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Photos by Fritz Rethage    Posted February 19, 2003

Blizzard '03
Other Photos:
First snow of this winter (December 5, 2002)       White Christmas 2002

On the afternoon of Sunday, February 16, Governor McGreevey declared a "State of Emergency" as a winter storm with wicked-cold temperatures and brutal blizzard-like wind conditions was expected.   The snow began Sunday night and continued steadily until Monday evening. As the day ended on February 17, 2003, Hasbrouck Heights received over 20" inches of snow -- making it the deepest snow fall since January 7-8, 1996.

The HH School system was already closed for a scheduled winter break.  The storm struck on President's Day -- a state and federal holiday in which many people were home.   All area airports were closed, including Teterboro Airport.  There were difficult traffic and road conditions with commuter delays and many "fender-benders", but no serious incidents were reported in Heights.

The DPW was out in force throughout Sunday night, all day Monday.  By Tuesday mid-day, all Heights roads were plowed clear. Tuesday afternoon saw the DPW clearing walks at municipal buildings such as the Library. By Wednesday morning, the DPW was removing snow from intersection corners and The Boulevard sidewalks. The snow removed was taken to the Woodland Park back lot and the DPW yard.

It should be noted that despite the storm, garbage that was placed on the curb was collected, and the recycling/newspaper pick-up was made.

The term "blizzard-like" was used by the media, although the exact meteorological criteria which include sustained winds of 35 mph and visibility near zero was not met.

Here are some scenes on the afternoon of February 18.

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BOE clearing walk at Euclid School

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Clearing entrance to Corpus Christi Church

a39.jpg (31949 bytes)
Clearing walks and driveway entrances

  a55.jpg (16820 bytes)

a52.jpg (32594 bytes)
Family making snow sculpture of "Corgies"

a75.jpg (39736 bytes)

a74.jpg (26779 bytes)
DPW clearing sidewalks and grooming street curbs on the morning of February 19.

17.jpg (11898 bytes)
Sign on snow covered roof

18.jpg (41803 bytes)
Library walks & steps cleared by DPW

25.jpg (27809 bytes)
Euclid School Playground

Woodland Park scenes
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44.jpg (35714 bytes)

49.jpg (34886 bytes)
Adding color to snow white

a61.jpg (20770 bytes)
Post card photo of First Reformed Church

a63.jpg (24879 bytes)
School playground

59.jpg (23612 bytes)
Park bench snowed in

70.jpg (22921 bytes)
Icicles forming on New Municipal Building

References illustrating amount of snow
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Many cars were still covered in snow late afternoon February 18
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Early Storms
Big pre-December 10th snowstorms since 1949
Measurmeents at Newark Liberty Airport
Source: NE Regional Climatic Data Center, Ithaca, NY

Dec. 5-6, 2003 15.9
Dec. 3-4, 1957 13.3
Dec. 5, 2002 8.0
Nov. 22-23, 1989 5.7
Dec. 2-3, 1952 4.8
Dec.8-9, 1958 4.5
Dec. 5-6, 1985 3.7



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