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Mayor Ronald R. Jones
Annual Message 2004

[Mayor's Corner]

Excerpts from the Mayor’s 2004 Reorganization Remarks

Ladies, Gentlemen, Clergy, and Honored Guests

As I look over the audience I see my family, friends and neighbors looking toward the council and myself with anticipation of what is to come in the future. First let me thank all of you for allowing me the opportunity to serve you as your Mayor for the next four years. I have already had the opportunity to serve the residents of Hasbrouck Heights as a police officer for over 27 years and look forward to serving you again. Public service is such an important goal to set for oneself and I take this time to thank all of those who have served in the past, those who are presently serving, and those who will accept to serve in the future, the citizens of Hasbrouck Heights. We have so many Men , Women, and Children who care about our wonderful town. We are truly fortunate.

This Council is determined to be an inclusive council of all the people of Hasbrouck Heights. We begin this day with the momentous wish that the Leadership of Hasbrouck Heights be carried out by this Mayor and Council with Wisdom, Courage, Fortitude, Compassion, and Integrity. With the help and prayers of you the people of Hasbrouck Heights I believe this will occur.

In order to accomplish this goal this council must be in constant communication with its residents. A partnership between this local government and the people it serves is our first priority. Communication will lead to better understanding and better relationships. The working together as a team will not only improve our Borough but enable Hasbrouck Heights to progress at a much faster pace then before. In the words of the late Henry Ford "Coming together is a beginning; Keeping together is progress; Working together is success."

We the Council have spoken too many of our citizens during this last year and these citizens have shared with us their own hopes and dreams for a better Hasbrouck Heights. We know that we have only touched the surface as there are many other citizens with ideas and dreams that are waiting to share them. With this in mind let me share with you what this council seeks to accomplish.

Open Communications with our Government and its people.

We will accomplish this by starting what we will call "Town meetings". Meeting's that will be held on a predetermined subject, chosen before hand by suggestions from the people. The meeting will be held with a set agenda and be chaired and attended by one or two Councilpersons. These meeting will be held in a informal setting with open participation encouraged so that ideas may be shared throughout the group and brought back to the Council for consideration and possible implementation.

The Blvd business district was foremost in the minds of many residents.

We the Council are committed to improving these areas not only in words but actions. We will begin immediately in putting together a plan of action with set time periods of goals and review. We have today established a New Boulevard Beautification Committee. This committee will advise the council and research new ways to improve the Boulevard business area. Grants will be researched, and implemented when obtained, but we will not wait for only grants to pursue our goals. We have already met with Chamber of Commerce members and many business owners and we will actively seek a workable partnership to improve the business area. Partnerships with Businesses, Citizens, Borough employees and Students will be encouraged. We can all work together to " Spruce up the area" Everyone will be given an opportunity to be part of this project. Pride and Community spirit will be enhanced.

Recreation is another important area this Council will make a priority.

We have already opened the senior center and the Recreation Director has been given additional duties to improve the recreation opportunities for all our seniors. We will continue to monitor its growth and progress. Our goal is to also improve our recreation opportunities for our youth. With the input from our citizens and the Recreation Programs Advisory Committee we will continue to improve our present programs as well add additional ones as well. We will actively research the possibility for a Youth Recreation Center. It has already been suggested that we utilize the present available space in this Municipal building as a possible location.

Parks and open space will also be an area in which we will concentrate on this year of 2004.

Special attention will be given to Woodland Park to improve the playing fields and to research new ways of utilizing this wonderful area while maintaining its woodland lure.

The year 2004 promises to be an exciting time for all the citizens of Hasbrouck Heights. I look forward to working with, and for, all of you. I wish the people of Hasbrouck Heights a wonderful New Year and may God bless all of you in the year ahead. May God bless all the Present & Past members of our Armed Forces who without them and their families sacrifices we would not have the freedom and opportunity to meet like this today. And may God bless all those who could not be with us today but who are watching over us.

Thank You.


[Mayor's Corner]

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