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Photo's by Fritz Rethage

HHFD Fire Drill

Central Avenue Houses -- August 29 & 30
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Upon arriving on the scene they prepared themselves with bulky and heavy life protecting equipment.  Within moments, a team is at the front door poised to enter the "unknown" of a smoked filled house. Their mission is search and rescue.

The HHFD conducted fire training exercises on August 29 and 30 at the Central Avenue houses slated for demolition early September to make way for the new municipal complex. Training included search and rescue, hose venting and roof venting. EMT's provided support. Units from Wood-Ridge and Moonachie participated on August 30.

To simulate realistic conditions, the house was sealed and a machine created a thick opaque smoke.  Volunteer victims were placed in the house.  As a  rescue team entered the house and began their search, a trainer followed their efforts with the thermal imaging camera.  The camera broadcast the image to a field command post where other members of the department observed in real time. Upon location of the victim and safe exiting of the structure, the team was debriefed. Videotaping allowed critical review. This exercise was repeated by several teams.

The search and rescue training utilized the thermal imaging unit that was donated to the HHFD by the community several years ago.

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Thermal imaging camera provided real time viewing and assessment.

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Next team getting ready for their search and rescue exercise.

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Moonachie and Wood-Ridge teams getting ready for their search and rescue exercise.

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