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Hasbrouck Heights
Ecumenical Epiphany Procession

Photos by [Karen Fels]

An Ecumenical procession was held  from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m., on Sunday, January 4, 2004.

The  a "Gathering" began at Community United Church of Christ (Boulevard & Charlton), then formed a  procession to Corpus Christi RC for the "Gathering of The Shepherds".  At the First Reformed Church, there was a "Calling of the First Magi", with the procession continuing to St. John's Episcopal Church for the "Calling of the Second Magi", then at the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church  the "Calling of the Third Magi".  At the First United Methodist Church there was the "Visitation of the Magi" and concluding prayers.

At each church there was a tableau to recount the Journey of the Magi, and included brief reciting of liturgy, and a short refrain. Light refreshments followed the service.

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About "Epiphany"

The word "Epiphany", from the Greek language epiphaneia, means "manifestation" or "appearance". In the Church’s celebration, it is a reminder of the visit to the Christ Child by the Magi, the Wise Men. It is also a symbol of Christ’s manifestation to the "Gentiles", the "other-than-Hebrews", and not for one group of people only. Christ is therefore seen as the "Light of the World" (John 8:12). Consequently, the celebration of The Epiphany is often called the Christian "Festival of Lights."

In many European countries, especially France, Portugal and Spain, children place their shoes, filled with oats on the doorsteps of their houses on the eve of Epiphany. This is done to care for the animals (traditionally camels, horses and elephants) of the Magi may have something to eat while they are "en route to Bethlehem." The next day, children awake to find that the Wise Men have left gifts in the shoes. This tradition has also found its way to many Latin American traditions where children leave their shoes at the foot of their beds in anticipation of gifts left for them by the benevolent Wise Men.

The Season of Epiphany includes the time between The Epiphany, January 6th, and the coming of Ash Wednesday (March 5th), which begins the Lenten Season. The Season after Epiphany (sometimes called "Ordinary Time") signifies Christ’s public ministry and his working in our souls for all the world’s care.

The Church colors for celebration of Epiphany include both white and green. The white is used for The Epiphany (January 5th). White marks our major festivals as a symbol and reminder of the purity of the Lord, and of our participation in his forgiveness. Green is the Church’s color for "life and growth." The Season of Epiphany is green because it represents the growth of the Church in all the world, as the Magi take what they have learned of the Christ Child’s birth back to their homes and native lands. The seeds are sown for the Church’s growth throughout the world.


Participating Clergy and Congregations

The Community United Church of Christ: The Rev. Edward Glasser, Pastor, The Rev. Carole Suraci, Associate
Corpus Christi RC Church:  The Rev. Lewis Papera, The Rev. Ray Holmes, The Rev. Jim Whelen, The Rev. Rodrigo San Pedro
The First Reformed Church:  The Rev. Roland Ratmeyer, Pastor
St. John the Divine Episcopal Church:  The Rev. Joseph Picard, Vicar
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church:  The Rev. George Yoder, Pastor
The First Methodist Church:  The Rev. Karyn Wiseman, Pastor
Montclair State University:  The Rev. Dr. Katherine Ellison, Protestant Chaplain
Sojourners Family Resource Center: The Rev. Dr. Michael J. Avila, Executive Director


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