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Photos by Fritz Rethage
Posted March 30, 2003

Air Time Drill
[Hasbrouck Heights Fire Department]

On a windy, rainy Sunday morning, March 30, 2003, the Hasbrouck Heights Fire Department executed an "Air Time" drill at the HH Swim Club parking lot. 

In full "turnout gear" weighing over 60 pounds and using "air packs", the firefighter walked continuously through an endurance course of eight representative activities, until their "air" ran out.

Although the Department uses 45 minute air tanks, an individual's actual use time may vary widely. With this drill, the firefighter was able to determine their own useable "air time".  An example reading would be 15 minutes of "air time" after 2 1/2 times around the course. Benchmark blood pressure readings were taken before and after the exercise by the EMT's.

A trainer closely monitored each firefighter throughout each station during the exercise, to insure personal safety, that correct procedures were executed, and that the training objectives were being met.


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General briefing as to how the exercise will be conducted.

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EMT's Check vital signs before and after the firefighter does the drill.

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First station was to climb a ladder.

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Second station was to move several baseballs to other cones. Gloves required.

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Third station was to get the pressurized hose, drag it about 50 feet, then apply water to the target.

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Trainers walked with the firefighters to every station.

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Fourth station was to lift the metal hook pole 15 times -- simulating the pulling down of a ceiling.

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Fifth station was to "hammer" a deflated tire about 10 feet.

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Sixth station was to crawl under the table.

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Seventh station was to drag the "victim" about 40 feet.
Note that the victim also had on an air pack.

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Eighth station was to carry fire hose weighing about 60 pounds about 30 feet.


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