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Photos by Fritz Rethage  ·  Posted April 26, 2005

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Daisy Troop 613 Tours
Hasbrouck Heights Fire Department

On April 12, 2005, Daisy Troop 613 toured the Hasbrouck Heights Fire Department and its new facility at 248 Hamilton Avenue.

The tour was led by former Fire Chief Christian Semenecz First Assistant Fire Chief Angelo Roccamo and Fire Department Secretary Thomas Rubino. Also present were firefighters Joe Fehl, Mark Waring, and EMS member Liz Waring.

Chris provided an overview of the 54 volunteer men and women who operate two engine companies, ladder company, rescue company and ambulance squad.

In 2004, the Department responded to 500 fire and emergency calls and 1,090 ambulance calls.

The tour began in the bay area with Engine Number One -- where the equipment side doors were opened and a presentation of the equipment and its use was made -- such as the axe, ropes, hose nozzle, etc.

Firefighter Joe Fehl and Mark Waring and EMS member Liz Waring put on their turnout gear as Chris explained the purpose of each detail.

Each Daisy had a chance to walk through the firefighter’s transport compartment. Then each child was allowed to sit in and inspect Engine One's drivers seat.

Yes, they were allowed to turn on the lights. No, they could not turn on the siren.

The next vehicle to be inspected was the hook and ladder. Semenecz first provided an overview of the vehicle’s purpose and that company's activities. He let the Daisies inspect the equipment compartments, and let a few sit in the "jump seats."

A review of the ambulance activities was presented. The stretcher was pulled out and set up so that each child could lie on it. Afterwards, the Daisies each walked through the ambulance.

The tour led to a review of "Old Engine One."

All of the Daisies entered the "Rescue Truck." Chris discussed its mission. In addition to the heavy rescue equipment, the vehicle also serves as the Department’s field communications and command post.

Behind the trucks are the Fire Chief's office, Department Officer's room, additional storage and equipment rooms to include the "air tank" refilling station, "radio room" that works in conjunction with the "Rescue Truck" communications, and a bunk room for when the Department is on stand-by.

The Daisies were led upstairs and saw the conference/training room, the kitchen, and exempt meeting room.

Upon the conclusion of the tour, the Daisies were given pencils and a Sparky’s coloring book.

For more information about the Hasbrouck Heights Fire Department go to:

To arrange a tour for your organization, please contact the Fire Chief’s office at 201-288-0082.

[Group 2]

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Chris explains how firefighters use the axe.

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Daisies learned how ropes are used by firefighters.

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Each youngster had a chance to hold the fire hose nozzle.

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FirefighterJoe Fehl demonstrates putting on turn-out gear.

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Chris and Liz explain EMS turn-out gear.

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This is where the firefighters sit when responding to their emergency calls.

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Chris explains the driver’s seat area in Engine One.

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Each Daisy experienced sitting in Engine One’s driver’s seat.

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Chris reviewed old Engine One with the Daisies.

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Daisies in front of the Hook and Ladder truck.

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Peeking into the Ladder Truck’s equipment compartments.

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Daisies sat in the firefighters’ jump seat of the Ladder Truck.

[Group 2]

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