WTC Tragedy: September 11, 2001

Community perspective

Neighbor lost in the attacks ...
- Robert C. Miller Jr., 55, Aon Corp

Community activities ...
Hasbrouck Heights Police & Fire Department had responded with an ambulance & crew.
HHPD included: Ptls. Charles Lesho and Joseph Rinke; Lt. Det. Jeffery Smith
HHFD included:  Joe Taylor, Rob Knobloch, Jim Halloran, Ed Carter, Al Cirelli, Debbie Carlson, Jay Schell, Greg Rubino, Bob Pietz, Tom Rubino, Rich Giarratana, Pat Hayes, Angelo Roccamo and Gail Carducci.

National Day of Prayer
was held Friday, Sept. 14 -- GWBush
Community churches -- All Faiths Community Service was held Sunday,  3:30 p.m., Sept. 16 at Corpus Christi Chapel. Almost 1,000 attended the service.

Several business along The Boulevard serve as collection centers, accepting donations for The Red Cross, etc

91414a.jpg (8690 bytes) Purple Ribbons: Available at Bill O'Shea's & Heights Flowers. $5 Donation goes to Red Cross or North Jersey Group Disaster Relief Fund.


91311a.jpg (5388 bytes) Candle Lighting: on was held on Sept. 14, Friday Night at 7:00 p.m.. [Candle Light Vigil] Saturday, September 15th at Depken Field

Support ...

Fly "The Flag"    ---  Give Blood: Hackensack Medical Center, 201- 996-4819 
To Volunteer: United Way, 201-489-9454 or the Salvation Army, 908-851-8227
Counseling: United Way First Call for Help, 800-543-1204

Pictures, links, info ...
Community Pictures: Around our hometown [Group1]

WTC Pictures:

WTC Pictures
taken from Stevens Tech, Hoboken:

WTC Links to stories describing how and why the buildings collapsed the way that they did. PGallo

WTC More info:
  PBS    CNN    BBCAmerica   NJ Online

World Trade Center
Remembered ...

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WTC Remembered 2001
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Neighbor lost in the attacks ...
Robert C. Miller Jr., 55, Anon Corp.

[Flag History- Rose Heck]
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