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Photo by Fritz Rethage  ·    Posted February 25, 2006

Winter Said Hello

Meterorological winter began December 1, 2006.

According to the online almanac, snowfall was expected to be greater than normal with the biggest snowfalls in early December and the second half of January. Typically our area averages about 30 inches of snow.

There was a dusting and December 4th saw 2 inches, but the real kick off was December 9th when 6 to 8 inches blanketed our area. [Story]

Since then, our winter season has been quite mild with only a few days of freezing weather.

Groundhog’s Day was ambivalent as "some saw their shadow and some didn’t."

On February 12-13, a nor’easter fooled forecasters who predicted 6 to 12 inches would fall that weekend.

Blizzard like conditions saw amounts total from 18 to 26 inches of snow.

The second half of February was seasonable. Spring starts March 20th. Nobody put their snow blower away. ###

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Bruno just loves the snow

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At The Circle

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Woodland Park

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snow_feb24.jpg (26660 bytes)

snow_feb25.jpg (24794 bytes)

snow_feb33.jpg (23370 bytes)

snow_feb27.jpg (52049 bytes)

The Big Clean-up

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snow_feb39.jpg (57061 bytes)

snow_feb86.jpg (53949 bytes)

snow_feb72.jpg (50006 bytes)

snow_feb76.jpg (52299 bytes)

snow_feb78.jpg (56589 bytes)

At Teterboro Airport

snow_feb41.jpg (30679 bytes)

At Tha Aviation Hall of Fame

snow_feb67.jpg (29839 bytes)

snow_feb63.jpg (47540 bytes)

snow_feb61.jpg (50362 bytes)

snow_feb56.jpg (39440 bytes)

At Meirs Park
snow_feb70.jpg (24297 bytes)

Lawn furniture snow in until spring

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Birds in hiding
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The DPW reminds residents not to throw their snow into the streets thinking that the traffic will dissipate the snow.

Actually, the snow often re-freezes causing hazardous driving conditions.

The DPW also asks that residents not park in the streets until the plowing has been completed.

Keeping the streets clear facilitates the DPW to provide curb to curb snowplowing service.

Residents and businesses are reminded that they are responsible for clearing their sidewalks within 24 hours after the snow stops.

The Hasbrouck Heights Fire Department also asks residents and businesses to keep the fire hydrants cleared of snow. ###

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