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Photos by Fritz Rethage

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Students Tour DPW

On the morning of January 23, 2006, students from the Bergen County Special Service School District toured the Hasbrouck Heights Department of Public Works facility.  ####

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Acting DPW Superintendent William Spindler welcomes the students.

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Acting DPW Superintendent William Spindler explained the items are collected separately and placed into large 30 yard containers.
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Bottles & cans, but no trash cans or light bulbs, newspapers and magazines, tires, and cardboard

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Appliances such as stoves, dish washers, etc

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Refrigerators and air conditioner are sent to a recycler to reclaim Freon

Our brand new Mack roll-off transporter loading a container and covering its contents
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The garage where mechanics keep the boroughs vehicles in tip top shape.
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Snow plows ready to go at a moments notice

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Viewing the street sweeper

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Checking out the tree truck with hydraulic room and the sewer jet vacuum truck

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Thank you for visiting our hometown.  Come back soon!
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