Vietnam War Memorial Dedication
2:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 27, 2002 at Veterans Memorial Park

to the Memory of
Robert P. Gandil
Thomas J. Holden
Michael J. Macarell

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Borough of Hasbrouck Heights

WHEREAS, in 1965 the United States of America began active participation in the Vietnam War with Operation Rolling Thunder and continued until 1973 when cease-fire agreements between the United States and the North Vietnam government were signed, with the last Americans leaving Saigon in 1975; and

WHEREAS, American forces in the hundreds of thousands were called to active duty, including our brave young men of Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey; and

WHEREAS, Robert Patrick Gandil when 22 years old enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1965, and within a short time was sent to Vietnam, where in December 1966 he was engaged in battle and instantly killed at the young age of 23, for which he was awarded the Purple Heart posthumously; and

WHEREAS, Thomas James Holden upon graduation from the Naval Academy in 1964 chose the United States Marine Corps which eventually led him to Vietnam and on October 22, 1966, he was mortally wounded and died at the young age of 25, for which he was awarded the Silver Star and Purple Heart posthumously; and

WHEREAS, Michael Joseph Macarell, a graduate of Hasbrouck Heights High School Class of 1964 enlisted in the United States Army which also brought him to Vietnam, and on November 13, 1966 he was seriously wounded and tragically killed at the age of 22 by enemy fire, for which he was awarded the Bronze Star with "V" for Valor and the Purple Heart posthumously;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that we, the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Hasbrouck Heights, and all those who reside within its boundaries, do hereby recognize and pay tribute to our Vietnam War heroes, Robert Patrick Gandil, Thomas James Holden and Michael Joseph Macarell for their bravery and steadfast loyalty to the United States of America, and express our deepest and heartfelt sympathy to their families on this tragic loss, with the belief that these brave heroes did not die in vain and that they symbolize the American Spirit of giving up your life for your Country; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that we honor Robert Patrick Gandil, Thomas James Holden and Michael J. Macarell today, October 27, 2002, with a Memorial in honor of their heroism which will never be forgotten.

Dated: October 27, 2002

Mayor William J. Torre
Councilman Andrew Link III
Councilman Herbert D. Heeren
Councilman Justin A. DiPisa
Councilman Garrett R. Pepe
Councilwoman Marlene Verrastro
Councilman John Wassberg

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