the public for anyone wishing to speak.

Louise Davenport, Division Avenue, came forward, saying she takes her hat off to the Mayor, stating that at the top, if there is panic or weakness, you're going to have it at the bottom, too, and she said the Mayor did a marvelous job and that most of the people in Hasbrouck Heights will agree with her.

Robert Searle, Division Avenue, regarding Municipal Court issues, that Judge Harry H. Chandless Jr. ability to keep costs down, managed to generate over a half million dollars in income. He felt good going into the new millennium led by a solid mayor and council. He said he was asked to join the Student Loan Council two years ago, and was shocked to find out that there were depleted funds there. Due to the efforts of Chairman Fran Visco and Borough Attorney Ralph Chandless that fund is well over $20,000. He is very proud to be a member of this community.

Elise Reed, of the office of Senator Louis Kosco came forward and made a presentation to Mayor Torre, Councilmen Link and DiPisa, congratulating them.

Assemblywoman Rose Heck, 501 Collins Avenue, wished everyone a happy new year, congratulating all the department heads, that most started as volunteers, mentioning Ed Borghi, Gus Odeane, Bob Rafford, Gerald Moersdorf, and Ralph W. Chandless Sr. Work will be ongoing on the Riser Ditch as soon as the Army Corps of Engineer approve. Senator Kosco will be joining the effort. She commended the M&M's, Mike and Mike, Ralph Chandless, Fire Chief Monahan, Recreation staff, everyone, and Rose Sees as the "new kid on the block." She told Mayor Torre that she was pleased that he accepted her help from the outset, and assured him that she will work on big and small jobs. First order of business she offered to purchase new flags.


Harry H. Chandless, Terrace Avenue, thanked the mayor and council.

There being no one else wishing to speak, Mayor Torre closed the meeting to the public.

The Benediction was offered by Reverend Joseph Pickard.

There being no further business to be conducted by the Mayor and Council, the meeting was adjourned.

I, ROSE MARIE SEES, Acting Borough Clerk of the Borough of Hasbrouck Heights, do hereby certify that the foregoing Minutes are to the best of my knowledge a true account of the Reorganization Meeting held on January 1, 2000.


Rose Marie Sees
Acting Borough Clerk

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