January 25, 2000


A Regular Meeting of the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Hasbrouck Heights was held on Tuesday, January 25, 2000 at 8:00 p.m. at the Masonic Lodge, 200 Division Avenue, corner of the Boulevard, Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey

Mayor Torre stated that the meeting complied with the Sunshine Law, adequate notice of this meeting having been made to all members of the Council by personal service on December 28, 1999and transmitted to The Observer, The Record and The Herald News on December 28, 1999.

ROLL CALL: Present: Mayor William J. Torre, Councilman Andrew Link, Councilman Herbert D. Heeren, Councilman Justin DiPisa, Councilman Garrett R. Pepe, Councilman Marlene Verrastro, Councilman John Wassberg

Absent: None


SALUTE TO THE FLAG AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Mayor Torre led in the Salute to the Flag and Pledge of Allegiance.

Mayor Torre thanked everyone for coming out tonight, and for the record said that although the Federal Government in Washington, D.C. was closed due to the inclement weather, the Borough essential offices were open and he commended the Department of Public Works for doing an outstanding job on the roads.



He continued that due to the fact that Councilman DiPisa could not attend the January 1, 2000 meeting due to the death of his mother, the Oath of Office would be administered to Councilman DiPisa at this meeting, and asked Assemblywoman Rose Heck to come forward to do the honors, as well as any of Councilman DiPisa's family members.



Mayor Torre asked for a motion to nominate a Council President. Councilman Link made a motion to name John Wassberg as Council President. It was seconded by Councilman Heeren, and unanimously carried.



Mayor Torre asked for a motion to adopt the By-Laws as amended and approved. A motion was made by Councilman Pepe, seconded by Councilman DiPisa, and unanimously carried to adopt the By-Laws.




APPROVAL OF MINUTES: December 28, 1999, Sine-Die Meeting, and January 1, 2000)

On motion by Councilman Link, seconded by Councilwoman Verrastro, with Councilman Pepe and Councilman Wassberg abstaining from the December 28, 1999; and Councilman DiPisa and Councilman Wassberg abstaining from the December 28, 1999 Sine-Die and January 1, 2000 meetings, with all others in favor, the foregoing Minutes were adopted.





BE IT RESOLVED that the claims and accounts amounting to $121,775.21 specified in the schedule hereto annexed, having been examined and approved by the Finance Commissioner, or his Deputy, be paid and that warrants be issued therefore.

Signed Andrew Link III

Commissioner of Finance

On motion by Councilwoman Verrastro, seconded by Councilman Wassberg, and unanimously carried, the foregoing Resolution was adopted.




Councilman Link reported all streets were completely plowed today, salted and cleared twice, with the condition of the streets he felt very good. A new plow is being purchased to reduce the plow time for all the Borough. The condition of the existing bus stops is in good order with plans for additional bus stops and shelters. There are 100 trees on order for spring planting, including October Glory Red Maple, Crimson King Red Maple, and Village Green DelCova. Remaining crosswalks will be striped with Thermoplastic this year. Hamilton Avenue from the Boulevard to Terrace which was scheduled to be paved this year will be put on hold until the Municipal Building plans are in place. The County has advised they propose to resurface Williams Avenue from the Boulevard to Oak Grove this year. Under Finance, the current fund cash balance as of December 31, 1999 was $2,093,000. On November 30, 1999 it was $3,682,000, a decrease of $1,588,000 for the month. The entire balance was invested and earned approximately 5.5%. Cash receipts for the month of December totalled $430,000 of which $90,000 was for current taxes, $63, 000 was prepaid taxes, $81,000 was state aid, $39,000 was for interfunds and $160,000 was miscellaneous revenues. Cash disbursement for the month totalled $2,023,000 of which $1,038,000 was local school taxes, $501,000 was salaries, $385,000 was for other expenses and $97,000 was interfund transfers. The financial records have been closed out for the year 1999. The tax collection rate for the year 1999 is 98.39% and the surplus balance is $1,131,000 as compared to a surplus balance at the end of 1998 of $976,000, an increase of $154,000. This surplus will be used as is fiscally responsible to offset taxes in the year 2000. The Annual Debt Statement has been filed with the Division of Local Government Services and the Annual Financial Statement will be filed by the February 10, 2000 deadline. Work on the year 2000 budget continues and every effort is being made to meet the February 10 deadline.



The Police Department had a difficult start for the month of December with the plane crash and fire at the Municipal Building which has caused the department to do many other things in addition to their normal duties. The Police Department is now set up in a modular temporary building, with the address being 241 Hamilton Avenue. Records were brought over and help was received from the sheriff's department and prisoners. During the month they answered 744 requests for service, the majority as telephone calls. The end of the year marked the official retirement of Captain Robert Carscadden who had been with the department 28 years. Jenia Kazanjian will be retiring effective February 2, 2000. During the month, 176 parking tickets were issued, 157 for overnight parking. A total of 3,789 traffic violations for the year, three less than the prior year.

Mayor Torre noted that the Court under Judge Chandless has not missed a beat and the personnel has done a great job in handling those summonses and the court.



Councilman DiPisa reported that the Fire Department year begins in December. Fire alarms responded to were 43, Teterboro 9, for a total of 52; Ambulance calls were 56, paramedic assisted 27, Teterboro 5, paramedic assisted 4, for a total of 92. In spite of all the problems the department had to face over the past few months, they have continued to give good service. A new overhead door will be installed at Kundert Motors where the fire trucks are presently being stored to compensate for the size of the Hook and Ladder truck. There will be a special Consensus Agenda meeting on

Tuesday, February 15 for the entire Fire Department and Ambulance Auxiliary at the Pioneer Club on Jefferson Avenue at 7:30 p.m. and all members were urged to attend. Under Recreation, Councilman DiPisa reported that despite the fire all winter programs are running. Biddy Basketball has begun practice with an expanded program including children from the third through eighth grades. The Wrestling Program has included two matches and a tournament, and will be wrestling in the Hasbrouck Heights Men's Association Tournament on Sunday, February 6. Adult Basketball is on Monday evenings and Co-ed Volleyball on Wednesday evenings. Entries for the essay contest "What Hasbrouck Heights Means to Me" and a slogan contest must be submitted to the Recreation office. Senior Citizen Olympics will be held at the Athletic Field on June 8 including Randolph, Sparta, West Milford, Pequannock, Rutherford and Hasbrouck Heights. Volunteers are needed. He thanked everyone for their recent support during his mother’s illness and passing. He then introduced his niece, Sharon Williams representing the Girl Scouts of America, to experience and report back to her troop in Ridgewood what good government is all about.



Councilman Pepe reported that under Sanitation, as part of the Bergen County Utilities Authority program to reduce the amount of infiltration and inflow entering sewer system and its treatment system, seminars are being conducted on proper operation and maintenance of sewer systems to officials and employees of the BCUA and member municipalities at no charge. The Borough has been conducting its own program to reduce the infiltration and inflow. For the third consecutive year BCUA sanitary charges have dropped, this year's charges estimated at about $580,000, about $40,000 less than last year. The DPW has located several areas of infiltration in various main lines throughout the borough and repairs will be made this spring. If rainwater enters the sanitary sewer systems, the flow is increased above its design capacity that results in higher treatment costs and additional costs to increase the system itself in larger pipes. He asked residents to check if they own a sump pump and/or have roof drains connected to the sanitary sewer system, disconnect them. Repair all leaky toilets and faucets. The Clean Communities Grant program will continue in the borough for funding in the year 2000, with the entitlement being $15,284, the same as last year. He noted the various ways the funds were used in 1999.



Councilwoman Verrastro reported under Welfare, that cases in the month of December were six, cases closed one, new cases two, cases pending two, cases interviewed 14, referrals, interviews and visits 17. Money expended was $980. When Superintendent of Schools Dr. Richard Stepura learned that the food was destroyed in the fire, a tremendous response was received from all three schools. Thirty five families were helped during the holidays, presents were distributed to 22 children. Thank you letters were sent. Holy Trinity Lutheran Church allowed use of their hall for distribution. The Local Assistance Board will also be holding their meetings there during the year. There was no report under Land Use.



Councilman Wassberg reported for the month of December the Health Department statistics were births 14, nine male and five female; burial permits issued 42, out of town 41, in town one; certified transcripts deaths, 13, funeral director requests 297. Collected in fees: burial permits $41, Hasbrouck Heights $1; certified transcripts, $1,550, food license and late fees, $1,000, vending machine fees $1,515, marriage licenses $28, and miscellaneous $450 for a total of $4,585. Total deaths recorded in the month of December were 49, Hasbrouck Heights eight, six male, two female, and includes the four people from the plane crash. Registered deaths out of town were 11, seven male and four female. Total residents deaths 15, 11 male and 4 female, nonresidents deaths were 30. Food licenses issued were four, vending machines 43, marriage license one, marriage licenses recorded six, one resident, out of town resident one, Hasbrouck Heights residents married out of town four. Under Parks, Councilman Wassberg reported that Boy Scout Troop 17 is in the process of constructing a foot path in Woodland Park, under the coordination of Thomas Robert Sterlacci, which will qualify him for the rank of Eagle Scout. The section under construction is approximately 400 feet in length. He obtained all materials through the DPW. The councilman thanked the scouts and all who participated in the project.




Mayor Torre began his report by announcing he would be appointing two new patrolmen to the Hasbrouck Heights Police Department. He continued that the Mayor and Council have preference to appoint patrolmen who are borough residents. He also stated that a grant of $375,000 from the government has been received and that the two new probationary patrolmen will be dedicated to the schools as well as another new officer recently appointed, which will begin in September. He thanked Chief Colaneri, Captain Castiglione and Sergeant DeLorenzo for their hard work in obtaining this grant.

He invited Scott Smith to come forward with his family and the mayor administered the Oath of Office.

He then invited Scott Adamo to come forward with his family and the mayor administered the Oath of Office.

He asked Councilman Pepe and the two new patrolmen to step forward, and after a brief history of how the Ralph J. Pepe Memorial Fund began, Councilman Pepe announced he would be donating $800 for a bulletproof vest for Scott Adamo, and that Scott Smith would also be receiving a vest under the Fund. He also stated that enough money has been raised to purchase 11 new vests and that funds are still being sought as 20 more vests are needed.

The mayor continued his report with the appointment of Richard McCullough as Alternate Bus Driver.

On motion by Councilmen Pepe, seconded by Councilman Heeren, and unanimously carried, the foregoing appointment was approved.



The resignation of Doreen Rutt from the Design District Advisory Committee was announced.

On motion by Councilman DiPisa, seconded by Councilwoman Verrastro, and unanimously carried, the foregoing appointment was accepted with regret.


The mayor continued his report, noting that no decision has been received from the insurance carrier on the Municipal Building. He thanked the Hasbrouck Heights Jr. Football League for inviting him to their annual breakfast and congratulated them on a successful season.



CONSENT AGENDA: 26. Authorization to Advertise Bids for Radio Maintenance

On motion by Councilman Pepe, seconded by Councilman DiPisa, and unanimously carried, the foregoing Consent Agenda Resolution was adopted.


27. Resolution Approving Tort Claim Notice

28. Resolution Ratifying and Confirming Sale of Bond Anticipation Note

29. Appointing Mark S. Ruderman as Special Labor Attorney and Authorizing Contract

30. Authorizing Agreements with the Borough Attorney, Borough Engineer and Municipal Auditor

31. Authorizing Contract with Ernest Del Guercio, Jr. to Provide Special Appraisal Services

32. Authorizing Contract with Scott G. Sproviero, Esq. as Planning Board Attorney

33. Authorizing Board of Adjustment Attorney to Defend Appeal of Klein from Denial of a Variance of a Billboard on Route 17

34. Authorizing Appointment of Scott Smith as Probationary Patrolman

35. Authorizing Appointment of Scott Adamo as Probationary Patrolman

36. Resolution to Adopt By-Laws for the Year 2000


On motion by Councilman Wassberg, seconded by Councilman Councilman DiPisa, and unanimously carried, the foregoing Resolutions were adopted. (Resolutions attached)

The Mayor announced for the record that the Mayor and Council will be honoring the Civilians who helped through their heroic efforts at the plane crash in December at the February 22, 2000 meeting. The other departments and organizations will also be honored in the next few months.




BE IT RESOLVED that an Ordinance entitled "AN ORDINANCE PURSUANT TO N.J.S.A. 40:8A-5 et seq. TO AUTHORIZE A CONTRACT WITH THE COUNTY OF BERGEN TO PROVIDE PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICES UNDER THE LOCAL HEALTH SERVICES ACT FOR THE YEAR 2000 introduced this date be and the same is hereby passed on first reading and the Borough Clerk be directed to advertise notice of public hearing on said Ordinance to be held at the regular meeting of the Borough Council on February 8, 2000 at 8:00 p.m.




introduced this date be and the same is hereby passed on first reading and the Borough Clerk be directed to advertise notice of public hearing on said Ordinance to be held at the regular meeting of the Borough Council on February 8, 2000 at 8:00 p.m.

On a motion by Councilman Heeren, seconded by Councilman Wassberg, and unanimously carried*, the foregoing Ordinances on Introduction were approved.

*On Ordinance 1887, Councilman DiPisa, commenting that this Mayor and Council has done a lot work in reference to the Board of Health and alternatives that might be forthcoming, however at the present time the County does offer us what is needed. On ordinance 1888, Councilman Wassberg commented that we have to go along with it because it's the law, has to agree with it, but is not happy.





Mayor Torre opened the meeting to the public for anyone wishing to speak on Ordinance No. 1885. There being no one wishing to speak, Mayor Torre closed the public hearing on said ordinance.

BE IT RESOLVED that Ordinance entitled "AN ORDINANCE TO FIX THE SALARY AND COMPENSATION OF MEMBERS OF THE HASBROUCK HEIGHTS POLICE DEPARTMENT FOR THE YEAR 2000 IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE TERMS OF A CONTRACT BETWEEN THE BOROUGH OF HASBROUCK HEIGHTS AND THE POLICEMEN'S BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION LOCAL 102 be now passed on second and final reading and the Acting Borough Clerk be and is hereby authorized and directed to publish said Ordinance, same to be published in The Observer, a newspaper circulating and published in the Borough of Hasbrouck Heights.

On motion by Councilman DiPisa, seconded by Councilman Wassberg, and unanimously carried, the foregoing Ordinance on public hearing was adopted.



Mayor Torre opened the meeting for anyone wishing to speak. There being no one wishing to speak, Mayor Torre closed the meeting to the public for personnel matters.



There being no further business to come before the Mayor and Council, the public portion of the meeting was adjourned.

I, ROSE MARIE SEES, Acting Borough Clerk of the Borough of Hasbrouck Heights, do hereby certify that the foregoing Minutes are to the best of my knowledge a true account of the Regular Meeting held on January 25, 2000.


Rose Marie Sees
Acting Borough Clerk


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