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Photos by Fritz Rethage  ·    Posted June 3, 2003

Live Fire Exercise
[Hasbrouck Heights Fire Department]
[Middletown Township Volunteer Fire Department Training Academy]
October 26, 2003 training at this facility: [Group 1 - venting][Group 2 - smokehouse]

Movies included in this story --  Arriving on the scene (1 meg)
Ready to enter the building (500k)      Starting the fire (250k)      Hose venting  (300k)

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Fireman entering another raging inferno!
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Some exercises required two or three hose lines.

Working as a team to get a third hose into position and operational.
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Venting  normally means breaking the windows,
but for training purposes special steel doors that represent windows are used.

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Getting ready with the second hose, while the academy trainer gives instructions.

Movie: Starting the fire (250k)

Instructor starting another fire -- actually it was more like a raging conflagration
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Once that fire progressed to optimum effect,  the  steel doors were shut and command issued the orders to attack.

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Assistant Chief giving direction -- let's go...Let's Go!!

An automobile in the garage (without gas tank) is used
to simulate real life scenarios.
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Trainers  would burn hay, wood -- even dried out Christmas trees
to create a realistic fire-storm effect

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Venting smoke from the firefighters view

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View of venting smoke as it appears from the outside

Movie:  Hose venting  (300k)

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With the rapid sequence of drills, the Department was using up its air supply.
The Academy refilled the air packs so that training could continue.

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Department members checking  thermal imaging unit

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October 26, 2003 training at this facility: [Group 1 - venting][Group 2 - smokehouse]

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