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Photo's By Fritz Rethage  ·  Posted July 19, 2005

B.O.O.T. Camp
Bible Baptist Vacation Bible School -- 2005

Soul Survivor [2001 Bible Vacation School]
Holy Word Studios [2000 Bible Vacation School]

2005 [Group 1][Large group photo]

Games, quizzes, activities were enjoyed by smaller groups that  were set up according to age.

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... and great prizes too!

Radio Station Star 99.1 FM (WAZ) personality David A. Dein was on hand to sign autographs.
The station was collecting  goodies for our soldiers in Iraq.

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Mr. Dein was in contact with the radio station and the youngster's has a chance to
chant (loudly) the stations call letters live over the air.

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Career soldier SSG George R. Reilly, who is serving in Iraq, spent his leave with his son, nephew and niece during this program.

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[Large group photo]

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SSG George R. Reilly spends a few moments with the volunteers.

2005 [Group 1][Large group photo]


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