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Photos by Fritz Rethage

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Science Exchange & Exposition 2005
Held at Euclid School

Euclid Elementary School presented their 9th Annual Science Exchange Programs in the school gym. About 150 children prepared and displayed a hands-on science project of their choice in the areas of physics, chemistry, biology, ecology, astronomy, meteorology and geology.

The Science Exchange was a great opportunity for children to question, explore, plan, predict, experiment and formulate conclusions about their world -- and share that information with the community.

Euclid School presentations were made: February 1st -- K through 2 and February  2nd   -- 3 through 5

Principal: Mrs. Linda A. Simmons  ·  PTA President: Kathy Iappelli

Note: Just a few random selections are posted from the hundreds of interesting displays exhibited.

Euclid Elementary School -- February 2, 2005

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