Det. Sgt. Joseph Rinke, Detective Michael Colaneri Jr., Police Chief Michael Colaneri with the students at the Hasbrouck Heights Police Firing Range.

HHPD Holds Jr. Police Academy

The Hasbrouck Heights Police Department held their 8th "Junior Police Academy" for Hasbrouck Heights students. About 25 students participated.

The one week program was held from August 14th through 21st from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The course was led by Jr. Police Academy instructor Michael Stillman of Hasbrouck Heights High School who has led the Jr. Police Academy for 7 years.

Police Chief Michael Colaneri, Detective Sgt. Joseph Rinke and Detective Michael Colaneri, Jr. provided support during each session.

The first morning began at Lincoln School gym where the Lyndhurst Police Department SWAT Team surprised the students with a "flash bang" entrance, then demonstrated SWAT Team equipment and procedures.

That afternoon, at police headquarters, the students participated in a team building, problem solving exercise that got them to "think outside the box." They then toured Hasbrouck Heights Police Headquarters.

On Tuesday morning, they observed the proper procedures used to make a traffic stop in a patrol car.

That afternoon at police headquarters, they received martial arts self defense training from the Olympic Karate Institute located in Rutherford, NJ.

On Wednesday, FBI Special Agent Robert Bukowsky provided an overview of FBI activities and discussed some of the cases he worked.

Later that morning, an Air National Guard helicopter landed at Depken Field and the crew gave an overview on how they assisted law enforcement with infrared cameras and spotlights.

That afternoon, the students went to the HH Police Firing Range to review details about the range, various targets, training, etc.

The class was introduced to the equipment HH police officers use to include safety vests, batons, hand cuffs, etc.

Various weapons were exhibited and discussed, followed by a live fire demonstration of a shotgun and 9 mm duty weapon used by the HHPD.

On Thursday morning the first segment began with witness identification. The information asked by law enforcement to identify a person includes age, gender, appearance (i.e., glasses, height, facial hair, scars or tattoos, skin tone, etc.).

There was an interactive demonstration of "Faces" software used to create composite sketches. It was emphasized that sketches are representative and not meant to be a photograph.

Later that morning, the Riverdale Police Department K-9 gave a demonstration with dogs trained to detect drugs and explosives.

That afternoon, the Jr. Academy students toured the Bergen County Sheriff’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) located at River Street in Hackensack.

This unit processes crime scenes for Bergen County police departments such as homicides, aggravated assaults, robberies and other serious felonies.

Detective Greg Beck discussed the careful processing of a crime scene to include photographing evidence, maintaining the chain of evidence, detective interviews, canvassing, checking leads, etc. He stated that their goal is to be able to re-create a crime scene.

Det. Beck gave detailed background information on fingerprint identification, ballistics, and DNA. He explained the supporting role of the State Police lab in crime scene investigations.

Det. Beck reviewed recent Bergen County cases and how information gathered at the crime scene helped in apprehension of suspects.

Later that afternoon at HHPD Headquarters, the ATF provided students with an overview of their activities.

The final day’s session concluded at Depken Field on Monday, with a midday BBQ where certificates were awarded.

The Hasbrouck Heights Police Department offers this Jr. Police Academy to Hasbrouck Heights students at no cost. Those participating receive a "T" shirt and hat. The program is geared for 8th Graders going into 9th Grade.

Previous graduates of the Jr. Police Academy assisted and received community service credit.

Graduates of the program assist the police department during Town Day, Fireworks Program, Bike Marathon and can help with the next class.

The Hasbrouck Heights Police Department was one of the first communities to offer this program in Bergen County.

Detectives Scott Adamo and Michael Colaneri Jr. conceived the Jr. Police Academy program as a class project when they were attending the Bergen County Police Academy and upon graduation, implemented the program in Hasbrouck Heights.

This successful program has expanded to offer an adult version, "Citizen’s Police Academy: CSI Meets Law and Order," which held their 2nd class in April/May 2006. ###

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