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Posted Saturday, May 13, 2000

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HHHS Class of 1950
"Giving Back" Reunion

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Welcome by Peter O’Hare, Principal.

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A tour of school.

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Presentation by Communications students and screening of 30 minute video program of 1950 class members.

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Three scholarship awards presented by Thomas Mason.

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Distribution of special Pilot’s Log issue on the Class of 1950 followed by three scholarship awards presented by John and Carol Cortese.

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Music scholarship awards presented by Donald Pyle.

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1950 teacher/coach, Charles Schneller and today’s football coach, Nick Delcalzo. Nick showed a brief give film clip of 1950.

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Thank you to Class of 2000 teachers & administration

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Advice for Class of 2000 from Class of 1950

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Bulletin board of memories enjoyed during refreshments.

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