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Photos by Fritz Rethage ·  Posted December 26, 2003

Day Time Holiday Decoration

Taking a family ride around our town during the Holidays is always exciting.
Here is just a small sample of the Holiday displays in Hasbrouck Heights.

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More Holiday Fun ...

Is there a Santa Claus?
Web-site for Santa's worldwide sleigh flight  [NORAD Tracks Santa]

HHFD Takes Santa For a Ride

HHFD Gives Santa Ride -- [2005][2004][2003][2002][2001][2000][1999]
  See Santa Waving -- 120k mpg with sound

Holiday Decorations
2004 [Boulevard] [Day Time]  Night [1][2]  [Banners]  Inflatables[1][2]
2003 [Doors] [Inflatables] [Day Time] [Night Time] [Night Boulevard]
2002 Night time [1][2][3]     Day Time [1][2]         Inflatable Displays [1]
2002 Door Displays [1]   Scenes Around Town [1]    Night Boulevard [1][2]

2001 [Boulevard][Around Town][Night]
2001 Day Time [Group 1][Group 2][Group 3]
2000 [Holiday Decorations][Around town]
1999 [Boulevard #1][Boulevard # 2][Lawns #1][Lawns #2][Porches & Doors]

Annual Community Tree Lighting @ The Circle

Sponsored by Mayor's Celebration Committee. 
[2006] [2005] [2004] [2003] [2002] [2001] [2000]

Annual Chamber Parade
2005 [1][2][3][4]     2004 [1][2][3]      2003 [1][2][3]
2002 [1][2][3]   2001[1][2]   2000 [1][2]  [1999]

$10 gets a Holiday Red Ribbon on
"The Boulevard" with your name on it!

Your contribution will be used by the Center for Food Action
to help our area's needy. for more info.

Friendly Neighbors works all year --
For 60 years helping neighbors in need. [Info] Please send your generous contributions to:   Pat Boer, Treasurer, 307 Roosevelt Ave. HH


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