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Photos by Fritz Rethage    ·   Posted January 29, 2004

Snow Storm

It had snowed several times in January for totals of about 6 inches, which when followed by a frigid, sub-freezing cold spell that rendered "winter's delight" into an icy and hard packed treacherous base for this snow storm.  Media panic ensued.

Snow began falling at about 8 p.m.on Tuesday evening, January 27, 2004, and by 4 a.m. the next morning, the area was blanketed with about a foot of snow. As most people were home and with school/work delays and cancellations -- road crews were able to effectively clean the streets during the night.  It should be noted that despite the storm, our DPW did pick up recycling Wednesday morning.

On Thursday night, the DPW removed the curb snow along The Boulevard.

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Before the storm began, the ground was already covered with hard packed snow and ice.

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Despite the snow, our DPW did pick up recycling that morning.

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The snowman "was".

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The walk in front of the High School had yet to be cleared.

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The letter box at the Municipal Complex.

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The bench at The Boulevard and Madison.

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The Fire Department asked residents and businesses to keep fire hydrants cleared of snow.

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Giant snow covered wreath was still festive.

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Clearing the main entrance at the Municipal Complex.

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Clearing walkways along The Boulevard.

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The final snow totals were broadcast when the storm was over.

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Early Storms
Big pre-December 10th snowstorms since 1949
Measurmeents at Newark Liberty Airport
Source: NE Regional Climatic Data Center, Ithaca, NY

Dec. 5-6, 2003 15.9
Dec. 3-4, 1957 13.3
Dec. 5, 2002 8.0
Nov. 22-23, 1989 5.7
Dec. 2-3, 1952 4.8
Dec.8-9, 1958 4.5
Dec. 5-6, 1985 3.7



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