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Photos by Fritz Rethage  ·    Posted July 4, 2003

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20th Annual Fireworks
[Fire Department[Lions Club]   [International Fireworks]

2003 Setting up the Fireworks [Group 2]
2003 Fireworks Detonation Zone [Group 3]

On Wednesday, July 2, 2003 the Hasbrouck Heights Lions Club sponsored the 20th Annual Fireworks Program at Depken Field.   The fireworks contractor was International Fireworks.

From the perspective of the Fire Prevention Department, this event began months earlier assembling the necessary paperwork to include contracts, insurance certificates, list of pyrotechnics, etc., before the proper permits could be issued.

The contractor set up the majority of the display on the midway between the HH Little League fields, and set up the Grand Finale on the western field.

During the afternoon to the event, fire prevention officials were at the detonation zone to review the mechanics of the display and to insure compliance of fire codes and accepted industry procedures.  In addition, there was an official review of the set up designating the public safety area. Off limits included the swim club, HH Little League Complex and the north section of Depken Field. To maximize accessibility for emergency vehicles, Oldfield Avenue sidewalks were taped for limited public viewing, and cones were placed for limited handicap parking.

The Hasbrouck Heights Police Department provided the appropriate traffic control, with additional assistance from the Bergen County Police.

As the public festivities began on Depken Field, fire prevention officials made one final review of the pyrotechnic set up. The Fire Department positioned its equipment strategically for precautionary measures at Holiday Inn parking lot, Route 17 at the Franklin Avenue exit, and swim club parking lot.  Engine # 1 was poised for immediate action at the foot of Ravine Avenue.  The EMS set up a blood pressure check point and first-aid station on the field for the public.  Units from Wood-Ridge and Carlstadt provided additional event support.

Immediately prior the display, the rest rooms and concession stand were closed and the area was cleared back to the safety zone.

Upon the completion of the 25 minute spectacular display, Fire Department Engine #1 was dispatched to the denotation scene to search and douse hot embers and search for unexploded fireworks.

The HH Lions Club included a full page HHFD recruitment ad in their program.

Aerial Display as viewed from the detonation zone.

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2003 [Story + Fireworks + Movies]  [Set-up]  [Detonation]

Movies included in this story --
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2004 Movies (all are about under 500k)
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[fw04045]  [fw04046]  [fw04047]  [fw04048]  [fw04049]  [fw04050]

2003 Movies
Aerial View from the Field (Pete Gallo)[fw001--2.5 meg]
Aerial view from detonation zone [fw720-500k] [fw721-200k][fw722-100k] [fw807-400k]
Fireworks being ignited at detonation zone [fw018-500k] [fw026-500k] [fw035 -500k] [fw039-500k] [fw041-500k] [fw700-400k] [fw710-800k] [fw767-500k] [fw792-300k] [fw795-400k] [fw811-300k]

Editors choice: [fw767-500k]

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