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Posted August 10, 2002   --    Photos by Fritz Rethage

SWAT Team Training

The police secured this Kipp Avenue house faster than this page loads on a 56k modem.

The Montclair Police Department conducted SWAT Team exercises on August 9, 2002 in a house slated for demolition. 

Prior to the training session, there was a weapons check to insure that all live ammunition was removed and that all team equipment was ready. The commander then briefed the squad on the maneuvers scheduled.

The training consisted of a series of rapid deployment entry and secure drills -- with each practice lasting just minutes.  Upon the completion of each drill, there was a team and personal critique -- with the goal of refining the squad's performance.

As viewed from the inside of the house, the police presence was instantaneous and thorough. These officers displayed highly-disciplined military precision and professionalism.


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Weapons check and briefing.

Approach and entry
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Securing the first floor in seconds.
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Up the stairs and securing the second floor, with the whole excerise taking less than two minutes.
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There were several run-throughs during the training session.
Here are some more views of their approach from the front entrance.

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