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Photos by Fritz Rethage

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Science Exchange & Exposition 2006
Held at Lincoln School

Lincoln Elementary School PTA held their 14th Annual Science Exchange & Exposition Program in the school gym.Presentations were made on January 24th: Grades K thru 2, and January 25th: Grades 3 thru 5.About 150 children prepared and displayed a hands-on science project of their choice in the areas of physics, chemistry, biology, ecology, astronomy, meteorology and geology.According to Lincoln School Principal, Dr. Patrick J. Ciccone, "This program provides an opportunity for our children to use the scientific method to create a finished product based on research, experimentation, observation, and data collection. By having our students engage in science activities, according to their interests, we hope that they will conclude that science is fun!"

The Science Exchange was a great opportunity for children to question, explore, plan, predict, experiment and formulate conclusions about their world — and share that information with the community.

The PTA Science Exchange Chairperson was Kim Sciancalepore and Vice Chairpersons were Linda Byrne and Lynn Nilsson. ###

Note: Just a few random selections are posted from the hundreds of interesting displays exhibited.

Lincoln Elementary School -- January 25, 2006

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