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Photos by Fritz Rethage

Goodbye Engine # 1

Hasbrouck Heights Fire Department

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On September 19, 2005, old Engine One made its final run down Hamilton Avenue.

The 1977 Seagrave was delivered 1,300 miles away to the Biloxi/Pascagoula Gulf Coast area in Mississippi which was devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

Prior to departure, the engine cab and all of the compartments were loaded with donated toys, books, school supplies, clothes, etc., that were collected from the community.

In addition, the Department also donated extra hoses and other equipment for the truck.

Engine One has served Hasbrouck Heights and Teterboro as well as mutual aid communities for 28 years.

The 1977 Seagrave pumper, with 31,000 miles on the odometer, holds 500 gallons and can pump 1,500 gallons a minute.

It was remembered that this engine pumped water on the Champion Building Products Warehouse fire for about three days straight back in 1977.

Other calls made during its tenure included: the airplane crash on Central Avenue and Boro Hall/Firehouse fire in December 1999; Progressive Brick fire where its assistance saved a life, Napp Chemical fire in Lodi, many house fires to include Oak Grove & Hamilton, Ottawa Avenue in 2001, etc.

It was noted that when the pumper arrived, it was lime green. Ten years later when it was refurbished, it was painted red.

The 1977 Seagrave 1250 Pumper was replaced in 2002 by a Pierce Custom Pumper (fondly known as The Pumpkin).

When New Engine One arrived, Old Engine One was used as a backup and also in various towns to include Bogota, Oradell and River Edge.

The space in the firehouse vacated by Old Engine One will house a nine year old foam truck being donated by the Port Authority in January 2006. This new addition will support Teterboro Airport and handle fuel spills. ###
[PA Donates Crash/Foam Truck]

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Draining the water tanks of Hasbrouck Heights Old Engine One

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Hasbrouck Heights Old Engine One was packed with spare parts and extra equipment

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Loading Hasbrouck Heights Old Engine One onto the transport

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Hasbrouck Heights Old Engine One was secured on a transport provided by Joseph M. Sanzari.

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Several Hasbrouck Heights Fire Chiefs said their final good-bye. Standing l-r: Anthony Greco, Christian Semenecz, Angelo Roccamo, Michael Ratkowski, Robert Thomasey, Harry Maisch, Vincent Monahan. Seated: Arthur Knobloch

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Hasbrouck Heights Old Engine One ready to go!

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Hasbrouck Heights Old Engine One making the final run down Hamilton Avenue.

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Engine One making its final public appearance during the Memorial Day Parade in 2002.


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Engine One in front of burned out Boro Hall on May 9, 2002 -- the day that the New Engine One arrived.   Photo by Peter Gallo.


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