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Photos by Fritz Rethage   ·   Posted May 18, 2005

Soldier Visits Corpus Christi Learning Center While on Leave from Iraq

Stephanie Krisinski, who attends Corpus Christi Early Learning Center, asked her teacher Helen Torebka and her classmates to pray for her cousin when he injured his knee.

The teacher helped the students to organize a care package of DVD’s, snacks and letters from the class.

SPC Peter J. Romanski, 23, whose hometown is Matawan, NJ, is serving in the NJ National Guard, 42nd Infantry Division.   His unit was sent to Tikrit, Iraq in January 2005. 

SPC Romanski, is a radio operator who works on logistics/supply at the Division level.

SPC Romanski received the "care package" and shared the goodies with his "buddies." 

He sent the children a letter thanking them for their thoughtfulness.

In his letter he said, "I really appreciate your support. All of my buddies and I will really enjoy the snacks and movies. I hope you don’t mind me sharing."

He continued, "thanks for asking about my knee. It’s getting much better and I can even exercise again."

For months the children prayed for their soldier. They created an illustrated book that explained why they are "Proud to be an American."

While on leave back in the States, he visited the children on May 6, 2005 and brought them some Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins.

SPC Romanski was presented with their crafted book, gave him "hip-hip-hooray" cheers, waved miniature American Flags and recited a poem.

SPC Romanski thanked them for their prayers. He explained a bit of Army life in Iraq. He assured them that he would keep a picture of their class posted near his bunk.

Before leaving, he visited other classes at the Learning Center. He was due to return to Iraq on May 16.

Rene Hund is the Director of the Early Childhood Learning Center.  The Center was established in 2001 and includes Pre K-3, Pre K-4 and Kindergarten classes. ###

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