August 27, 2002

A Regular Meeting of the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Hasbrouck Heights was held on Tuesday, August 27, 2002 at 8:00 p.m. at the Masonic Lodge, 200 Division Avenue, corner of the Boulevard, Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey.

Mayor Torre stated that the meeting complied with the Sunshine Law, adequate notice of this meeting having been made to all members of the Council by personal service on January 1, 2002 and transmitted to The Observer, The Record and The Herald News on January 1, 2002.

ROLL CALL: Present: Mayor William J. Torre, Councilman Justin A. DiPisa, Councilman Garrett R. Pepe, Councilwoman Marlene Verrastro, Councilman John Wassberg

Absent: Councilman Andrew Link III, Councilman Herbert D. Heeren


SALUTE TO THE FLAG AND PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Mayor Torre led in the Salute to the Flag and the Pledge of Allegiance.



The following correspondence has been received as of this date:

1. Letter from Charles M. Kuperus, State of New Jersey Department of Agriculture commending the Mayor and Council on their support of the Farmers Market.

2. Letter from Bill O’Shea to Mayor and Council inviting them to "Good Neighbor Day" on Sept. 4.

3. Letter from the officers of the Leisure Club thanking the Mayor and Council for the allocation to the Club and looking to the future with anticipation.

4. Letter from James McGreevey, governor, regarding support of the State’s Fiscal Year 2003 budget.

5. Letter from Don Viapree, Manager of Government Affairs, Cablevision, with notice of a senior citizen discount effective September 1, 2002.

Mayor Torre asked that the letter from Cablevision be read into the record (copy attached) noting the positive stand the borough had taken to have this accomplished.

A motion to accept the Correspondence was made by Councilman Pepe, seconded by Councilman DiPisa, and unanimously carried.



The Trustees of the Free Public Library were presented personalized hard hats for their use when visiting the new Library/Municipal Complex construction site. Receiving hats were Thomas Verrastro, president; Joann Serraino, Supt. Of Schools Joseph Luongo, Peter Gallo, Lisa Traina, Tom Meli, Donna Mikulka, and Library Director Michele Maiullo.

A motion was made by Mayor Torre appointing Justin DiPisa as Acting Finance Commissioner for this meeting, and seconded by Councilman Pepe.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES: (July 16, 2002 and July 23, 2002)

On a motion by Councilwoman Verrastro, seconded by Councilman Wassberg, and unanimously carried, with Councilman Pepe abstaining from the July 16 meeting, the foregoing Minutes were approved.





BE IT RESOLVED that the claims and accounts amounting to $659,286.42 specified in the schedule hereto annexed, having been examined and approved by the Finance Commissioner, or his Deputy, be paid and that warrants be issued therefore.

Signed Justin A. DiPisa
Acting Commissioner of Finance

On a motion by Councilman Wassberg, seconded by Councilman DiPisa, and unanimously carried, the foregoing Resolution was adopted.




Under Sanitation, Deputy Commissioner Pepe reported the DPW cleaned the sanitary sewer line located on Route 17 southbound. Previously the line had been cleaned in the year 2000. The line is located in the fast and middle lanes of the highway which  made it very difficult to do maintenance. The line located on Terrace Avenue between Washington Place and Michigan Avenue was excavated and repaired. A large rock had broken through the pipe and was restricting the flow which was caused by a faulty backfilling procedure when the line was originally installed.

Under Finance, Mayor Torre would be giving the Budget report later in the meeting.



Under Health, Commissioner DiPisa gave the following report for July: 13 births recorded, 9 male, 4 female; burial permits 70, out of town 67, in town 3; certified transcripts 530, marriage 3; death, 4; funeral directors requests 522; Fees collected: dog licenses, $241 of which $80 was late fees; burial permits, $48; certified transcripts, $9,369; food licenses and late fees, $5665; marriage licenses, $196; vending machines, $200, with total fees collected $9770. Total deaths recorded, 76, residents in town 7, residents out of town 7; non resident 62. Food licenses issued 31, vending licenses issued 4, marriage licenses 7, marriages recorded 7; and a total of 117 calls to the office.

Under Recreation, he reported on the successful and safe Summer program which was held at Woodland Park this year. Some trips were Bronx Zoo, Space Farms, Bowcraft Amusement Park, Ice House Skating Rink, Six Flags Great Adventure, Medieval Times and Wild West City. Special days were well attended. New programs for fall include Adult volleyball, Men’s over 30 basketball, senior aerobics, traveling team basketball tryouts, adult running club and children’s arts and crafts. Councilman DiPisa reported on an Aug. 13 meeting held with the seniors to obtain their input on the new senior center. A walk through will be conducted when the building is safe. Another meeting was held with the Chamber of Commerce representatives, to firm up plans for the upcoming Christmas Parade. He asked for residents to note the safe conditions of the municipal complex building site.



Commissioner Pepe gave the Fire report for July: Fire Alarms: Hasbrouck Heights, 41 calls, year to date 285; Teterboro 5, year to date 63; mutual aid 3, year to date 16; total for the month 49, year to date 364. Ambulance calls: Hasbrouck Heights, 83, year to date 569; paramedic assisted calls 33, year to date 232; Teterboro, 7, year to date 90; paramedic assisted 10, year to date 49, mutual aid, 5, year to date 51; paramedic assisted 2, year to date 12; total 140, year to date 1,003.

Under Public Facilities, he reported a trailer has been placed on Central Avenue for fire chiefs offices and fire prevention offices and they would be moving into this facility the next day. The temporary fire headquarters were progressing with doors to be installed the next day. The move was scheduled for September 3. Demolition of 248 Hamilton Avenue was scheduled for the week of September 9. Traffic patterns are to be changed, with local traffic only on Hamilton between the Boulevard and Burton Avenue. The construction fence would be brought out to the middle of the street with one lane open for police traffic only. The butler building remaining was for ambulance supplies. Additional parking in front of the Franklin School gym was to be paved. All vehicles west of the complex would exit toward the Boulevard. All vehicles east of the complex would exit toward Burton Avenue. The Senior Complex would have access from Burton Avenue only.

Weekly meetings were continuing with police and construction personnel. There would be no parking in front of the temporary fire headquarters to allow the apparatus access to the Boulevard. The Municipal Complex roof trusses were presently being installed. The roof should be in place by the end of next week. Brick work would begin in approximately three weeks. Windows were delivered. Changes were made to the senior wing creating a larger kitchen and storage area. Once the stairs to the second floor are safe, the library board will have a walk through. He reported that the basement is being framed, plumbing and HVAC work were begun, and electrical wiring on the first floor was almost complete. Progress was on schedule.

Mayor Torre commended everyone on the progress thus far.



Under Streets and Transportation, as Deputy Commissioner, Councilwoman Verrastro reported that the DPW had checked all town trees with 32 slated to be removed, 18 trees planted in the spring had not survived the lack of rain and hot weather and needed to be removed.

Under Land Use, Commissioner Verrastro reported 85 permits were issued for the month of June. She reminded residents to be wary of gypsy contractors.

Under Police, she reported 933 calls were made to the police desk. She congratulated Patrolmen Albanese and Ciccarelli on their graduation from the Police Academy. The radio system had been upgraded with two additional from the SEC. Residents were reminded of school safety when dropping off children. The Bergen Record was doing a feature story on DWI arrests in Hasbrouck Heights. Board of Health Secretary Marilyn deRussy had commended the Police Department on a successful dog census and urged residents to license their dogs. She read a letter of commendation for Detective Rinke and Patrolman Ruroede. She had attended a meeting in Wood-Ridge with the Transportation Committee of New Jersey and local and state lawmakers regarding Teterboro Airport. She reported that Maywood and the County of Bergen were now joining the Coalition in the lawsuit against the Port of Authority.



Under Social Services, as Deputy Commissioner, Mr. Wassberg reported that in July there were seven office interviews, six referrals to the county, four to the Housing Authority, five food distributions, five food certificates, six conferences, two distribution of baby items, three referrals and two clothing distributions.

Under Parks, Commissioner Wassberg had no report, but reminded residents and former residents of Hasbrouck Heights who were members of the armed forces at one time of the purchase of engraved bricks for a Veterans Memorial Walkway and to contact the Borough Clerk’s office.



Mayor Torre began his report by thanking Councilman Wassberg on this program as well as Assemblywoman Heck. He continued that the 2002 budget would be adopted tonight and result in a fourth quarter tax bill that should be less than the third quarter bill. The new bills will be sent out the end of September. Increase of the average house would be about $110 for the year. Although no state aid was received, it would be sought again next year. Seventeen line items were cut, amounting to $276,000 or three tax points, in this year’s budget and increased revenue was anticipated. The tax rate was awaiting approval from the County Tax Board.



151. Adoption of 2002 Budget

Following the reading of Resolution No. 151, the Mayor opened the meeting to anyone wishing to speak on this resolution. He explained that the new construction budget of $10 million was broken down into almost $6 million in insurance monies, $1 million in grants and the balance bonded over 20 to 30 years, not anticipating to cause any increase in tax bills.


With no one coming forward, the Mayor closed the public hearing on this resolution.

On a motion by Councilman Wassberg, seconded by Councilwoman Verrastro, and unanimously carried, the foregoing Resolution was adopted. Councilman Pepe congratulated the budget committee.

Mayor Torre continued his report, commenting on drought regulations, including the fact that lawn watering was prohibited. He reminded residents of the Memorial Service on September 11 at the Firemen’s Memorial at the Boulevard Circle, preceded by a Candlelight Walk beginning at various churches and Euclid School. He noted that the Masonic Lodge would be honored as "Lodge of the Year" at a dinner on September 20, and congratulated them on this prestigious award. Referring to the road program, Summit Street was progressing nicely and would be done in a few weeks. He thanked the residents for their cooperation and patience. Plant Road and Kipp Avenue from Terrace Avenue to the Boulevard were scheduled for reconstruction after that. He was pleased to report that the council was appropriating funds to purchase the Shell Station on the Boulevard at Central Avenue. Remediation by Shell was almost complete and word from Shell as to their agreement of the borough’s offer was anticipated.







152. Authorizing Interfund Transfer from Capital Account II to Fire Insurance Proceeds Account and Capital Account

On a motion by Councilman Wassberg, seconded by Councilman DiPisa, and unanimously accepted, the foregoing Resolutions were approved. (Copy attached)




BE IT RESOLVED that an Ordinance entitled "AN ORDINANCE TO APPROPRIATE THE SUM OF $450,000.00 TO PROVIDE FOR THE ACQUISITION OF REAL PROPERTY COMMONLY KNOWN AS 302 BOULEVARD FOR USE IN CONNECTION WITH THE NEW MUNICIPAL BUILDING AND FURTHER TO AUTHORIZE THE FINANCING OF THE COST THEREOF IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PROVISIONS OF THE LOCAL BOND LAW BY THE ISSUANCE OF BONDS OR NOTES NOT TO EXCEED THE SUM OF $428,500.00" was introduced this date be and the same is hereby passed on first reading and the Borough Clerk be directed to advertise notice of public hearing on said Ordinance to be held at the regular meeting of the Borough Council on September 10, 2002.

On a motion by Councilman Wassberg, seconded by Councilman Pepe, and unanimously carried, the foregoing Ordinance on Introduction was approved.



Mayor Torre opened the meeting for anyone wishing to speak on Ordinance No. 1973. There being no one wishing to speak, the public hearing was closed.

Paul Mulle, 120 Kipp Avenue, congratulated the mayor and council on keeping this type of businesses out of Route 17.

The Planning Board was commended for their hard work in this area.

Bob Searle, 51 Henry Street, hoped for public awareness of the Planning Board and their functions. He continued that a joint effort by the community was responsible for this positive outcome.



BE IT RESOLVED that an Ordinance entitled "AN ORDINANCE SUPPLEMENTING SECTION 275-20 ENTITLED "REGULATIONS GOVERNING CERTAIN PRINCIPAL USES" OF ARTICLE VI ENTITLED "SUPPLEMENTARY REGULATIONS GOVERNING CERTAIN USES" OF CHAPTER 275 ENTITLED "ZONING" OF THE CODE OF THE BOROUGH OF HASBROUCK HEIGHTS SO AS TO PROHIBIT THE USE OF ANY PREMISES AS A CABARET OR NIGHTCLUB WITHIN 1000 FEET OF CERTAIN OTHER USES" be now passed on second and final reading and the Borough Clerk be and is hereby authorized and directed to publish said Ordinance, same to be published in The Observer, a newspaper circulating and published in the Borough of Hasbrouck Heights.

On a motion by Councilman DiPisa, seconded by Councilwoman Verrastro, and unanimously carried, the foregoing Ordinance on Public Hearing was approved.



At this point the meeting was open for comments from the public.

Tom Meli, 50 Central Avenue, as president of the Chamber of Commerce thanked Councilman DiPisa for his kind words, and especially for the cooperation of the mayor and council on the Christmas Parade. He reported that the Port of Authority Police Department would be leading the parade along with families of victims of 9-11. The Farmer’s Market was very successful and that in the month of September, he asked everyone be extra careful of the school children when the Farmer’s Market was in operation.

Ann McGill, 139 Field Avenue, asked about the "hot zone" on Route 17 and if anything was being done about it.

Kathy Europa, 234 Hamilton Avenue, if Recreation activities would continue at the Franklin School Gym with the construction going on. She was advised that the Board of Education would be consulted. Discussion of the parking and traffic patterns continued, noting that some parking was to be available at Hackensack University Medical Center for police and employees. She was also advised that some activities in the gym would be transferred to other locations.

Bob Searle, 51 Henry Street, regarding the Masonic learning center proposal for the old library and wished to have an update on what the borough’s position would be and reinforced the need for such a facility. It was noted that if the Mason’s did take the library building over, it would be brought up to code.



The meeting was closed for any matter involving the purchase, lease or acquisition of real property with public funds, any pending or anticipated litigation or contract negotiation, or any matter involving the employment, appointment, termination of employment, disciplinary action unless individual requests a public meeting.


There being no further business to be conducted by the Mayor and Council, the meeting was adjourned.

I, ROSE MARIE SEES, Borough Clerk of the Borough of Hasbrouck Heights, do hereby certify that the foregoing Minutes are to the best of my knowledge a true account of the Regular Meeting held on August 27, 2002.

Rose Marie Sees, RMC
Borough Clerk


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